19.07.2018 17:44

✨ My views on fitness have changed completely. Fitness isn’t just going to the gym everyday. Fitness isn’t just about “body goals.” Fitness isn’t just running. Fitness isn’t just playing a sport. Fitness isn’t just about losing weight. Fitness isn’t just about reaching an all time PR. Fitness is all around us! It can be taking a walk outside. It can be hiking through beautiful mountains and trails. It can be hitting the gym everyday. It can be going for an early morning run. It can be running after your little ones. It can be playing a catch-up game with friends. Fitness is so universal and has many many forms. I use to think fitness was just about hitting up the gym everyday and pumping some iron. But now, I am no longer tied to just the gym as my fitness..fitness is whatever you want it to be so long as you’re active! Explore all aspects of fitness, it’s not meant to just be ONE way. . What is your favorite form of fitness?

19.07.2018 19:08
Crossfit because it focuses on what my body can do as supposed to what it can look like 🙌🏼🙌🏼
19.07.2018 19:14
@abbiewhiddett Awww thank you so much! That means a lot! ❤️😘
19.07.2018 19:12
@simplyhannahjoy_ it’s amazing! I’m LOVING your posts at the moment btw 💕
19.07.2018 19:10
@abbiewhiddett Yessss! I tried CrossFit a couple times and LOVED it! 🤗
19.07.2018 18:44
Ditto girl!!!! Love this
19.07.2018 18:52
@simplyhannahjoy_ ♥️u pretty!!
19.07.2018 18:52
@alexandra_redmond So happy you agree! Love ya babe!
19.07.2018 17:50
I feel the same! Pregnancy has truly changed my POV on fitness!
19.07.2018 17:54
@candied_chocolate Me too! So dramatically! It’s such a blessing! 🤗❤️
19.07.2018 17:47
I love this! I love playing soccer
19.07.2018 17:48
@susanernst2017 oh me too! 🤗🙌🏻
19.07.2018 17:46
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