This community man. Sometimes it's hard to stomach watching the fake, hypocritic

· Jackie · 21.07.2018 22:27

This community man. Sometimes it's hard to stomach watching the fake, hypocritical people. It can even be a bit discouraging sometimes. Keep doing you, and be real about it ✌🏻 · · · · #100lbsdown #obesetobeast #weightlossjourney #vsg #honormycurves #vsgfamily #fattofit #sleeved #vsgcommunity #bariatricbabes #extremeweightloss #weightlosstransformation #wls #weightlossmotivation #weightlossfamily #fitfam #wlscommunity #fitspiration #gastricsleeve #fitmoms #bellaarmy

  • Reese 23.07.2018 17:16


  • myjourney.21 22.07.2018 19:29

    I just scroll scroll scroll like my usuals lol I rarely get on but just do you Jackie I do see ALOTTTT of people who forget where they came from n where they started 🤔 like .............. chillllllll outtttttt anywho do you baby girl never be discouraged @jackies_strength

  • J's weight loss WLS journey 22.07.2018 19:10


  • doingitforMartha 22.07.2018 10:51

    Oh there are so many of those out here too...forget where they started!!! Makes me sick how they judge and put others down

  • Christa (Weightloss Account) 22.07.2018 07:52

    So discouraging.

  • Sarah T 22.07.2018 04:46

    Ridiculous!! Just be real. This is why I appreciate the candid, no BS people I follow.

  • mckayla_3.0 22.07.2018 04:26

    This community hasn’t gotten WACK 😒

  • Rhonda 22.07.2018 01:01

    I really don’t get why people have to act like to hurt people one on social media and one in real life just be real but wait I guess when you’re living the secret life that’s why you have to do it sorry for the rant but it’s getting ridiculous weight-loss community has lost their train of thought

  • Bryan Richards 22.07.2018 00:37

    So fucking true

  • D 22.07.2018 00:12

    Dammit fake is all I got, otherwise everyone would know Im a 35 year old unemployed barista who lives in my aunts basement... wait did I type that out loud....