Someone please explain why this guy isn’t in jail. ________________________ F

  • Gus Morrow 18.03.2018 18:42

    A cop trying to take away our rights. I never thought this day would come. Shame on him

  • Political Storm 15.03.2018 19:07

    Yeah and these 18 year olds are trained specifically to handle those, by our military no less.

  • Joshua Tezak 15.03.2018 00:39

    I wonder if he had a rifle at 18

  • Bill 14.03.2018 22:55

    @evanhisey %%#i strongly agree

  • nsxray1 14.03.2018 21:21

    That’s an opinion just like other things people have.

  • (MASADA) Brigham Paul Doane 14.03.2018 21:03

    That guy is a fucking idiot #leftwingcoward

  • Tony Sanchez 14.03.2018 19:27

    @humangirlie the difference is the military uses ARS daily for their own defense since they need them for combat, the problem with that statement is that everyday Americans don't use an AR for concealed carry, they primarily use it for home defense, hunting and collection and none of those three events requires rigorous training.

  • Kara-Cherry-Littleton 14.03.2018 17:56

    I had someone that argued this isn't the same thing because of all the training and testing that goes on in the military before you even fire a gun, thoughts?

  • Beyond memes... 14.03.2018 17:11

    Are We the People on life support? Or steroids? #Dramacracy :🇺🇸:

  • Israel Gilbert The 💢📷🔌 14.03.2018 15:39

    😅😅😅 Epic Story Bro!