Little Rendition of “Tears in heaven” by @ericclapton with @leo_dracko 🎥

LA Ghostwriter + Hairdresser 25.04.2018 00:40

Little Rendition of “Tears in heaven” by @ericclapton with @leo_dracko 🎥 cred: @wickytaylor __________________________________ This song speaks so close to my heart. Eric Clapton had a son who passed and thus he wrote this song. my father, at that time also had a son who had passed( my older brother) so when I was born he named me after Eric Clapton. Coincidentally I went on to do music and it’s been the only thing that has kept me alive, sane, and strong. RIP Michael. #singer #ericclapton #ericclaptonisgod #tearsinheaven #tearsinheavencover #blues #jazz #rock #guitar #openmic #losangelessinger #californiasinger #losangelesartist #losangelesguitarist #losangelesmusic #losangelesmusicscene #losangelesmusicians #losangelesmusician #losangelesopenmic #downtownla #lamusicscene #lamusician #coversong #coversongs

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    Awesome :)

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    Awesome! Check out my page too when you get a chance :).

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    This is CJ and I'm a young performer from East Chicago, Indiana. I'm looking to connect with you in your city. For more info on my music check out my IG Page. Feel free to DM anytime if you are willing to network. God Bless.

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    Dope, send me a DM for beats

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    Love this 🙌

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    Great voice!

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    @wardenondrums haha thanks

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    Ahh also killing!!