13.11.2018 13:51

Puig Downforce Spoilers / Winglets (Red/Black). . 🛠Fits : BMW S1000RR 2015-2018 . 💰RETAIL PRICE : RM 1,080.00 . 📢 MESSAGE US FOR BEST PRICE! . 📌 First debuted by the Ducati Factory team during pre-season testing in 2015, aerodynamic winglets are now utilized by a majority of the MotoGP paddock. Winglets are employed for two main reasons, they help provide extra stability during high speed braking and also help to mitigate wheelies when hard on the gas during corner exits. Puig's Spoilers install quickly and easily, giving your bike an aggressive GP look and providing that little bit of extra downforce that could prove to make all the difference come race day. . Developed following the evolution from Motogp, Puig puts at your fingertips the latest aerodynamic innovations from the competition, which provide significant improvements in performance and driving your sport. . Tested in several circuits and with the collaboration of Team Kawasaki Racing team, its effectiveness has been demonstrated by improving the grip of the front wheel when braking, created by the downforce effect, the greater stability in straights and changes of direction as well as the antiwheelie effect in strong accelerations. . Lightweight and with an aggressive looks, each model is supplied with "winglets" of two colors to adapt them to your taste and for maximum personalization. . Features: ✅ Additional dynamic stability. ✅ Green and black side spoilers included. ✅ Easy installation. . ❗ Untuk pertanyaan harga/saiz/bayaran? 1. Sila Copy nama barangan yang anda berminat. 2. Click "Message" yang berada dekat atas page ini, dan Paste nama barangan tersebut. Pertanyaan anda akan dilayan segera. . ❗ How to ask price/more information/order? 1. Copy the name of the item that you are interested. 2. Click "Message" in our page, and paste the item name that you are interested. We will answer your question shortly. . #puig #puigaccessories #puigmalaysia #winglets #winglet #downforce #spoiler #spoilers #twowheels #motorcycle

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