16.08.2018 07:39

Nothing like a bit of glute strength and hip stabilization work after teaching a long morning block @thepilatesvibe We tend to underestimate the importance of strong lower limbs in standing positions. In September 2017 I suffered an L5-S1 disc bulge (stress induced... I’ll tell you about it another time 😒) and was able to rehab my back through Pilates and the use of the #oov (🙌 best thing ever for cranky discs btw) before setting off on my Nepal trek to Everest Base Camp. Turns out THE best thing ever for my back was walking up a bloody big mountain for 2 weeks with a heavy back pack on. Legs have never been stronger and back has never been better!! Copy my sequence on the reformer to help build strong legs to support your spine: 1️⃣ Forward lunge into front leg with back hip extending/ flexing (position front heel under knee and ensure sit bones are drawn up and out to get exceptional eccentric glute activation) 2️⃣ Add arm openers 3️⃣ Add Thoracic flexion and extension while maintaining lumbo-pelvic stability 🙀🙌😝💪🆒

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