16.07.2018 01:43

New week, new goals // We have been so busy catching up on your beautiful orders, thank you so much for your support. We are so close to having them done and sent out PLUS we have a couple of newbies that will be coming very soon so keep those eyes peeled on our stories for sneak peeks.... any guesses on what they could be?? . . But for the moment let’s admire our sweet Maebelle in this stunning vintage shot by @themamasorority . . . . . . #sneakpeek #newreleases #whatcoulditbe #takeaguess #vintagelove #vintagestyle #vintagebaby #bib #bibs #babybib #reversiblebib #dribblebib #luxebib #luxebibs #luxebibsforlittlebabes #linenbib #linenlover #babystyle #minifashionista #handmadebabyclothes #handmadeclothes #girlsfashion

17.07.2018 12:56
One of my faves!!
17.07.2018 14:42
@ameliakatephotography thanks Amelia x
16.07.2018 14:28
Such gorgeous tones in this photo!
16.07.2018 12:16
Such a gorgeous bib, one of my favs
16.07.2018 14:36
@my_sweet_fox dusty pinks are just the prettiest 😍
16.07.2018 09:25
Maebelle has a very vintage feel! 😍
16.07.2018 10:31
@honeyboy.apiaries she sure does 😍
Love the dusty pinks 😍
16.07.2018 14:36
@the.little.blah they are still my fave!
16.07.2018 04:02
You’ve been busy little bees!
16.07.2018 04:19
@saltandpebble yes playing catch up and trying to get some newbies out before bub gets here 🙊
16.07.2018 03:22
What a beautiful shot!! Love the vintage feel!
16.07.2018 03:41
@neatinteriors its stunning isn’t it. All those dusty pinks 😍
That’s still one of my favourite bibs!
16.07.2018 03:20
@loveauntyamy such a classic isn’t she
16.07.2018 02:00
Newbies?! Can't wait to see!
16.07.2018 02:21
@happilyeveraria always nice to see some newbies 😃
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