When we speak to people about changing their lives for better. Buy less stuffs,

Minimalystics 22.02.2018 11:28

When we speak to people about changing their lives for better. Buy less stuffs, consume less, slow down, less money will do. Most people resist adopting a minimalistic lifestyle saying "but we don't have a choice". We need so much money, we need so many clothes, we can't do without so many books, we need a big house, so on and so forth. We end up getting trapped in our own choices, carry-on with jobs we don't like, stay with people we don't connect with, keep posting on social media because we need validation. So on and so forth. But you know what? We always have a choice. The day we make a choice to lead a meaningful life not decided by anyone but us. We are set free. And that choice is always there. #minimalism #minimalisticlife #minimalliving #lifeofless #meaningfulchoices #simpleliving

  • Minimalystics 28.02.2018 21:28

    @thecontentedminimalist your comment is so inspiring. And yes, this journey may seem hard initially but it rewards your life in ways you would never even anticipate. All great things start small so does the journey towards a meaningful life 😊

  • S A R A H 🌸 28.02.2018 12:00

    I really love how you’ve framed this 💕 I felt like I didn’t have a choice when all I knew was the standard way of doing things. With each tiny adjustment to my perception, I’ve made huge leaps in widening my own possibilities and that for my family. Sometimes I look back on the not too distant past and cannot believe how different my worldview is! 💕

  • Minimalystics 22.02.2018 18:57

    @pursuing_a_mindful_life please do. That would be my pleasure 😊

  • Amy Michele 22.02.2018 17:44

    @minimalystics would you mind if I “regram” the photo and comments including tagging you of course :)

  • Minimalystics 22.02.2018 17:21

    @pursuing_a_mindful_life 🤗 Glad it inspired you at some level :)

  • Amy Michele 22.02.2018 15:17

    I needed to read this this morning!

  • Minimalystics 22.02.2018 11:53

    @a.simplified.life exactly! and most of these 'wants' are not even their own. Most of the times it is based on what the society thinks we want.

  • A Simplified Life 22.02.2018 11:39

    People have big problems seperating a want from a need.