Either poke or chicken teriyaki, #avocados 🥑 goes perfectly with all types of

  • J Fish 05.04.2018 07:25

    @pamstagram_v Thanks! This is Grandpa's recipe and he only used the best ingredients in his amazing teriyaki sauce 👨‍🍳

  • Pamela Vasquez 05.04.2018 07:03

    This is my hubby’s favorite! Not only do you have the best poke and sashimi bowls, but we think you have the best teriyaki bowls too 😋 Even the rice in it is amazing!

  • Nancy Cortez 05.04.2018 03:38

    that's what I get when I go visit you. Soo yummy!! 😋I haven't been in a long while though, but I hear Paul, tall asian guy, goes all the time with Kenny. I gotta go visit you soon!

  • Cheryl 05.04.2018 00:20

    @tiffanymarie82_ .. see - doesn't this look SO GOOD