17.07.2018 22:25

🥚Raise your hand if you bought into the whole low-fat craze of the 90s and 2000s? Guilty! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Did it matter that these low-fat options were filled with extra sugar, artificial ingredients, flavors, and man-made fats? Nope! Gimme my low-fat option cause that’s all that matters! I don’t want to be fat, so why would I eat it? 🥑 Oh silly goose! Not all fats are created equal 🙈 By starting a war on ALL fats we stopped fueling our bodies with some essential and yummy fats with nutritional value. 🤸‍♀️ I don’t want to fall into the “good” and “bad” fat trap because I’m not a big fan of labeling food. My rule of thumb is the following: eat more real food, which naturally cuts out heavily processed and artificial food. The same goes for fats, especially the ones that have been shown to be beneficial for our health. Avocado? Gimme that! Olive oil? Yes pleaseeeee! Nuts? Love me my almond butter. Coconut oil? Yummm 🤸‍♀️ But if I can just impart a little bit of extra food for thought, it’s the following: find what works for YOU! We are all genetically different and what may work for me might not make sense for your body. You might even be allergic to avocados (I’m so sorry for your loss)! Find your “you diet”, tailored to your bio individuality! 🙋‍♀️ What are your thoughts on fats?

04.08.2018 06:20
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Yes to avocados and coconut oil. Fats are essential for cell maintenance, hormone production, a healthy brain and so many other VITAL body functions. Well done for demystifying the role of dietary fats in our lives 😍😊😘
18.07.2018 14:37
Ps, Benedict’s are ma fave 😍😍😍
18.07.2018 14:37
Looking back at myself throughout my ED..... no fat! NONE. I always thought low = better, and this was such an unhealthy mindset. My body and mind function better when I’m eating healthy fats - avocado obviously being the golden child. But the fat in donuts? That’s ok too 😉
18.07.2018 19:58
@cultivated_wellness yesss! But I also think there was a whole lot of misinformation around the whole subject! It was being marketed as “the way” to be healthy. I feel that we were just following instructions! And I always wonder... will the information we are adhering to today be valid 20 years from now? So in the meantime...I will be focusing on finding what works for me. Which includes an occasional brownie every now and then ( I’m not a big fan of donuts, haha!) 🤣
18.07.2018 06:02
Yep definately was stuck in that mindset!’ Love my healthy fats now :)
18.07.2018 19:49
@thefeelgoodeffect_ it’s still hard sometimes, so many years of brainwashing haha! And I’m sure years from now we’ll have more knowledge and again say...wtf!
18.07.2018 04:22
How much did they charge for that...20 bucks?
18.07.2018 03:20
Um yes! But by default because my parents did... And of course, good fats are good and essential.
18.07.2018 19:45
@maria_moves I completely understand! I can’t believe it’s not butter (margarine) was a staple at our home, bless my parents and the complete lack of knowledge and misinformation that was spread through amazing marketing campaigns!
17.07.2018 23:42
Yes yes yes, all things YES!!!!!
17.07.2018 22:52
Preach! 🙌🏻
17.07.2018 22:43
Looks so good! And yes! Totally agree with finding what works for you and your body! Having a diet is not one size fits all!
18.07.2018 19:43
@kria.vita right? We are so focused on the newest trendy diet that we forgot to check in with ourselves-is this what’s best for my body?
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