04.08.2018 20:08

Currying favorites. Geang Laos (Prer) and Pak Boong Mu Sub Phrik Khing. Gaeng Laos is sort of a stew of various herbs (inc. bai nang ruk and bai chaom), okra, mushrooms, tender bamboo and featuring the hard to source in these parts til now Pak Kra Ched. Phrik Khing usually found with green bean is infinitely better in this version with pak boong. #Thaifood #aroi #aroi #jing #jing #saep #lei #lei #thankyouchefs

04.08.2018 20:20
Woah soup with shy leaves? Didn't even know that was good to eat. Where you get it?
05.08.2018 06:14
@hungry_eye oh. I meant where did you get the kra ched
05.08.2018 03:32
@sjg.sjg.sjg not the sensitivity plant. Cha-Om. http://www.thaifoodandtravel.com/blog/cha-om/#1
04.08.2018 21:16
@hungry_eye sweet, I'll have to keep an eye out for it this summer
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