14.09.2018 19:57

How many of you remember your first time traveling abroad? I couldn’t have asked for a better country to be stationed at in my Army days! This was my first official international trip and first time living abroad. ❤️🇮🇹 I was just an 18 year old girl who wanted to explore the world, serve my country, and make a difference somehow. 🌍🇺🇸 Also, so honored that I had this opportunity to be an Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran. Even with a 15 month deployment to Afghanistan and having some mental and physical struggles that I still have to battle with, I am so thankful for the experience of it all!!! 🇦🇫💥 I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with my beautiful family for the rest of our lives. 👪❣️ . . . . #armylife #proud #veteran #italy #europe #rome #flashbackfriday #explore #travel #blogger #firsttrip #usa #soldier #gltlove #girlswhotravel #damestravel #colloseum #romans #deployment #afghanistan #war #ptsd #ashlytheexplorer #ashlyinwonderland #freedom #journey #girlsmusttravel #girlsdreamtravel

17.01.2019 22:35
Oh my God I’d so love to move to Rome.. thank you for your service. So young an got to explore the world 👌🏾👍🏾#blessed
17.01.2019 22:49
@babydee76 It’s really very beautiful there! Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words. ❤️
16.01.2019 20:07
10.01.2019 22:00
Thank you for your service 😊 my brother was 18 as well when he got deployed
Beautiful post ☾
04.11.2018 05:18
22.10.2018 02:29
amazing pic
Thank you for your service 🇺🇸 Rome is beautiful. I didn’t get enough time there ...so I guess I’ll have to go back!
@ashly_the_explorer absolutely! I think you need at least a whole day just for the Vatican Museum
18.10.2018 21:33
@scenicrouteshikingboots You’re welcome, thank you for your support! I agree, you definitely should! There’s so much to explore and learn about there.
20.09.2018 09:53
Pretty cool :)
20.09.2018 15:44
@birdtricksofficial Thank you!!! 😀
Beautiful shot! 😊😊 Enjoy your amazing travels with your family ♥️
15.09.2018 22:05
@the_honeymoonlusters Thank you for the feedback! Definitely looking forward to it. I just checked out your beautiful captures. Enjoy yours as well! 😀💖
14.09.2018 21:26
Miss you friend! I still have the Hello Kitty peluche that you gave me for my birthday! My niece have been sleeping with it for years ♡♡♡
15.09.2018 01:07
@francescap1104 Miss you too!!! That’s so adorable, glad you still have it. 😍
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