12.09.2017 16:28

Thanks to my last ex girlfriends cheating. I have a hard time trusting women. That's why I think I'm better off alone. ✌ #singleandreadytomingle #singlelife #workoutlife #calisthenicslife #theymademethisway #teamgetfit

13.09.2017 00:17
Por eso te volteaste?
13.09.2017 00:23
@avega458 pícate el culo
12.09.2017 18:49
We're not all the same traaash, some of us still got good hearts haha
12.09.2017 19:00
@valeriambriz Hahaha I agree. Just haven't got with a good one I guess. Same with us guys..
12.09.2017 17:50
I will never cheat on you, I may cheat on my meals a lot tho.. #fatagain
12.09.2017 17:52
@mrod_mike 😂😂😂
12.09.2017 17:49
So until I find someone I fall for I think ill continue with my happy peaceful life.. 🙏
12.09.2017 17:21
@ivan_dallasthenics Sorry to hear that my friend. It is easy to judge but behind all this might be story probably one you didn't want to hear because you are hurt, which understandable. I have regrettably been on both sides of the fence and I'm beyond words for how sorry I am that I have cheated years ago. It still hurts and hunts me and it is something I can't forgive myself. But this also teached me lessons I'll never forget and hopefully already made me a better human. That all doesn't mean I want to protect something like that. I just want to say 1. Not everybody is like that 2. people can change and learn 3. usually the a why and it can be stupid 4. Love is the most beautiful thing, so give it a shoot when it knocks at your door the next time even if you a hurt now. Because it will all be forgotten when you look into the eyes of the one you love
12.09.2017 17:48
@christian_holle you are a wise man brotha!! Thanks for that. Which I do see it that way at times.. But at the same time I think I want to build a a friendship/best friend with my next partner. I'd have to be really sure about it because I'm getting older. And don't have time for games. Cheating/lying etc are immature games if you ask me
12.09.2017 17:02
Yo that does made a lot of sense about the taco part lmao
12.09.2017 16:56
@fit.tech0 why did you cheat on @ivan_dallasthenics? Also bro saying you don't trust women because one cheated on you is like saying you won't eat tacos because one gave you the runs 🤷‍♂️
12.09.2017 17:01
@fer_sin_pelo at first I thought he was describing himself lol! Jk
12.09.2017 16:59
@fer_sin_pelo I have to disagree. You must have not been cheated on TWICE being an adult. Pretty much living with the women. You've been blessed to have the same lady for many many years. Let's leave it at that!
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