13.08.2018 19:04

So I tried something new this weekend.. & I can definitely say acro yoga is no joke.. The leg strength, core strength & flexibility required is insane.. Definitely out of my comfort zone. & since it is I'll definitely keep trying it.. Huge thanks to @k.vick for the invite to a great event. #dallasacroseasonals #dallasthenics #calisthenics #imovedfw #acroyoga #bodymovement #control Base: @vwvyv 📸 : @acro_feather

30.09.2018 22:37
Y’all cute 🤗
29.09.2018 18:31
love this!...
13.08.2018 20:37
I watched some crazy acro yoga on YouTube and it looks wild! Keep it up!
13.08.2018 20:55
@kevin_cosmico thanks man. Its mad real!
13.08.2018 20:01
Bro this was awesome we can try other moves next time, you can be the base next time.!
13.08.2018 20:20
@vwvyv yes sir!! Sounds like a plan to me.
13.08.2018 19:46
I told you you’d like it! Flying is the best. So freeing
13.08.2018 20:55
@30somethingsyndrome oh ok. That sounds good.. I'm gonna try making the Saturday meets with them..
13.08.2018 20:36
@ivan_dallasthenics I had a bunch going on this weekend. I’ll be making it out to a class at the Yoga movement soon though
13.08.2018 20:20
@30somethingsyndrome yessss!!! It was so much fun!! Thought you'd be out there...
13.08.2018 19:25
You guys were amazing!!🙌😸
13.08.2018 19:30
@acro_feather thank you!! & thank you for all your help!!
13.08.2018 19:05
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