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  • Mike Korach 15.03.2018 23:04

    @isaac_franson you have no clue the kind of background checks it take to buy a gun that's why children can't vote ill informed

  • Isaac Franson 15.03.2018 19:05

    @kman1501 I think of it like a licence for a car, you have to get background checks and tests from a driving instructure. It shouldn't be quite so hard to get a gun licence as it is to get a car licence. How about you need a signature from a gun safety instructer and a psychologist, to make sure your mentally sound and safe. I'm not pretending to know all the answeres, all I know is enough isn't being done and that something needs to be done

  • Mike Korach 15.03.2018 19:00

    @isaac_franson well they do background checks so how much harder does it need to be. Would you call for a federal agency to act as fact checkers for news storys to avoid fake news to protect victims of slander, or that a judge be present at the execution of all search warrants issued to protect the right to reasonable searches or how about we require every doctor to be audited on his medical records and practices to protect patience every year. All these things involve a significant loss of life and yet owning a gun is the bigger problem?. You can't legislate temperament and people kill people weather by gun or any other means. Strip the 2nd amendment and you loose the right to protect and defend your self.

  • Craig Farnen 14.03.2018 22:14

    @isaac_franson I agree. We must fix the real problem. How many of these school shooters were bullied? How many were made fun of because of being bullied? Half of the people yelling about taking away guns sat silently by while people were bullied and made fun of, the other half were the ones bullying and making fun. Gun violence is a symptom of the problem. It’s not the problem. Once people can sit down and find a real solution, none of this will end. Ban the guns and it will be knife violence. Find the sickness and cure it and the symptoms will go away

  • Isaac Franson 14.03.2018 22:04

    @craigf1974 I totally understand, I don't want to ban them, they are fun to shoot, go out with some family and hit some targets and have a good time, and honestly, I think what's gonna help the most is mental health knowledge and care. We can teach people bad signs that might show how people will snap, and we can send them to therapy. That's just my opinion and outlook tho

  • Craig Farnen 14.03.2018 22:00

    @isaac_franson I get you on why you want to regulate guns, ban guns, or whatever else you want to do about guns to protect people. I have 3 kids so I definitely understand. But at the same time it’s not the guns. It’s the person that is holding the gun. We have the right to self preservation. We have the right to stand up to tyranny. That is the reason our forefathers put the 2nd amendment in the bill of rights.

  • Craig Farnen 14.03.2018 21:46

    @isaac_franson that’s true but your argument to regulate guns based on guns of the time is like banning computers for free speech based on the lack of computers at the time

  • Isaac Franson 14.03.2018 21:39

    @craigf1974 I'm not saying there needs to be a law against guns, they should be a little harder to get tho

  • Craig Farnen 14.03.2018 21:37

    @isaac_franson wow 50 bucks to keep a kid alive. Wow big spender

  • Craig Farnen 14.03.2018 21:36

    @isaac_franson so laws stop bad things from happening? We have laws on murder, still happening. We put laws on banning drugs, they are worse than ever. Laws against drunk driving, people still getting killed by them but no law on alcohol control. Laws don’t work. Maybe in fairytale land but in the real world they don’t.