“Nikolas Cruz, alleged perpetrator in the deadly school shooting in Parkland,

Progressives 4 Dem Rep 15.02.2018 23:52

“Nikolas Cruz, alleged perpetrator in the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, was associated with white supremacist group Republic of Florida & participated in the group’s training exercises, according to the group’s leader.” via — @adl_national #nikolascruz #parkland #florida #guns #altright #whitenationalism #guncontrol #guncontrolnow #gunviolence #endgunviolence

  • the_debater 21.02.2018 08:56

    @progressives4_dem_rep once again giving a vague response that hardly addresses the issue. How can you expect to be taken seriously as a political page if you can't have a thought out debate with some random person in your comments?

  • Progressives 4 Dem Rep 21.02.2018 08:43

    @_the_debate_ white people have historically always used the race card to benefit them.

  • the_debater 21.02.2018 03:10

    @progressives4_dem_rep what specifically? Also these days literally anything can be taken as racism so unless you can show actual evidence of it I won't believe it. And the only proof we have so far is of the organization itself claiming he wasn't affiliated. I've said things that support blacks so I MUST be a part of BLM right?

  • Progressives 4 Dem Rep 21.02.2018 02:53

    @_the_debate_ other students report that he made white supremacists remarks and anti-Muslim remarks.

  • Progressives 4 Dem Rep 21.02.2018 02:52

    @_the_debate_ that is not entirely accurate. It was not disproven. The leader of Republic of Florida took back the initial comments he made to the Anti-Defamation League. We don’t know why he did that.

  • the_debater 20.02.2018 19:20

    It was disproven he was associated with any organization. The organization denied his affiliation yet the media said this. Now every who believes everything the media tells them, believe this lie.

  • Betty Harris 16.02.2018 06:31

    @sweetsurrender922 so when are these going to be dealt with? Whose kids are next?

  • Progressives 4 Dem Rep 16.02.2018 06:16

    @sweetsurrender922 ignorance from people like you is also the problem.

  • Louise Larsen 16.02.2018 06:12

    No more funding in politics from SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS.

  • Sheila Powers 16.02.2018 01:16

    Gun control is equal to putting a bandaid on a severed artery...it's not the issue, mental illness, narcissism, socipopathy, personality disorders, selfisness are the core issues that need to be taught to everyone in order to recognize the tell tale signs. Cars, knives, food, drugs, kill more people