I feel really phony right now reflecting on my memories from the last six months

lola méndez☽ freelance writer 23.01.2018 07:57

I feel really phony right now reflecting on my memories from the last six months in Southeast Asia on IG as almost each and every day was spent with my boyfriend. We aren’t together any more and I am heading ‘home’ to the USA to heal and spend time with family. I don’t feel like coming up with captions or really even sharing anything. I am overwhelmed trying to figure out what step to take next in life. I don’t have the desire to travel alone after doing so with a partner but hope that feeling will fade in a few weeks. I feel like walking into the garden seen here and never leaving. #voyagetovulnerability #overdoseintravel

George Town, Malaysia

  • Ana // Chasing Wildgusts 🇺🇸 🇧🇷 27.01.2018 06:31

    I'm sorry chica 💔 we all need a break to heal and regain our inner strength. You gotta do you now 💛

  • T R I N A S T E I N B A C H 26.01.2018 02:28

    Hope your 💔 feels lighter soon. 💖

  • k a y l a + l a u r e n 25.01.2018 08:07

    Hang in there. It's cheesy but with some time hopefully you will look back on these moments fondly and feel empowered for your next adventure.

  • How🚫ToTravelLikeABasicBitch 24.01.2018 13:02

    Nice vulnerability post! Go take a break boo

  • Dorit Jaffe 23.01.2018 17:46

    Sending my love ❤️

  • Sarah 23.01.2018 17:23

    ❤️💕❤️ enjoy the rest, you deserve it!

  • Laura Doig 23.01.2018 16:18

    Sorry to hear!! I hope you find your travel spark again soon. For now, rest.

  • H E R • N E X T • S T O P 23.01.2018 15:57

    you are a strong a resilient women. love hurts and you will cry a lot but one day you will wake up and the hurt will no longer be as painful. You will heal from the inside out and find your next chapter when the time is right. I am rooting for you ❤️

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  • lola méndez☽ freelance writer 23.01.2018 12:36

    @schwingbling haha miss you buddy. You would call it hectic, but that’s exactly right. It is a blessing and I dodged a bullet of an unhappy future.