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  • Isaac Franson 15.03.2018 19:05

    @kman1501 I think of it like a licence for a car, you have to get background checks and tests from a driving instructure. It shouldn't be quite so hard to get a gun licence as it is to get a car licence. How about you need a signature from a gun safety instructer and a psychologist, to make sure your mentally sound and safe. I'm not pretending to know all the answeres, all I know is enough isn't being done and that something needs to be done

  • Isaac Franson 14.03.2018 22:04

    @craigf1974 I totally understand, I don't want to ban them, they are fun to shoot, go out with some family and hit some targets and have a good time, and honestly, I think what's gonna help the most is mental health knowledge and care. We can teach people bad signs that might show how people will snap, and we can send them to therapy. That's just my opinion and outlook tho

  • Isaac Franson 14.03.2018 21:39

    @craigf1974 I'm not saying there needs to be a law against guns, they should be a little harder to get tho

  • Isaac Franson 14.03.2018 21:20

    @craigf1974 you can't kill a person, with a computer, people don't die in schools because a crazy person got their hands on a computer

  • DC 14.03.2018 19:23


  • Jason KimberKid Rizzle 14.03.2018 08:21

    To damn true!👍👏👏

  • Isaac Franson 14.03.2018 05:28

    @maddie._.lendy I'm willing to pay another 50$ if it means another kid doesn't die, if it means nobody dies

  • Isaac Franson 14.03.2018 05:09

    @maddie._.lendy never said they were, but putting regulations in them could help. When it comes to gun politics, there is no one answere, one way to stop a shooter. Will gun laws help? Yes. I think we should also improve the American school system, and look into the psychology behind it on how to help sick people, who could snap. Everything should be done to stop the gun violence in America, gun laws and restrictions are included

  • Isaac Franson 14.03.2018 05:01

    @maddie._.lendy oh yeah, I know what the second amendment is, and the only reason you are more likely to be stabbed and beat to death, is because it's so easy to get a knife, or even just a hammer, it's so easy to get those, so there are more killings with them. Use your brain.

  • MÁĎĎĨĔ ĹĔŃĎŶ™ 14.03.2018 04:39

    ^ who let this kid in?