17.07.2018 10:34

In 2016 The Royal Mint issued a special 50p to wish Team GB success for the Rio Games. The coin’s obverse features a swimmer with the Team GB logo, the Olympic rings and the inscription ‘TEAM GB’. Designed by Tim Sharp, the coin has been officially endorsed by Team GB and celebrates the spirit of British Olympians – a must have for all Olympic 50p Collectors. #Olympics #Rio #RioOlympics #BritishOlympians #British #TeamGB #GB #50p #Olympic50p #50pCoin #Coin #Coins #CoinCollecting #CoinCollection #CoinCollector #Numismatics

23.07.2018 22:11
Have one
20.07.2018 17:07
@slimebytash Hi! It is hard to always give an exact figure as it can depend on so many variables. You may be interested in reading our blog about valuing your coins as it can help give a good idea - https://bit.ly/2CKuT2U - Thanks!
18.07.2018 02:47
https://www.changechecker.org/coin/175/50p-Team-GB.aspx Scarcity index 1 so probably it is not worth more than 50p i guess. But I might be wrong...
17.07.2018 20:01
I have it how much is it worth
17.07.2018 11:01
i have it
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