16.07.2018 01:02

Sneak peek time!!! :D . . What you're seeing here is Super Sonic (fully working with the boost), in the FINISHED Emerald Coast, with several enemies around him - one that noticed him, one searching for him, several sleeping, and some got short circuit :/ Poor robots. . . The video is getting closer and closer with every day passing 😂 I just wanna finish a bit more! . . Again, if you DO wanna keep up with daily updates on the game - make sure to check out the Discord link in my bio! I'm sending there things all the time in the #sneak -peeks chat, and almost all the game's team is there - you can even send us questions on #q -and-a or just talk with us at #spam -chat ! We're more then 40 people there already :D We're waiting for ya! . . . HashTags: #sonicthehedgehog #fangame #sonicfangame #unity3d #unity #sonicheroes2 #sonicheroes #supersonic #sonic #supersonicthehedgehog #sneakpeek #sonicadventure #discord

17.07.2018 07:21
Wonderful, makes me proud to be on the team
@pir83r Yeee thanks so much bro!! :D
16.07.2018 12:46
@hypersonicfan_03 Lol thanks so much bro! :D
16.07.2018 07:02
Lol why is his name something that sounds like an indian dude came up with it while asking why you nwver show bobs "shoniver bobs? Why?"
@nezzenoridon So first of all, thanks for following XD Second, Sega never takes down fangames. Like, never. Lmfao. 3rd, I don't WANNA sell it. I WANT it to be Sonic - that's the whole point 😂 4th, no need man - but thanks :) I know how to model stuff (I modelled tons of things for the game already - spikes, springs, item boxes, and more - from the ground up...) :D
17.07.2018 15:23
@shoniver.the.hedgehog ohh okay...ive been following you for awhile and im like how is he not sued....why dont you reskin it and make your own game you could sell it. I can 3d model if you need help
@nezzenoridon Oh lololol no fam it called "fangame". Look up "Sonic fangames" - you'll find TONS of them.
16.07.2018 05:22
What is this? And where do I download it?
@k4rk4t_v4nt45 Thanks man! :)
16.07.2018 08:45
@k4rk4t_v4nt45 Lololol it's a fangame I'm working on for 6 months already - Sonic Heroes 2! :D The very first release - pre-alpha - is planned for a month from now!
16.07.2018 03:53
@prince_aadam THANKS A LOT BRO
16.07.2018 02:29
Super sonic looking nice 👍
@evanplays15 Yee thanks!! :D
Oooh pretty good
@klassicman.kombatant Thanks man!!! :)
16.07.2018 01:31
Looks pretty good
@swagguyx_memes Yee thanks :)
16.07.2018 01:38
@shoniver.the.hedgehog imma play the pre alpha one it comes out :D
@swagguyx_memes Thanks man!!! :D
16.07.2018 01:17
does Emerald Coast have any camera movements like if you run into that one loop?
16.07.2018 02:03
@shoniver.the.hedgehog understood XD
@a.xddd "One" loop? No no no, fam - you're talking about the original Emerald Coast here! 😂 Mine is a full-100% recreation of the stage! 3 whole-new paths added! You got the 7 Chaos Emeralds to collect! There are 2 different Goal Rings! Tons of new secrets! :DDDDD Now, if I'll actually go and answer your question... XD Nop, not right now. Making camera movements will take me some time. I might add it to the pre-alpha release, but IDK if I'm gonna out too much time into that just for a demo stage 😅
Awesome, can't wait for the vid ;)
@sonic.the.hedgehog.fan Yeee thanks sis! :D
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