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It was like I was out of control. I couldn't stop!! . It's kinda scary....REALLY scary when you feel out of control and at the mercy of some instinctual beast. And all this distress over food, yeah, FOOD! . I remember sitting at my desk working on some university project with a full bag of chocolate almonds in front of me. Super chocolatey, rich, full of sugar. You know the ones. . I kept saying to myself "just 3 more", "just 2 more", "ok I swear these are the last ones". The bag got smaller and smaller; I continued to type away distracted by the work in front of me. The last reach into the bag and I discovered....I had finished the. Entire. Bag. This whoosh of guilt came over me. How could I eat that whole thing? How disgusting am I? I'm going to get so fat! My clothes won't fit! I can't do anything right. It was finally a turning point to realize I had to change. Not what I ate but what I was thinking and how I needed to change my relationship with food. . It took me a long time to realize the vicious cycle of binging on "treats" and I've learned to not classify ANYTHING as a treat. All food can be good in moderate. These days I bite into lots of chocolatey things (can you tell I LOOOOVVVE chocolate?) and I feel no guilt around it. No guilt = no binge. Releasing the idea of things being "bad" means I can naturally balance AND enjoy my food. No diets here, just eating food, feeling good and not regretting what goes into my tummy. . What are those treats you could eat a whole bag of? Are you a sweet or salty lover? #fitmomof2 #fitmomlife #momswholift #momstrong #strongmoms #strongmomsinspire #strongnotskinny #movenourishbelieve #fitlifestyles #fitnessovereverything #liftingladies #fitspo #mompooch #mummytummy #mummytummybegone #macros #myfitnesspal #norestrictiondiet #nodiets #nodietsallowed #foodie 😍 #foodiemom #allthecarbs #lovemyfood #pizzaforlife #plantbasedlife #workingoniteveryday #healthyeatinglifestyle #healthyeatingmadeeasy #nutrition

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