ATTENTION PARENTS Take your kids out of Public School NOW!!! Parkland Florida Sc

  • Jerome Graham-Record 28.05.2018 22:10

    From what I recall, Majory Stoneman Douglas High was populated with numerous rich kids from very successful wealthy backgrounds according to the victims parents. So I guess you can say that MSD is somewhat of a private school.

  • Cole Butler 25.05.2018 19:42

    private schools can be shot up the same exact way a public school can taking people out of public school won’t do anything to stop school shootings

  • Bernhard Pudewell 21.04.2018 14:01


  • Bernhard Pudewell 21.04.2018 14:01

    @truly_right @reaper__life03

  • Bernhard Pudewell 21.04.2018 14:00

    You're #spoton no #ne #battlegeared to #explain to #liberallosers this #crime was planted in advance #nikolascruz was not #arrested although there were over 30 #policecontacts and #sheriffscottisrael told his #browardcountysheriffs to #standdown @nickyupyup !!! Then there's the #report of a #secondshooter in #swatuniform

  • bimi_n 20.02.2018 08:49

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  • gucci_gang91 17.02.2018 18:58

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  • gucci_gang91 17.02.2018 13:35

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  • Eleonora 17.02.2018 01:33

    The answer is take actual actions!! Taking kids out of public school isn’t the way to solve this problem. We have to fight for kids’ rights

  • rockymountain_mama 17.02.2018 00:57

    So true!