16.08.2018 19:39

🍎New snack cupboard!!! Just created a new video stocking up my new healthy snack cupboard for the kids! 😁. They are super pleased they have access to choose one snack between meals themselves and can help themselves to snacks for school and after school. I've included some healthy bars and fruit and have a recipe for some home made cake also because it's handy to have some home made items to choose from because it's always cheaper to make your own snacks! 💕😁. I would choose this option all the time but I'm pretty busy at the moment 😉. Video link will be up soon! 😁💕. #snacks #kidssnacks #snackcupboard #fruitandsnackbars #snackbars #packagedgoods #healthypackagedgoods #healthysnacks #healthykids #tryingmybest #kidsschoolsnacks @aldis @tescos

17.08.2018 16:25
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