22.07.2018 21:26

Best lines we've ever grown. Citrus trees are heavy feeders but here on the farm we can do much of the feeding using composted donkey manure. The hens 🐤🐓🐦 are employed to turn the compost and add their own little extra. Our citrus trees were once on their own in what we called the citrus grove. Now they are part of the main structure of our food forest. It's our favourite part of the farm and we're so happy 😀😀 we can share it with other families when they visit. 🍋 🍏 #limes #marmalade #foodforest #growfood

17.08.2018 08:33
We are surviving the summer heat here in KCMO, and hope you are doing well in your neighborhood!
05.08.2018 19:16
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