♥️Yesterday I tried new skills♥️ #backwalkover #splits #flexible #flexib

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♥️Yesterday I tried new skills♥️ #backwalkover #splits #flexible #flexibility #flexibilityskills #gymnastics #gymnastlife #gymnast #hardwork #newskills

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  • Poetryoftheheart 25.11.2017 10:20

    The passion is incredible the effort is amazing the skills enlighten the souls to conquer our paths that we all travel the journey has begun and never let anything stop you or discourage you in anyway to hold positive to keep the joy in your heart to treasures all that will help you on the trip to the top of the world to just be you and always be happiest when your doing what you love to do then the love will be like a dreamy smile of moments to your soul to make that promise to hold steady and gain the power to jump to leap up and grab the stars and ride it all the way around the world because you deserve it more then anyone to be the best in your sport, but to remember to respect all and give your best day after day and all will come true for you to hit the top a be the perfect gymnasts the hard-work will intrigue your soul to conquer..✌🏻💎👏👍🙏🏻🌎💕