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Real food, intuitive eating Talking about skipping meals during the day and snacking all night. Do
Talking about skipping meals during the day and snacking all night. Do you not feel that hungry during the day? Skip breakfast or lunch? Drink a boat load of coffee? Then at night you want to eat the entire house? What's the solution? Смотреть полностью
DO YOU CUT BACK ON CALORIES DURING THE DAY WHEN YOU KNOW THAT YOU'LL EAT OUT LATER? ## I used to do it because I thought I won’t be able to “control” myself later. But not anymore because now I trust myself. ## If you've been following diet rules or chosen your portion sizes based on a diet or calorie numbers, then it's very hard to learn to trust yourself. But it is doable. ## Here’s how to take first steps: ## 1️⃣ Know what foods make you satisfied. Those that make you feel good once you’re finished eating. Order that food. ## 2️⃣ Know what foods you enjoy. There's no point in ordering a dry salad if you don't like it! You have to like the food you eat. Order the food you like. ## 3️⃣ Don't try to over analyse every single thing about that meal, like how many of each macros it had, for example. Order what sounds good to you. ## 4️⃣ Pay attention to your fullness. There’s no need to finish everything, but there’s also no need to restrict yourself if you’re still hungry. Eat as much as you need to, to feel comfortably satisfied but not get stuffed because no one likes that feeling, right? ## If you're keeping numbers and other rules in your head and try to track how many calories just went into your mouth every time you took a bite, it's nearly impossible to FEEL what and how much you need. You simply can't decide whether it's time to put the fork down or whether you need some more. And you get very little enjoyment out of this. ## Eating out should be fun not stressful. It would be super boring to never be able to eat out to be honest! When you learn to trust yourself and understand what your body needs, eating out becomes less scary. You don't have to starve all day long if you know you're going to eat out later. ## DM me if you want to learn to eat freely, flexibly and moderately so you never have to be afraid of eating out again! Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN Do you have your 🌤Memorial Day Menu planned out yet?. ✨Instead o
Do you have your 🌤Memorial Day Menu planned out yet? . ✨Instead of just 🍔plain ol’ burgers, give these Feta & Spinach Turkey Burgers a go! . Fresh greens 🍃and salty feta in each bite makes this burger anything but typical. . My favorite thing about ANY burger is the toppings! Avocado🥑, red onion, leaf lettuce🥬, a little bit of ketchup all on a brioche bun… are you drooling yet🤤? . 👉What is your favorite way to top your burgers? Tell me below 👇and share this recipe with the friends or family you will be grilling out with this weekend! As always, if you try a recipe, post it and tag me, 💜I would love to see what you think! Link to recipe in the bio! Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating What is your health goal? Fat loss goal? Fitness goal?..What are yo
Coal Harbour
What is your health goal? Fat loss goal? Fitness goal? . . What are you doing today to help you achieve it? . . Yes no matter how much kale or yoga we slather ourselves in we all die in the end but.... what kind of life do you want to remember? One filled with energy, feeling good, getting active, doing cool stuff, loving your body? I sure hope so! . . Not sure where to focus your energy or start with your nutrition? Jump on my email list at the link in my profile and I’ll send you my “Focus on this first” free guide or shoot me a DM. I want to help 😘 Смотреть полностью
Anna Sweeney, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S .Food is awesome.But it’s not miraculous.If you have enough of i
. Food is awesome. But it’s not miraculous. If you have enough of it, it will cure hunger. ✨MAGIC✨ . . . #allfoodsfit #foodcures #nofoodcures #food #foodsolutions #miraclefood #healthyfood #fancyfood #foods #foodrules #foodfix #allfoodisgoodfood #nourishnotpunish #dietculturesucks #dietculture #diet #chronicillness #foodisfood #foodfear #fearmongering #stopsellingbullshit Смотреть полностью
Eating Psychology Clinic During this thought-provoking, transformational 3-hour seminar, I am g
During this thought-provoking, transformational 3-hour seminar, I am going to show you everything you need to know about why you can't stop eating, why binge eating has nothing to do with will-power and also teach you powerful tools to break free. You will understand how to change the way you think and how you can change your brain to navigate binge eating triggers and binge eating urges - LONGTERM. You can get your tickets on my website: www.mindfoodness.nz Date: Saturday, 8th June Time: 10am-1pm Location: Hamilton This workshop is for everyone who can resonate with this: ➡ I can’t seem to break the addiction to food… I crave food all the time! ➡ I don’t know what’s wrong with me and I feel ashamed of how I act around food. ➡ I am so tired of obsessing over food and my body all the time, but I am just scared I will never lose weight and have the body I want. ➡ I feel I can’t have just one piece of chocolate … I have to have the whole package. ➡ If I’m honest with myself… I like eating whatever I want. Cookies and cakes and chips are delicious. But I hate the way I feel about myself afterward. ➡ I have tried it all – working out, dieting, nutritionists, reading books and listening to YouTube Videos and podcasts. But nothing is working. During this workshop: 🥑 We will discuss the underlying reasons for overeating and binge eating 🥑 We will identify the personal triggers and make a plan on how to reduce them. 🥑 Talk about the brain science behind overeating and why it’s all about hormones instead of your will-power 🥑 We will apply psychology based tools to stop craving food 🥑 Direct intervention from Eugenia with volunteers from the audience After this workshop you will: 👉 Understand the root cause of your eating problems to make long-lasting changes to be at your body’s healthy weight. 👉 Have a powerful toolbox to apply to eliminate food cravings and binge eating triggers. 👉 Have workbooks and print outs that we will work on during the workshop. #bingeeatingrecovery #bingeeatingdisorder #emotionaleating #stresseating #bingeeating #bingepurge #weightlossjourney #weightmanagement #weightgain #foodaddiction #foodobsession #foodfear #mindfoodness Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating Somewhere along the nutrition highway way we got down to the finest de
Jackson's Corner
Somewhere along the nutrition highway way we got down to the finest details and stopped focusing on the big picture. . . High fat. Low fat. High carb. Low carb. More protein or less? Alkalising food. Carb cycling. Coconut oil, yes or no? Cardio or weight lifting or yoga? What about that 1g of sugar in my bacon? Send help! . . For most people who aren’t dealing with a specific health condition just focusing on the basics consistently will yield results. . . Plenty of water Mostly unprocessed foods Enough protein Quality sleep Move your body . . Tell me in the comments how much sleep you got last night?! I got 8 and a half solid hours 😴 And if you are still confused or don’t know what to focus or you aren’t seeing the results you want right now just send me a DM! Смотреть полностью
A N T H O N Y  C H O V A N If you have dieted whilst over exersising and now have🔺Digestive i
If you have dieted whilst over exersising and now have 🔺Digestive issues - Bloating, constipation, diarrhoea 🔺Fatigue 🔺Weight gain - especially around stomach 🔺Low sex drive • ✅Its time to prioritize your health and put it first❗️this means • ✅Eating enough calories for YOU ✅Addressing hormone imbalances ✅Balancing gut health ✅Doing the right types of exercise ✅Stress management ✅Building a great relationship with food and your body image • ⭐️If this is you, click the link in the BIO to schedule your FREE 20 min Skype consultation • #overtraining #overtrainingsyndrome #foodintolerance #hormonebalancing #holistichealthcoach #bodybuilding #intuitiveeatingcoach #guthealth #lowtestosterone #menstransformation #bloating #bloatingsucks #lowfodmap #lowfodmapdiet #irritablebowelsyndrome #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #athlete #foodfear #dietculture #bingeeatingdisorderrecovery #bingeeating #bingeeatingrecovery #foodfreedom #foodsensitivities #healthyhormones #digestiveissues #pmssymptoms Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating When I was a teenager I really wanted forearm veins that that are visi
West End, Vancouver
When I was a teenager I really wanted forearm veins that that are visible and really pop. Now as a climber than hasn’t changed but a bicep vein would be cool too 😂 . . The reality is it’s just not my physiology. Just like for some people visible abs aren’t in their physiology or thighs that don’t touch at the top or visible quad muscles or a big booty or muscly calves. . . That doesn’t mean don’t work out or work on your health. It just means let go of that possibly unattainable “finish line” you have in your head that you’ve made it when you have xyz body characteristic. . . Start becoming the best version of yourself by loving yourself as you are RIGHT NOW. You can love yourself as you are and still want to improve. . . Tell me if you are hitting the gym this week, going for a run/walk, hiking, yoga... what have you got planned for activity? I’m climbing, maybe also yoga or Pilates for some cross training. Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN What’s not smart🤔? Eating something that won’t satisfy you just
What’s not smart🤔? Eating something that won’t satisfy you just because it is the “healthier” option. 👎 As humans we 👉NEED👈to be satisfied. In our relationships👫, our work👩🏻‍💻, and most definitely our food🌮. If you really want ice cream, but decide that yogurt is “better” for you, what might happen? You might eat it and enjoy it and move on. OR you might eat it, still want ice cream🍦 and continue to try to fill that void with other “healthy” sweets. You may even end up eating more yogurt than you would have eaten of ice cream in order to feel satisfied. One of the major reasons we overeat is because we are not allowing ourselves to choose the foods that will satisfy us. . 🍋In my NEW 3-week program, ✨Stuffed to Satisfied✨, we dive into all things satisfaction as a way to help you overcome your overeating struggles and in turn develop and healthy and confident relationship between yourself and food. Stuffed to Satisfied begins June 3rd- Head to the link in bio to reserve your seat today! Смотреть полностью
A N T H O N Y  C H O V A N Losing your period(hypothalamic amenorrhea) is one of the biggest comp
Losing your period(hypothalamic amenorrhea) is one of the biggest complaints I see from women with a history of dieting and over training. • ✅Here is the checklist you need to follow to recover your period after following extreme diets and over training • ⭕️If this is you, - Send me a message saying “ I am ready!” to schedule your ‘FREE 20 min consultation’ here you will be given the actions steps for each of these points. • #overtraining #overtrainingsyndrome #foodintolerance #hormonebalancing #holistichealthcoach #bodybuilding #intuitiveeatingcoach #guthealth #bloating #bloatingsucks #lowfodmap #lowfodmapdiet #irritablebowelsyndrome #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #athlete #foodfear #dietculture #bingeeatingrecovery #foodsensitivities #healthyhormones #digestiveissues #pmssymptoms #periodproblems #pmsproblems #hypothalamicamenorrhearecovery #hypothalamicamenorrhea Смотреть полностью
Jen Melberg I always say,
I always say, "Stress can take you down much faster than any cheeseburger." and as much as I have witnessed first-hand & believe eating wholesome & healthy meals can resolve, prevent, & even reverse a myriad of chronic health problems; having a love/hate relationship with food, stressing over every meal, being consumed with thoughts of calories & micronutrients, & feeling constant guilt & regret over not eating "perfectly" can be just as damaging to your overall health. . My relationship with food has been quite volatile over the last 25 years of my life. Once puberty hit & my body began developing curves, the battle with my body began. Crash diets, secretive binge eating, fast food addiction, bulimia; it's been an unending roller coaster ride & it's taken me getting to the ripe old age of 37 to get off the roller coaster & come to grips with what my body will & won't be. I don’t need to look like a runway model or be a size 2 to imagine having joy again. I choose to focus on what I CAN do and not what the scale says. . . . . . . . . . . . #plantbasedwholefood #veganwholefoods #foodfear #health #momtruth #healthyfood #foodwars #weightloss #weightlossjourney #hclf #eatingdisorderawareness #eatingdisorderrecovery #healwithfood #healthylifestyle Смотреть полностью
Anna Penttilä TW: repeating use of a word
Jyväskylä, Finland
TW: repeating use of a word "calory"/"energy" (no numbers) . Last night was about relaxing with a shared bottle of sparkling in the sunset. I have no idea how many calories I drank. That's not important or essential information to me anymore, and that's so freeing after spending crazy amounts of time stalking energy contents of beverages before going to a liquor or a grocery store and choosing the most low calorie option. It's boring, stressful and just unhealthy for your heart and brain to ponder that kind of stuff when the point is to get relaxed. . . Drinking should, and it can be, simple. I don't wonder if you think that "I shouldn't be drinking calories" because #dietculture promotes this idea that it's better to drink something that has zero amount of energy. I used to drink nothing else than Pepsi Max when I wanted to drink "something good". I had a taste of it at one day, but my taste buds didn't like it anymore. Maybe they've never actually liked the taste of it, 'cause only reason for me to choose drinking that specific soda was "low calorie content". When I had an #eatingdisorder I was terrified of drinking calory containing beverages but believe me, it's just as possible to get over that #fear as it is to get over #foodfear s. . . I don't drink alcohol, juices or sodas often. When I wanna have soda or juice I most likely choose "no added sugar" option but it has n o t h i n g to do with my past fear of "liquid calories". It's purely a #taste preference thing, + as I've learned it's part of my natural habit to prefer water/soda water with food etc. One might think, that how can I be sure that it's not just #dietmentality that is haunting? . . Well, when I want to drink smthng specific containing sugar/more energy, I can do that without stressing about it beforehand or afterwards. I can choose my drink by following my "intuition"; what sounds good to me is what I wanna/need to have at that moment. Then I drink my drink and move on. 🍷☕🍶🍹🍸💃 . . #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #drinking #selfacceptance #bodyacceptance #fuckdietculture #edwarrior #toofiercefordietculture #foodfreedom #intuitiveeating Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating I’m not yet desensitised to this beautiful scenery in central Oregon
Smith Rock State Park
I’m not yet desensitised to this beautiful scenery in central Oregon with bald eagles 🦅 soaring above as we climb. Only a few more days left but there’s always another trip to look forward to and I’m also looking forward to a shower 😁 I hope you have a grand weekend pals! What’s the weather forecast where you are? Send dry vibes this way because there’s possible rain here 🌧 Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN 👉Do you trust your body to tell you when you are hungry or full?
👉Do you trust your body to tell you when you are hungry or full? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . When we are confident in our food choices and our ability to trust our bodies to regulate itself, these overeating experiences are just that. Experiences. We might notice we feel stuffed, think "maybe I should have stopped because unbuttoning my pants on date night is a little weird🤷🏻‍♀️", but then we move on. . Overeating becomes a problem when we find ourselves uncomfortably full often, unable to stop a meal or snack before this point, and when this overeating ends with feelings of shame, guilt and inadequacy because we can't "control" our eating. One thing I often hear from people who are on the fence about putting an end to their dieting days is the fear of not knowing when to stop eating if they aren't following a plan to tell them how much to eat. . I am BEYOND 😄excited to be able to offer you a spot in my NEW program: ✨Stuffed to Satisfied, a 3-week program to help you overcome Overeating beginning on June 3! . ✨✨Click the link In my profile to save your seat and register today! . 👉Want to attend the Free Overeating Masterclass on May 23 first? Head to the link in the profile to register there! Смотреть полностью
FITUNA Mental Health Disorders and struggles affect 1 in 4 people  and can be
Mental Health Disorders and struggles affect 1 in 4 people and can be very debilitating, difficult to live with and may feel hard to defeat. Check out some of our girls honest and supportive Mental Health Awareness posts, they may help you on your journey... @skactive - Food Fear @aimeevictorialong -Mental Health @youleanmeup -Body Image @missemmawalsh - Anxiety @nathalielennon_ -Body Dysmorphia You are not alone, there is ALWAYS help near you and you will come out the other side. You’ve got this! 💪🏻 #mentalhealthawareness #fituna #fitunashop Смотреть полностью
RECOVERY,16YO🇵🇱 🌞17.05.2019🌞Dzień jak codzień,nie poszłam dzisiaj do szkoły
🌞17.05.2019🌞 Dzień jak codzień,nie poszłam dzisiaj do szkoły,bo nawet nie miałam na to siły psychicznie.Jedzenie dzisiaj sprawiało mi ogromny ból psychiczny,ogromne wyrzuty każdy posiłek dzisiaj jadłam długo myśląc po co jem,ale jest na koncie chociaż 1417kcal,wiem że to mało ale bywają i takie dni,musiałam dobijać sokiem,którego się obawiałam i garstką chipsów,bo nie miałam nic innego pod ręką.Myślałam,że dzisiejszy dzień to będzie totalna katastrofa,a jednak wieczór nie był taki okropny,bo spędziłam go z chłopakiem,nie chce mu mówić o moich ostatnich problemach,bo nie chce żeby się gorzej martwił i tak ma sporo na głowie.A ja dam sobie jakoś radę,bo musze.Jest cholernie ciężko,ale trzeba walczyć,bo jest naprawdę o co i wiem,że czasami nie widzimy w niczym sensu,ale nie warto się poddawać pomimo łez,bólu i głosu w głowie,który mówi że jesteśmy słabi,nie damy rady to trzeba się starać walczyć,bo bez walki nie odkryjemy co to jest szczęście w pełni!🙋❤ #friday #piątek #foodbook #foods #eat #yummy #breakfast #sandwich #lunch #dinner #blogger #foodfear #lifestyle #fitgirl #polishgirl #poland #recovery #ed #anorexia #nervosa #fight #mood #sad #happy #follow #me #l4l #f4f Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN Can I get a 🙌 from all of my almond butter lovers?!.We are on pac
Can I get a 🙌 from all of my almond butter lovers?! . We are on pace to go through a jar a week of this stuff in our house between a sandwich loving 2 year old and myself. I can’t stomach 🤢spending $10 a jar on the store-bought butter (that honestly doesn’t even taste half as good as this stuff). 🤷🏻‍♀️ . My number☝️one must have when perfecting this recipe was that it had to be no-stir. Oil spilled all down the side of the jar, on the table, oily fingers, oily toddler 👧🏼finger prints all over the house from "helping" with breakfast... 🙅🏻‍♀️no thanks. . ✨✨Head to the link in the profile to get the recipe and try it for yourself! . 👉I want to know: Have you tried to make your own nut butter before? Смотреть полностью
A N T H O N Y  C H O V A N Have you been told this❓Your blood test results are normal...•Wh
Have you been told this❓Your blood test results are normal... • When dealing with messed up hormones, gut issues, fatigue and low sex drive every day. • You know something is definately not right • But now you are waiting for the diagnosis so you can move on with your life and get to the bottom of these issues • But... • Your blood tests come back and “everything is normal”❗️ and in some cases you may be referred to a psychologist or given a prescription drug❗️ • 🔸This is the BIGGEST ISSUE I see everyday with those who have messed up hormones, gut dysfunction and chronic fatigue after dieting and over training. • So...If you have gut issues, hormone imbalances and energy issues. This is NOT normal, so don’t accept that everything is normal • If this is you and you are sick of not getting the answers. • The best thing to do is ✅find the ROOT CAUSE with the correct testing methods(functional hormone testing) • That is why I have created a ⭐️FREE ‘4 Step guide to get your energy back after dieting’ - Download link in bio • By addressing the root cause of your hormone imbalances and gut issues and giving your body what it needs through nutrition, rest, stress management, sleep, hormone and gut optimization you can look forward to ✅Getting your energy back ✅Having strong digestion ✅Having the best hormone levels for you ✅Finally losing the excess bodyfat(especially around the waist) ✅Transforming your life: experiencing things you have never done before❗️ • #overtraining #overtrainingsyndrome #foodintolerance #hormonebalancing #holistichealthcoach #bodybuilding #intuitiveeatingcoach #guthealth #lowtestosterone #menstransformation #bloating #bloatingsucks #lowfodmap #lowfodmapdiet #irritablebowelsyndrome #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #athlete #foodfear #dietculture #bingeeatingdisorderrecovery #bingeeating #bingeeatingrecovery #foodfreedom #foodsensitivities #healthyhormones #digestiveissues #pmssymptoms Смотреть полностью
🌿 emotional eating & mindset 🌿 🌱 Gaining weight was my biggest fear, but so was never losing weigh
Darbalara, New South Wales
🌱 Gaining weight was my biggest fear, but so was never losing weight. _____ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I'd play this game with myself... for literally years. I knew I had to eat more for my health because I was starving my body but I was petrified of gaining weight... I mean entire body shaking with fear. _____ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I knew logically that if I didn't eat more, I wouldn't be healthy and I definitely had no chance of losing any more weight eating as little as I was. My body was not happy. 👎🏻 So deep down I knew this is what I needed to do in order to eventually be healthy and lose the weight I was holding on to but that fear of gaining weight wouldn't go away. _____ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The thought 💭 of eating more... _____ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The thought 💭 of the scale number going up... _____ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The thought 💭 of my body getting bigger... _____ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ These were the thoughts that haunted me daily. Ultimately I knew I needed to eat more for a healthier body but my self conscious side didn't want to risk gaining weight to do so. For so long I continued to do the same exercise and eat the smallest amount of food hoping I would eventually get different results. 🍃 This was crazy. _____ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Taking action by eating more and concentrating on my health over my weight was what I should have been doing, I knew this but I resisted for sooooo long. BUT it was the best thing I ever did when I finally took action! 💫 It transformed my life. _____ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ One of the biggest struggles I hear from you ladies is that you know what you should be doing but you don't take the action. This is my reminder to you that YOU are the only one who can decide to make the change and take the action. 🌸 Staying stuck in the same place of months and years is going to be something you really regret in the future. _____ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tell me, what do you know you 'should' be doing for your health but you haven't taken the action yet? 🌱✨💕 Смотреть полностью
Luanne Hopkinson @ Olivo Managing food intolerances can be mind boggling. Sometimes I eat this
Managing food intolerances can be mind boggling. Sometimes I eat this and I'm ok? Other times it's a volatile reaction? Why? Natural food chemicals are present in everything from fruits and vegetables to meat and grain. Our body has thresholds for these chemicals. Most of the populations are pretty high, but with food intolerances the threshold can be a lot lower. Salicylates, amines, histamines, glutamates, and oxalates are the main natural food chemicals which can do this. The best way to find it if this is happening for you is a controlled elimination diet. You can reduce your symptoms and find it how much you can tolerate. If you need help with this, contact me and we can work together to make you feel better! Смотреть полностью
Marissa Herbstler, CPT Life is too damn short not to have a Cinnamon Toast Crunch bagel with
Life is too damn short not to have a Cinnamon Toast Crunch bagel with sugar cookie cream cheese 🥯🍪🤤 @the_bagel_nook . Stop believing the lies you’ve been told. You CAN have these things while working towards your fitness goals! I use to think that I was either on a diet or I wasn’t. That I either had to eat salads for every single meal or I could just eat everything. And I failed every time.🤦🏽‍♀️ I’d kill myself with so many restrictions, burn out, give up and cave in and binge on everything in sight all because of this “all or nothing” mindset. . I was either ALL in or ALL out.🙅🏽‍♀️ . It wasn’t until I adopted this “in between” approach that I was able to make this my lifestyle. Where I eat healthfully MOST of the time but I still allow myself to have the treats that I want with zero restrictions. And you know what actually happened? I actually started to crave things less because I was allowing myself to have whatever I wanted. We always want what we can’t have, right!?🤷🏽‍♀️ . Do I eat things like this GLORIOUSSSS bagel every single day? No.👎🏼 But do I allow myself to have things like this occasionally? ABSOLUTELY!👍🏼 . Food shouldn’t be causing you stress. It shouldn’t be consuming your every thought. You shouldn’t have to live every day of your life just trying to fight off temptations.✋🏼 Food is so much more that just fuel. Food is meant to be enjoyed! Even when you’re on a diet🍩🍪🍕🌮🍦 Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating Are you still holding out that the next diet you find will be “the o
Bend, Oregon
Are you still holding out that the next diet you find will be “the one” to get you to your weight goals? Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, fasting, keto, plant based or maybe a juice cleanse? . . Unfortunately there isn’t one solution. Consistency, patience and a conservative calorie deficit are what works. . . As long as we hold out that maybe the next diet or supplement or prayer will be THE ONE to finally deliver effortless changes then we keep holding on to the on the wagon/off the wagon mentality. “I’ll start again on Monday”. Eating like it’s your last supper because the diet/no sugar/no carbs/clean eating/fast etc starts tomorrow. . . There’s no miracle solution except boring old moderate eating and exercise. The good news is that means you should start living your life right now! . . Live like you will never fit into those pants you’ve been saving - you know the ones that pinch in all the wrong places or no longer button up. Don’t wait until you lose weight or reach some undisclosed point in the space/time continuum where you will finally be happy and satisfied - you can be there RIGHT NOW! Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN 👉Is distracted nighttime snacking keeping you from trusting yoursel
👉Is distracted nighttime snacking keeping you from trusting yourself around food? 🍿. If you are hungry in the evening, by all means- ⚡️EAT⚡️! . Food is the ONLY answer to hunger, not some kind of diet, hunger-numbing nonsense. 🤷🏻‍♀️BUT, when you find yourself wanting to snack 🍟because there is nothing else to do, or that is just what you do at the end of the day while you catch up on your latest Netflix 🍿📺episode, stop and take a minute to think.🤔What else can you do that will occupy your time, your hands👐, or whatever else you need in that moment? . Maybe use this time to give your dog 🐶or kitty🐱 some extra love 💜and attention. . Take up a hobby like crocheting, knitting or coloring which will keep your hands busy. . Pick a show that will actually hold your attention, instead of just “something to watch”. . If you find that you are actually hungry, grab a snack, sit at the table, Eat 🧁and ENJOY👌. ✨✨Did you miss out on joining the Overcome Overeating Challenge group? Sign up for the Free Overeating Master Class on 5/23! Link is in the BIO, don’t miss out again😍! Смотреть полностью
Women’s Health & Life Coach PUSSY TALK 🙀💋 struggle with #foodfear & #bodyobsession?? — rea
Morrison, Colorado
PUSSY TALK 🙀💋 struggle with #foodfear & #bodyobsession ?? — read on, friend 🙏🏼 ⠀ when we lack PLEASURE, we lack SELF TRUST. ⠀ ...oh hey self doubt & second guessing every decision - nice to fucking see you 👋🏻... ⠀ when we lack pleasure, we get OVERWHELMED by our EMOTIONS. ⠀ …emotional build up & reactions to our poor boyfriend & cute lil pupper 🐶... ⠀ when we lack pleasure, we are disconnected from the POWERHOUSE of the woman we are. ⠀ ..oh. NOT hey... ⠀ we quite literally CUT OURSELVES OFF from: 🚺 the stream of #internalwisdom within, 🚺 our #intuition (we call this our #soulsignals in BBM) 🚺 our connection to something greater than us - ⠀ #source muthafucken energy 🔅 ⠀ 👇🏻THINK ABOUT IT. ⠀ you’re a WOMAN, a WOWMAN, a WOMBMAN. ⠀ your WOMB is the center of CREATION. ⠀ & mama, your PUSSY is the gateway to the goodness🔮 ⠀ yeah - i just said that. ⠀ & it’s time we ALL start saying it. ⠀ LOUDER. ⠀ pleasure isn’t just for women who 💣‘have more time.’ 🧨‘don’t have as much on their plate.’ 🔪‘don’t own a business.’ 🔫fill in the fucking blank_____________. ⠀ 💎PLEASURE is our BIRTHRIGHT💎 ⠀ it’s what we’re here, in this human body, to EXPERIENCE. ⠀ if you want a fast track way to get out of your FOOD FEAR & BODY OBSESSION👇🏻 ⠀ start by adding PLEASURE. ⠀ 💋explore your body with a sense of wonderment, from a place of curiosity & play. ⠀ she wants to be unleashed - ⠀ NOT the negative self talk that takes her out of her power. ⠀ 🚺homework: PLAY. ⠀ [p.s. this is Phase 5 of BBM.] ⠀ drop me an emoji if you’re in. ⠀ oh, happy hump day😘 ⠀ ⠀ #balancedbody #excellenceoverperfection Смотреть полностью
Heather Tobey, MS Mid week giggles (and swipe left for the CUTEST munchkin you’ve ever
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Mid week giggles (and swipe left for the CUTEST munchkin you’ve ever seen, Ms. Indiana herself) because I am off to the 🏖 with some of my sweetest of friends for the rest of the week! ✨ I am SO excited to get out of town, relax, and be surrounded by my people. There is going to be a lot of laughing, connecting, cooking, singing, and sharing of life - I can't wait! ✨ I am going to totally unplug and won't be on Instagram until Sunday. In the mean time, check out my recent blog post on Intuitive Eating, BMI, weight gain, and food fears. Link is in the bio. ✨ What’s your favorite 🏖 time activity?! ✨ See ya, folks! . . . Смотреть полностью
DO THIS TO FIX YOUR HORMONES AND GUT AFTER DIETING AND OVER TRAINING 👇🏻 • Dieting and over training can screw your hormones and mess up your gut leaving you fatigued, bloated, not looking or feeling your best. • Trust me I have been there. • But if dieting and over training is what messed up your hormones and gut, you will need to follow an anti-diet approach to give your body and mind what it needs to recover. • and lets not forget, correcting gut health is essential to fixing your hormones. • And this is the missing piece of the puzzle that most leave out when trying to get their hormones on track. • But if you are like many and don’t know where to start. • I have created a FREE guide for you! • ⭐️Click the link in my bio to download your FREE ‘4 Step guide to get your energy back after dieting’ • #overtraining #overtrainingsyndrome #foodintolerance #hormonebalancing #holistichealthcoach #bodybuilding #intuitiveeatingcoach #holistichealing #guthealth #lowtestosterone #menstransformation #bloating #bloatingsucks #lowfodmap #lowfodmapdiet #irritablebowelsyndrome #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #athlete #foodfear #dietculture #bingeeatingdisorderrecovery #bingeeating #bingeeatingrecovery #foodfreedom #foodsensitivities #healthyhormones #digestiveissues Смотреть полностью
Patricia Boisvert RESTRICTION.Last week I was chatting with a friend who has been stru
Ottawa, Ontario
RESTRICTION . Last week I was chatting with a friend who has been struggling with bingeing. She shared that “she is so good all day or all week”, but inevitably, she finds herself eating a sleeve of Oreos. I think there are 2 factors that lead to bingeing. There’s the emotional factor, and then there’s restriction. Today I want to focus on restriction. . Truth….restriction always leads to bingeing. If there is a food you tell yourself you can’t have, eventually, your willpower will fade and you will eat it. All of it. And then you will tell yourself you suck, and restrict even more. Is that healthy? Of course not. So how do you enjoy a healthy eating lifestyle without restriction? Cause I know what you’re thinking. If I allow myself all of the food, I will eat all of the food. Here are some strategies that work for me. . 1️⃣ Find healthier alternatives. Have you seen the size of most supermarkets today? Take some time to look through the isles and I guarantee you will find a better version of most comfort foods. Or check online. There are lots of great options there too. 2️⃣ Make your own! Sure donuts taste good. But taking some time to make your own helps you control the ingredients. Plus, home cooking can be very rewarding. 3️⃣ If you want the real thing, sit down, and enjoy it. No watching TV or scrolling while you eat. Just savour your food and move on. 4️⃣ Make a “worth it” list. This is something I learned while doing a Whole30. There are foods that are worth it, and others that are not. My “worth it” list includes sugar pie, cupcakes and macarons. I know they are less healthy. But they are worth it to me. Pizza with extra cheese and a thick gluten crust, not worth it. . I’m not saying this is easy. But I really want you to stop thinking that healthy eating means giving up the foods you love. Food is meant to nourish and heal, but it should also be enjoyed guilt free. So tell me, what’s on your “worth it” list? Смотреть полностью
Laura Zinck / Fitness Coach HELP ME OUT!! 💜I want to be the biggest help to you girls that I
HELP ME OUT!! 💜 I want to be the biggest help to you girls that I can be SO, I need your help!!! I'm wondering what you struggle with the most when it comes to your health and fitness! I would love if you could give me your vote in the comments so I can do more educational posts around these things! What do you find to be your number ONE biggest challenge?! 1. Eating/nutrition/what to eat 2. Exercise/when and what to do 3. Relationship with food 4. Navigating social situations 5. Time/organization/a plan If you could give me your vote that would be AMAZING! And if I haven't mentioned something you are really struggling with, let me know that too! Love you girls! 💜 #foodfreedom #healthandfitnesscoach #macrocoach #flexiblediet #healthyhabits #balancednotclean #ditchthediet # #nourishnotpunish #carbsarenotthedevil #bingeeatingdisorderhelp #nutritiontips #weightlosstips #weightlosshelp #weightlosscoach #bingeeatingrecovery #fearfood #strongisthenewskinny #ifitfitsyourmacros #itsnotadietitsalifestyle #strongwoman #foodfear #eatittobeatit #weightlossresults #weightlossprogram #fitgirlsofig #weightlossstory #weightlosssupport #healthandfitnessblogger #weightlossfood #weightlossstruggle Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN In honor of talking about hunger, what do you do when you eat a big sn
In honor of talking about hunger, what do you do when you eat a big snack before lunch, aren’t hungry at lunch time but are hungry a couple hours later🤷🏻‍♀️? . . Eat what sounds good, will provide energy⚡️, and is EASY- because 2 kiddos 👩‍👧‍👦who refuse to nap at the same time doesn’t leave much time for mid day snack prep🥙. . . I have a million and one recipes to share, but sometimes something as simple as cottage cheese and canned fruit does the trick perfectly👌. . ✨What is YOUR favorite mid-afternoon snack?!👇 Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN Our diet driven society has taught us that hunger is a 👺BAD thing.
Our diet driven society has taught us that hunger is a 👺BAD thing. How many times have you heard or done something to try to “trick” your body into NOT feeling hunger? Drink water💧, chew gum, suck on a mint, go for a 🏃🏽‍♀️walk, ANYTHING besides eat🥙. . These hunger-ignoring (or numbing) methods are all meant to disconnect our minds from our body. When our body sends out hunger signals, it is literally asking you to feed it.🙌 . . 👉If you ignore it, don’t worry- it will come back 10-fold when our body starts screaming 🗣for energy. This is when we get the hangry feelings, the headaches, the nauseated sickening feeling, the can’t stop eating and loss of control feeling. . . ✨✨Instead of disconnecting your mind from your body, reconnect. Listen and respond. Eat when your body asks for it. You will feel and see the difference. Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN 👉Is there a “healthy” food that has lost its appeal🥑? Or how
👉Is there a “healthy” food that has lost its appeal🥑? Or how about one that you used to find boring 🥬and now love🥗? Having the freedom to choose what we eat brings a whole new level of satisfaction 🍽to the table. Eating something in a way that tastes good and because we WANT to eat it can seriously make ALL the difference. I used to honestly not like vegetables🥦. It was super rare that I would order them at a restaurant (unless I was putting on a “healthy” show🤦🏻‍♀️) or make a side of anything green to go with dinner. Once I changed my way of thinking about them from a “health” food to just food🥔🍟, I began to realize all of the delicious ways that they could be prepared and seriously ENJOYED. ✨Simple mindset shifts can make the biggest difference in our satisfaction with eating. 👉Deciding that we have a choice, and are not obligated to eat a certain way is a great place to start. ✨ Смотреть полностью
Private Online Dietitian ☝🏼This is a good question.Nutrition is often looked at from a v
☝🏼This is a good question. Nutrition is often looked at from a very reductive angle, where food is considered in terms of the individual nutrients it contains, rather than for the pleasure, satisfaction, enjoyment and nourishment. This reductive approach is useful when we look at food science 🧪 🧫 , and within the nutrition industry, but to consumers, not so helpful. In fact, it can add a lot of confusion and fear. 👍🏻Whilst we have progressed a lot in nutrition research over the last 50 years or so, you may be surprised to hear that our nutrition guidelines have not actually changed much. My recommendations: ▪️Identify the negative self-talk that's playing in your mind. What are you saying to yourself? Is it repetitive and intense? What is true about this belief? ▪️Replace dichotomous thinking with rational and reasonable thoughts. ☝🏼I have provided some examples in the images above of dichotomous thinking and how we can adopt speaking a little more kindly to ourselves. Do any of these resonate? Смотреть полностью
A N T H O N Y  C H O V A N Every day I had constant fatigue, almost fainting each time I stood up
Every day I had constant fatigue, almost fainting each time I stood up, constant digestive issues like bloating and constipation and could not lose fat around my stomach. These photos are 2 years apart • I was doing 🔸2 x 40min cardio sessions a day + 🔸Training to failure w/ weights 4x a week 🔸ZERO carbs. 🔸Tracking my macros to the gram 🔸Taking fish oil, vitamin D + greens supplement • I thought I was doing everything right... • So why wasn’t I getting results❓ • ANSWER: Too much dieting, restricting calories, over training, stress and not putting my health first and listening to my body❗️ • So if you dieted whilst over exersising and now have 🔺Digestive issues - Bloating, constipation, diarrhoea 🔺Fatigue 🔺Weight gain - especially around stomach 🔺Mood issues - anxiety/depression 🔺Low sex drive • ✅Its time to prioritize your health and put it first❗️this means • ✅Eating enough calories for YOU ✅Addressing hormone imbalances ✅Balancing gut health ✅Doing the right types of exercise ✅Stress management ✅Building a great relationship with food and your body image • ⭐️When you put your health first by doing the above☝️ you will achieve the way you want to look and feel❗️and not through further dieting and over exercising • ⭕️If this is you, - I ONLY HAVE 3 AVAILABLE SPOTS LEFT❗️ - Send me a message saying “ I am ready!” to schedule your ‘FREE 20 min consultation’ • #overtraining #overtrainingsyndrome #foodintolerance #hormonebalancing #holistichealthcoach #bodybuilding #intuitiveeatingcoach #holistichealing #guthealth #lowtestosterone #menstransformation #bloating #bloatingsucks #lowfodmap #lowfodmapdiet #irritablebowelsyndrome #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #bodybuilding #athlete #foodfear #dietculture #bingeeatingdisorderrecovery #bingeeating #bingeeatingrecovery #foodfreedom #foodsensitivities #healthyhormones #digestiveissues Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating What’s holding you back from that fat loss goal?..I talked to a p
Redmond, Oregon
What’s holding you back from that fat loss goal? . . I talked to a person this week who said he’s good at getting in shape because he’s lost 25lb a few times in the past and he’s going to do it again now. . . But regaining and losing the same weight over and over is a sign that the person didn’t really learn much or implemented lasting lifestyle changes. . . Maintaining a new weight for a long period of time is arguably harder than losing it in the first place. . . Are you learning about what to eat and how to best fuel your body in the long term? Are you putting new healthy and sustainable habits in place for life? . . And if you are on some crash diet or brutal exercise plan and maybe you do lose the fat you want THEN WHAT? Message me if you are working on a fat loss goal but aren’t seeing the results that you want 😘 Also tell me what you Sunday plans are? Do they involve the great outdoors? Смотреть полностью
Emma Babes, you do not need a diet plan, a load of rules and restrictions a
Babes, you do not need a diet plan, a load of rules and restrictions around food, or a app to tell you how much or little to eat. All you need to do is to learn healthy and little habits so you no longer feel like food controls you. So you can trust yourself with how much/ little to eat And so you can enjoy your life at the same time as feeling your happiest, healthiest and most confident. 💥💥 P.S. If you want to understand a little bit more about what I do and ‘dip your toe in the water’, check out the 30-day challenge. Links in my bio 😘 #nourishmentacademy #bodyconfidenceday #nutrition #diet #dieting #healthymum #fitmum #weightwatchers #slimmingworld #ketodiet #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #health #healthy #nourish #nourishing #nourishment #guilt #food #foodfear #bodypositive #ilovemybody #respect #bodyrespect #nourishment #weightloss #willpower Смотреть полностью
Stevie TW - disordered eating, diet talkMy struggles with food have been a p
TW - disordered eating, diet talk My struggles with food have been a part of me since before I can remember. I knew which foods were ‘good’ and which were ‘bad’ before I knew which people were. I’d suppress my hunger, ignore my appetite and curb my cravings. Until I’d eventually binge to a point where I couldn’t even look at myself 🍕 My relationship with food has changed, I no longer count calories, skip meals or give foods a moral value but it isn’t always easy. There’s still days where I’ll instinctively pick up a sugar free version or check the fat content but I’m getting there and you will too. So here’s to honouring our appetites 🍕 Ps food has no moral value and the next time someone refers to a food as a syn or bad just order an extra donut and stick it in their cake hole 💕 #bopo #bropo #bingeeating #bingeeatingrecovery #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositive #intuitiveeating #foodfear #nowrongway Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating Road tripping back to Smith Rock, OR to climb some more so it was fun
Vancouver, Washington
Road tripping back to Smith Rock, OR to climb some more so it was fun to get dressed up for a hot second because it’s back to #vanlife . I hope you have a great weekend 😘😘😘 Смотреть полностью
Emma I know you have tried so many different diets and still haven’t got
I know you have tried so many different diets and still haven’t got where you want to be I know you have felt like you’ll never be able to get the results that everyone else seems to get I know you feel like you failed But it isn’t you! There is nothing wrong with your will power, You’re not broken! It is the diet. Read my latest post; 5 reasons it’s not you it’s the diet & what to do instead. https://www.thenourishmentacademy.com/post/5-reasons-it-s-not-you-it-s-the-diet-and-what-to-do-instead Links in bio 😘 #nourishmentacademy #bodyconfidenceday #nutrition #diet #dieting #healthymum #fitmum #weightwatchers #slimmingworld #ketodiet #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #health #healthy #nourish #nourishing #nourishment #guilt #food #foodfear #bodypositive #ilovemybody #respect #bodyrespect #nourishment #weightloss #willpower Смотреть полностью
Laura Zinck / Fitness Coach I can almost guarantee you've felt like this before.... It's Friday, y
I can almost guarantee you've felt like this before.... It's Friday, your boyfriend texts you at work to ask if you want to head out for drinks tonight..... And then the shittiest thing happens..... Instead of being excited to spend some time with the BF after a long week of work..... You literally can't imagine doing anything but changing into your most comfortable pair of sweats and sinking into the couch for a night of Netflix and ice cream..... Not because you're super tired.... Not because you're in the middle of binge watching the BEST series ever.... Not because you wouldn't love to try the sick new drink place in town.... But, because you LITERALLY can't even imagine trying to find something in your closet that you're comfortable wearing.... At this point your down to work clothes and a pair of jeans and sweater that you don't feel awful leaving the house in.... Everything you put on makes you feel like shit, you spend the whole night grabbing at your clothes, trying to stretch them out..... Feel like everyones staring at you..... Social events have become a nightmare... I've totally been here, I totally get it.... But let me tell you, that is NO WAY to live your life girl! If you really want to start feeling confident AF in your body, start begging your BF to take you out and have the hardest time choosing an outfit because EVERYTHING looks bomb.... We need to work together! My 12 week Ditch the Diet program will take you from hating your closet to running out of room in there because you can't stop buying amazing clothes! Link in BIO to apply ✨ #foodfreedom #healthandfitnesscoach #macrocoach #flexiblediet #healthyhabits #balancednotclean #ditchthediet # #nourishnotpunish #carbsarenotthedevil #bingeeatingdisorderhelp #nutritiontips #weightlosstips #weightlosshelp #weightlosscoach #bingeeatingrecovery #fearfood #strongisthenewskinny #ifitfitsyourmacros #itsnotadietitsalifestyle #strongwoman #foodfear #eatittobeatit #weightlossresults #weightlossprogram #fitgirlsofig #weightlossstory #weightlosssupport #healthandfitnessblogger #weightlossfood #weightlossstruggle Смотреть полностью
Suffolk County, New York
HOW I REBUILT MY RELATIONSHIP WITH FITNESS⁣🏋🏻‍♀️ 🔽⁣ The gym for me, used to be all about trying to “torture” myself as much as possible. ⁣ 🔽⁣ When I didn’t feel “good enough” in one area of my life, I would make up for it at the gym for that “instant gratification” I wanted and thought I needed.⁣ 🔽⁣ I used the gym to make up for the #bingeeating I would take part in. This only further disordered my relationship with the gym, my body, and of course, food. ⁣ 🔽⁣ I felt like I “had to go”. Vs feeling like I had the CHOICE to go. This resulted in sub par workouts, negative recovery, and eventually, an injured hip. ⁣ 🔽⁣ This all or nothing mentality towards #fitness stemmed from the belief that more is always better. I thought that’s what I had to do to look a certain way & be a certain way.⁣ 🔽⁣ I thought this cycle would go on forever. ⁣ 🔽⁣ It wasn’t until I became educated in actual evidence based training principles, & healed my relationship with food that the my mindset surrounding exercise drastically changed. I stopped always “starting over on Monday”. ⁣ 🔽⁣ This is what I help my clients achieve. I help them get out of that never ending cycle, and work on building positive relationships with the gym through balanced, #evidencebased principles. ⁣ 🔽⁣ It’s not anti health, it’s not anti #weightloss ; it’s about creating lifelong long habits towards the mind, body, and life that they wish for. ⁣ 🔽⁣ It’s about ending the “torture” and building the positive energy surrounding your health and your body.❤️💃🏻⁣ 🔽⁣ Are you honoring your body or torturing it? Aren’t you tired of your same old story? ⁣ 🧐❤️⁣ Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN 👉Do you feel like the only way to be healthy is to restrict and die
👉Do you feel like the only way to be healthy is to restrict and diet?? . I hear over and over and over from people that they just don’t understand how eating whatever you want 🍩can possibly be healthy. NOT dieting isn’t a free for all, junk food 🍭🍩🍦🍔🥓all day long (although you are free to do whatever you like- if that’s what you want). 🤷🏻‍♀️ . It’s learning how to eat in a way that feels GOOD 🥙🍫to you. It is FACT that plants🥬 are good for us. We get so many necessary nutrients from vegetables🥦🥕 and other plant foods, there is no denying it. Choosing to include these foods in a way that tastes delicious because you want to soak up the health benefits IS 🚫NOT🚫dieting. Just like eating a big bowl of ice cream🍨 doesn’t cancel out the nutritional benefit of the salad you ate earlier. ✨Eat what tastes good. 🍜Include variety. 🍃Eat plants. 💧Drink water. 💃Move your body. . . 💁🏻‍♀️If you want💁🏻‍♀️ . . ✨✨I am talking all about overeating next week in my Overcome Overeating Challenge. I initially received some flack for calling it a challenge and implying that overeating is bad 🙄. Overeating is normal. But if you feel like you eat past fullness often and you want to discover a way to gain insight of and/or reduce your overeating experiences, I have a great week of content coming your way (for free!) starting Monday- link is in the BIO! Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe Habituation is a process that happens when we are regularly exposed to
Dublin, Ireland
Habituation is a process that happens when we are regularly exposed to a particular stimulus + the novelty begins to wear off. The same process works with food. When we eat the same food, the attraction diminishes. The taste remains the same, but it’s not as much of a big deal as it was initially. Dieting prevents this process because it creates a forbidden food affect. The diet begins with a food restriction which is eventually followed by a broken restraint 👉🏼 then we feel out of control around the food 👉🏼 which is followed by a wave of guilt 👉🏼 and finally, we restrict again to minimise the feelings of guilt for eating that food. Can you see how the food constantly remains exciting and attractive as it is restricted? This process creates a perfect scenario for overeating those forbidden foods. We know in research, that the more somebody diets, the more likely they are to engage in binge eating (Holmes et al, 2014). Can you relate to this process? Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating Intuitive eating: don’t focus so hard on calories/fat/carbs ..Also
Downtown Vancouver
Intuitive eating: don’t focus so hard on calories/fat/carbs . . Also intuitive eating: make sure you eat enough, high volume low-cal meals will leave you hungry pretty fast, eating a slice of cake for breakfast is ok but it won’t keep you fueled for a busy day. . . It feels like all talk about food is full of contradictions. Don’t talk about protein/fat/carbs that’s diet talk. But then how do we know what to eat if we want to feel energised and satiated for a busy day? How do we know what to have as a snack if we really want to perform at the gym in an hour? . . Let’s talk about the function of food without using words like good, bad, naughty, cheat. We have to call foods something. In the book terms like “heavy food” and “light food” is used but these can be tied to our body weight in our minds. I’m trying to use terms like “nutrient dense” and “fun” for food. . . Some food is for the body and some is just for the fun of it. Tell me your fav fun food in the comments! Or even better, tell me in emoji 😋 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: pizza is my thang Смотреть полностью
Sage Nutrition Are you all like 🙋‍♀️ ? Did you know that where we shop for
Are you all like 🙋‍♀️ ? Did you know that where we shop for food is likely filled with witty marketing strategies to encourage your purchase? Pretty soon your trip for flour and eggs has turned into enough food to throw a neighborhood block party! 🛒😬 -------- Food labels are often filled with claims that are attention-grabbing and, at times, confusing. What does "heart healthy" or "good source of fiber" even mean? Perhaps it's the ingredients list that overwhelms you. Are these additives safe to eat? Do these ingredients list a hidden allergen that someone in my family needs to avoid due to a medical diagnosis? Science has been able to positively enhance our food supply with ingredients that are often behind many fear-mongering messages. -------- A Cultivated Kitchen's Grocery Shop Coaching session will educate you on the marketing strategies that your preferred grocery store has so that you can develop mindfulness when shopping. 😁🛒 We will educate you on the science behind certain food ingredients and inform you about the meaning behind food claims to help you determine if they're relevant to YOUR food supply, -------- We'd love to help make your grocery shopping trip a fun, less stressful process so that you can navigate through the store to choose foods that bring you variety, balance, and satisfaction. Contact a registered dietitian at Sage Nutrition today to discuss details of your coaching session and check out the additional options Cultivated Kitchen has to offer! #groceryshopping #marketing #cultivatedkitchen #foodlabels #ingredientslists #sagenutrition #foodfear #rdchat #allfoodsfit Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating I feel like a big black hole in the intuitive eating movement and gent
West End, Vancouver
I feel like a big black hole in the intuitive eating movement and gentle nutrition is what to keep in mind when building our meals and snacks so we feel energised and with a pep in our step. . . I know it’s a muddy topic because we have to be mindful not to cross into diet thinking where it becomes all or nothing, good or bad, on the wagon/off the wagon. . . What do I think is key for feeling great? . . 🥬Quality sleep 🥬Enough water 🥬Enough protein 🥬Vegetables 🥬Enough carbs and fat 🥬Positive thinking 🥬Fun foods . . I put fun food on there because life is here to be lived and restricting certain foods can leave us dissatisfied and lead to a binge. . . Like a Chinese medicine proverb says - It’s better to eat the wrong food with the right attitude than the right food with the wrong attitude. . What else do you think needs to go on that list? Maybe nature, sunshine, exercise, meditation, friends & family?? Смотреть полностью
Chana Davis, PhD Do you want to learn about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) from
Do you want to learn about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) from a geneticist? . I happen to know someone who holds a PhD in genetics and is passionate about evidence-based education. . I’ll be tackling this topic tomorrow on my second Fearless Fridays live stream (9:30 am PST). I’ve been avoiding it because it’s so polarizing (with near religious zeal on both sides!) but I feel it’s time to do my part to set the record straight, and enable consumers to make truly informed decisions. . I want to be clear that while I have ultra deep knowledge of genetics and the tools we scientists use, I am still learning about their many applications in the food industry. My focus will be on understanding the tool. . Spoiler alert: We should be critically examining the pros and cons of the products of that tool rather than jumping on the tool itself! Any tool can be either a boon or a bust depending on how it is used. . Feel free to send me questions in advance. Please try to keep it civil! . PS I have no conflicts to declare - no allegiance to Monsanto or shares in GM foods! My agenda is fostering #factsnotfear through science. I want just as much as you to make the best decisions for myself, my three kids, my husband, and anyone else who follows my food lead! . . . #fueledbyscience #foodfear #evidencebased #evidencebasedmedicine #genetics #sciencemom #vancouvermom #genomebc Смотреть полностью
Nichole McCann Pretty meal prep for Instagram? Nah I don't have time for that. .This
Pretty meal prep for Instagram? Nah I don't have time for that. . This morning I decided to start trying to count calories again to see where my maintanence calories are at, so fingers crossed my brain plays nice 🤞 . #food #berries #frozenfruit #fruit #gymlife #liftinggirl #womenwholift #overcomingfoodfear #foodfear #gym #mealprep Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe A lot of things can sound scary when you use their chemical name. Thi
Dublin, Ireland
A lot of things can sound scary when you use their chemical name. This rule (Like all rules), just creates fear around food + introduces more restriction to our diet causing further damage to our relationship with food. If you want to repair your relationship with food, it’s helpful to begin identifying ‘food rules’ you have in place which shape how we eat every single day. These rules are learned over time from diet culture + can require some work to move away from. Avoiding food that you can’t pronounce may be one of them. What are your food rules? Смотреть полностью
♡ sloane ♡ WELLNESS COACH 🍳🙈I used to do something silly 👉🏼 I cooked my eggs with ju
Vanderbilt, Nashville
🍳🙈I used to do something silly 👉🏼 I cooked my eggs with just whites (scared of extra cals), just Pam spray (scared of fat), and without salt (scared of too much sodium) ❌sadly, along the way I was TAUGHT to fear these things...and boy was I missing out on some DELISH eggs for a little bit!! 😂 NOW I cook my eggs: WHOLE (loveeee me those B vitamins🤩), with a good amount of fat (either ghee or avocado oil for a high smoke point 🔥), and with tons of seasoning (cuz YUM🤪) ❤️❤️❤️ oh and it ususlaly sits upon @erewhonmarket paleo toast + spinach + salsa like THIS PLATE 😋🍽 😳food fear is real and it’s something that a lot of people experience. I get it and I’m here to say that there is nothing to fear! 🥰 stop counting calories, stop associating anxiety with food, start appreciating ALL ingredients, start eating based on what your bod is asking for, and always prioritize the best foods for your body, mind & soul💫🌻 MOST days that will probably look like yummy whole foods, and some days that will look like pizza + ice cream. BOTH SCENARIOS WORK👏🏼👏🏼 ‼️if this is something that you struggle with, feel free to DM me for more info on how you can work with me as your personal 1:1 wellness coach 🌟🌿🍓 #kaleandkravings Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN Is the fear of only eating “junk food” keeping you from letting go
Is the fear of only eating “junk food” keeping you from letting go of your food rules and diet filled thinking? 👇 While learning to allow all foods and listen to your body will include eating and exploring the foods that you may have previously restricted, it doesn’t mean ONLY eating those foods. Paying attention to how your body feels when you eat certain foods🍪🌮🥗 and adjusting what you do eat based on how that food makes you feel is the key. For example: I like pizza (🍕who doesn’t?!) BUT most pizza seriously leaves me feeling 🤢sick. I used to eat it regardless, several slices at a time and just deal with the feeling. Now, Instead of ordering out or making frozen pizzas- we make our own. Using the ingredients that make me feel good lets me truly enjoy pizza, without having a stomachache for the rest of the day. Am I stuck in a diet mindset because I don’t eat just any pizza? Not in the slightest. This is what food freedom is. Listening to our body and eating food that feels good both mentally AND physically and also tastes delicious. Смотреть полностью
Vietnam Grille
THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WRONG WITH THIS FOOD ## Last night, I had this awesome dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. But back when I did Weight Watchers, Paleo, intermittent fasting, juice cleanse - I would not have been able to have it because each one of them would have had some issue with it. ## 🛑 Weight Watchers - way too many points (=calories) to consume at one meal 🛑 Strict Paleo - fried spring rolls, rice noodles, peanuts? You kidding me. Nope. Can’t have it 🛑 Intermittent fasting - my fasting "window' used to be 8pm-noon but I ate this around 8:30 last night so I “failed” 🛑Juice cleanse - it's pretty obvious that this isn't a juice 😂 ## My life used to always be ruled by some kind of food limitations or restrictions. What I've found now is that I don't need them. ## ✅ I don't need to calculate points in my head, my stomach tells me when I'm full. ✅ I don't let the ⏰ tell me when it’s "okay" to eat. What if I missed my "window" and now it's 8:01, so that means I have to wait til noon? Just because the diet said so? ✅ I don't die if I have little bit of fried something. I don't eat fried food often because I simply don't like most fried things. These spring rolls though - yes! ## Do what works for YOUR body. That obviously also means avoiding things that make you physically sick or you have allergies to. Other than that - no need to follow a diet just because. Diets are not smarter than you! Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating One possible reason you can’t seem to lose those last few pounds/kil
Vancouver, British Columbia
One possible reason you can’t seem to lose those last few pounds/kilos: you don’t need to. . . Not every body can have visible abs and string bean legs and be able to maintain it and be healthy. Yes there are people who can achieve that pretty easily due to body type and genetics but that’s not everyone. . . Stop comparing your body to others - especially in the media and on the ‘gram. Maybe even do a digital detox and open your eyes to what people look like out there in the wild. We come in all shapes and sizes! . . It’s easy to say “stop comparing” but how do you achieve that? Call yourself out every time you speak negatively to yourself. Unpack those negative thoughts. Ask where that judgement is coming from. Are you worried what other people think of you? Are you worried you’re not attractive enough (by who’s standards)? Are you thinking other people are judging you? . . If you love your body and tell yourself you are beautiful you stop needing all that external validation. You don’t have to look any type of way for anyone. Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating My shocking #1 recommended way to control hunger: eat food... If yo
Stanley Park in Vancouver
My shocking #1 recommended way to control hunger: eat food. . . If you are hungry and a diet or coach is telling you to push through, chew gum, drink even more water or coffee ☕️ 🛑 🙅🏻‍♀️ . . If we ignore our hunger signals we are setting ourselves up for uncontrollable primal hunger and overeating. Fat loss doesn’t mean super human levels of willpower unless you are doing a bikini comp or something specific. . . “But Sveta, I ate all the food but I’m still hungry”. Troubleshooting: did you eat enough protein, did you eat veggies at every meal, are you eating too low carb or too low fat? Did you just do some epic soul crushing workout? Did you eat less the last couple of days? . . There are plenty of reasons why you might be hungrier than you expected. But if you’re hungry that means your body is telling you to eat! . . Leave a like if you agree! Tell me, are you comfortable listing to your hunger? Do you eat when hungry and stop when full? Смотреть полностью
Julie Rothenberg MS, RD, LDN We judge the heck out ourselves, others, our bodies, our food choices,
Julienergynutrition, LLC
We judge the heck out ourselves, others, our bodies, our food choices, our life choices etc! It’s enough already!!!!! . . When you’re eating a meal or snack and judging the heck out of it, you could end up uncomfortably full from a “regular” amount of food because you’re really full of the crap you’re telling yourself about your food. . . Stop filling up on judgment! It’s not putting anything but negativity into your body which doesn’t feel very “healthy” either. . . Fill up on foods your body craves with honor and respect and your bowels will thank you too. 💩 . . #eatingdisorderawareness #eatingdisordersupport #listentoyourbody #intuitiveeating #intuition #poop #foodfear #food #bingefree #bingeeating #bingeeatingrecovery #binge #restriction #anorexia #dietmentality #nondiet #antidiet #registereddietitian #dietitian #rd #miami #foodtherapy #julienergynutrition 🌻 Смотреть полностью
operation skin transformation Well I went to #aldiireland to pick up some #glutenfree products. I ha
Well I went to #aldiireland to pick up some #glutenfree products. I have no idea what I bought or what to do with them. But hopefully you good people of #instagram might be able to advise me #psoriasis #psoriasiswarrior #mentalhealth #positivevibes #gluten #glutenfree #diet #confused Смотреть полностью
Emily Murray, RD, LDN I remember back in the day when I first began recovery. All I wanted t
Nashville, Tennessee
I remember back in the day when I first began recovery. All I wanted to eat was PBJ sandwiches, chips, and desserts. Nothing else sounded appetizing. So I ate those things. But I was mad about it... boy was I mad. I remember saying to my therapist, “I have no idea what’s wrong with me the only things I can get myself to eat are chips, PBJs, and sweets!!! I’m so annoyed at myself.” And she gently said to me, “Maybe instead of judging this experience, you can show yourself some compassion and grace for where you are at right now in your journey, and remember that your body is telling you exactly what it needs. And by listening, you’re establishing trust. One day yes, you will probably have more variety in your diet. But you don’t right now, and that’s okay.” Many of you have asked me this, and I want to make it SUPER clear. It’s TOTALLY NORMAL to go through a “honeymoon phase” with carbs, sweets, (or whatever other food you have restricted in the past) when you first give yourself unconditional permission to eat that food. It’s TOTALLY NORMAL to crave that food more. It’s TOTALLY NORMAL to feel like those cravings are pretty high / intense. And it can feel scary, I get it. But the sooner you allow yourself to eat the foods you want, the sooner you will feel more “normal” around all foods. The sooner you will feel like you have a choice in the matter. The sooner you will have cravings for all sorts of foods. Believe me, I NEVER thought there would be a day when I craved vegetables. But it happened. Because I finally allowed my body to have the carbs it was so desperately deprived of. It would be super awesome if this process happened overnight. Or even over a week. But it takes time... usually at least 6 months, but sometimes longer. It depends on if you start off truly giving yourself unconditional permission, or if you ease yourself into it. It also depends on how deeply rooted you are in your eating disorder or diet culture at the beginning of the process. No matter how long it takes, hold on to this hope: It IS possible for you to feel “normal” around food. It IS possible to heal your relationship with food. But it starts here. It starts with permission. 💙 Смотреть полностью
🤩OᗩKᒪEY🤩ᑕOEᒪIᗩᑕ🍞ᕼᗩEᗰOᑭᕼIᒪIᗩᑕ💉 * B R E A K I N G * N E W S * I tried green grapes for the first time
Romford, United Kingdom
* B R E A K I N G * N E W S * I tried green grapes for the first time EVER and they are delicious! And then I was on a roll trying Avacado 🥑 (in a lump, not disguised or mashed in any way!) it was okay 😕Then I tried raw crunchy carrot 🥕 and a glacé cherry 🍒 and they weren’t too bad 😐 so I was feeling super brave and I tried a teeny tiny slice of a baby plum tomato 🍅 and in less than 5 milliseconds...🤮🤮🤮🤮 Mum was most surprised at my ability to throw up so much so fast! 😷 oops sorry mum! Keep those tomatoes away from me! (This is the before photo!) #fussykids #fussyeater #foodfear #foodavesion #coeliac #coeliackids #coeliacdisease #glutenfree #glutenfreekids Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating ☀️This sums up our weekend! Eating lunch while lying on the grass
Squamish, British Columbia
☀️This sums up our weekend! Eating lunch while lying on the grass in the spring sunshine . . ☀️ This is the lentil pasta I posted in my stories and honestly it can’t compete with regular gluten filled pasta, just a little too far on the wrong side of tasting like cardboard. . . ☀️ @jovialfoods makes a much better tasting gluten free pasta but not as high in protein. . . Did you get out into the sunshine this weekend? Also have you found a great gluten free pasta option? Plz comment because I want to try. Смотреть полностью
✨HEALTH💛COACH 👋Hey. Hi.👋 Hello. 👋⁣🙋🏻‍♀️⁣It’s been a few
👋Hey. Hi.👋 Hello. 👋⁣ 🙋🏻‍♀️⁣ It’s been a few weeks since I posted and it’s because this woman has been enjoying life, a growing business, and taking everything in as it comes.⁣ 😊⁣ I’m so happy to have recently brought on so many new wonderful women into my #StrengthThroughFoodFreedom movement. My signature online 1:1 coaching program. ⁣ 😊⁣ These women are looking to uplevel themselves through improving their relationship with food, rebuilding their fitness journeys through sustainable&effective methods, all while letting go of their old stories and building their new ones.⁣ 💃🏻⁣ Strength Through Food Freedom is all about saying goodbye to diet struggles, ridding the plaguing all or nothing mentality surrounding dieting and the gym, and learning to love the journey for each phase that life brings you through. ⁣ ❤️⁣ Say goodbye to your binge restrict cycle, and the war of you vs your body. ⁣ ❤️⁣ Learn what strength through #foodfreedom can give you both for your body, mind, and soul. ⁣ ❤️⁣ Say goodbye to the rules of #dietculture and finally be able to have the choice you deserve.⁣ ❤️⁣ Head to the link in my bio and send me a DM if you are ready to take control back from your struggles with food, your body, and the gym, today. ⁣ 💃🏻⁣ #BodyPositivity #BodyPositive #EveryBodyIsAgoodBody #BodyDysmorphiaBodyImage #HealthyBodyImage #PositiveBodyImage #BodyDiversity #HealthAtEverySize ##SelfLoveMovement #SelfLove #DietCulture #FoodFreedom #FoodFear #RecoveryJourney #WomenTribe #WomenEmpoweringWomen #nourishnotpunish #allfoodsfit #healthcoach #listentoyourbody #recoveryispossible #nondietapproach Смотреть полностью
Laura Ricks Enough snacks for a 2 day work trip to Switzerland? Last time it was s
Enough snacks for a 2 day work trip to Switzerland? Last time it was so hard to find food and especially awkward when travelling for work #anxiety #foodfear #glutenfree #coealiac #coaliactravel @marksandspencer @nairnsoatcakes @nature_valley @scharglutenfreeuk Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN Whether you use the regular, real, full fat thing or an alternative ve
Whether you use the regular, real, full fat thing or an alternative version- they can both be smart choices! Want to know what is NOT 🚫smart? Using something low cal (or fat or carb or other "healthier” alternative) when you REALLY want and are craving the real 🍩thing. 👉You are allowed to make the decision to use WHATEVER you want, eat however you want and determine what tastes good to you and what makes you feel good. When you try to replace the thing you are craving with something that you think or are told is healthier, just for that reason, you are bound to be unsatisfied. 🤨I’m not sure about you, but when I am unsatisfied with what I eat, I often find myself eating more and more of something else to try to fulfill that satisfaction. 🌟In this space of non-diet or intuitive eating the message of “If its not the original treat, you are doing it wrong” gets put out there. Don’t let that message (just like the message of diet culture) sway you from really finding out what you like and what feels good to you. 🙋🏻‍♀️I’m a fan of the non-fat greek yogurt- I use it all the time in place of sour cream! I’m not afraid to admit it, because that is what tastes and feels good to me. Diet culture doesn’t own it. . ✨✨What is a food that might have a bad “diet rep” that you enjoy and feels good to you?!?👇 Смотреть полностью
Megan Etherden Cant lie, today has sucked. Actually, today has been torture.I woke
Cant lie, today has sucked. Actually, today has been torture. I woke up this morning, feeling beyond guilty for the food I ate yesterday, trying to remember that 'you're looking better' does not mean 'you're looking fatter', I tried to ignore my invasive thoughts and continued to challenge myself today- what a mistake. I've spent the majority of today curled up in tears, fighting with my thoughts, hot water bottle cuddled to my stomach, stuffing my face with food I'm terrified of. This whole process is so confusing. I did a full day of eating today, otherwise there is no way I would have carried on eating. Regardless of how ive been feeling, I continued to challenge myself with fear foods throughout the day because I dont want to be stuck in the vicious cycle forever. This has to start getting easier soon. #anorexiarecovery #anorexia #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorderawareness #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #anrecovery #foodfear #foodguilt #fulldayofeating #mirrordecal #todayhasbeensohard #anorexiarefeeding #anorexiarecoverymealplan #mentalillness #mentalhealth #cuddlytoy #yourebeautiful #eatnatural #eatnaturalbars #eatnaturalapricotanyogurt #eatnaturalfruitandnut #fruitandnutbars #poweredbypeanuts Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN Don’t waste away another Sunday furiously cleaning your cupboards, e
Don’t waste away another Sunday furiously cleaning your cupboards, eating your “last supper” and prepping every ounce and morsel you will allow yourself to eat for the next week. . . Go out in the ☀️ Spend time with your family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Prepare delicious foods so that you don’t need to worry and stress about “what’s for dinner” for the next few days🥙🍔 Meet a friend for some ice cream and walk🍦🏃🏽‍♀️ . . . 🌞Just like Sunday doesn’t have to be getting ready for a new diet, Monday can be just another day. A fresh new start to treat yourself right, eat and move to feel good, and do whatever makes you happy.🌺 Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating Happy weekend pals! We have been hitting up Home Depot lately because
The Home Depot
Happy weekend pals! We have been hitting up Home Depot lately because we are working on hitting our our new van for living in 😄 Doing anything cool or eating anything extra special this weekend? Brunch plans? We are in Squamish doing our usual, climbing! Смотреть полностью
Wendie Taylor, MBA, RDN Were you a member of the “Clean Plate Club” growing up? 🙋🏻
Greenville, South Carolina
Were you a member of the “Clean Plate Club” growing up? 🙋🏻‍♀️ . . I know I was always told I couldn’t get up from the table unless I cleaned my plate....and DEFINITELY no dessert until I had. 😳 . . Our parents were just trying to be 💯. They didn’t realize it..heck, they learned it from their parents! . . Clear that plate. . Don’t eat too much dessert. . Have a salad instead of pizza 🍕 . Did those comments ever extend beyond food to weight? . “That outfit would look beautiful on you if you would just lose a few pounds” . “If you wanted to, you could fit into a smaller dress by prom”. . . These types of #foodrules are meant to restrict what a person eats which sends us into the diet/restriction cycle 🤦🏽‍♀️ which is nearly impossible to break on your own. . . I work with many clients to undo all the years of food rules and eating behaviors that are not serving them from being their best self 😘🙏🏼 . . Sometimes it can be challenging to see where a #habit or idea of how things “should be” started.... . . Were your parents dieters? 🤷🏻‍♀️ where did you first learn food rules? Want to dig deeper and research more about what food rules you have set for yourself as an adult? Check out the link in my bio 🍪🥦🍓🍕 Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating 💛Spring is here which means we are nearly fully submerged in cellul
Fingal Bay
💛Spring is here which means we are nearly fully submerged in cellulite re-acceptance season! . . It’s the time of year we ditch the leg prisons in favour of sunshine on our kneecaps! . . I recommend all the ladies who read this to immediately go and download @unladylikemedia episode Embracing Swimsuit Season. It’s my version of “getting bikini body ready” 😎 . . The pep talk was highly welcome and there are so many GEMS 💎 to get you thinking about body love and running around in your swimsuit with the careless abandon you had as a toddler. . . Tell me in the comments if you’re downloading the episode excitedly as you type. Also tell me: bikini or one piece? . . One more thing! Hop onto my email list (link in my profile) for more body love, emotional eating, nutrition talk 💛 Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN Do you often end a meal, thinking “ugh, I wish I hadn’t eaten so m
Do you often end a meal, thinking “ugh, I wish I hadn’t eaten so much!”? 😣 . 👉Maybe this overeating causes you to stress and feel guilty and overwhelmed, vowing to eat less later in the day or start that new diet you have been reading about to make yourself eat less. . 👉Or, maybe this overeating just causes you physical discomfort, leaving you sluggish, tired, and just “ugh” feeling the next hour or so. . By learning how to feel our fullness, and get over the hurdles we may have to HONOR this fullness, we can work at feeling better ✨BOTH✨ physically and mentally. I mean, overeating at times is expected and fine💁🏻‍♀️. I pretty much always overeat on holidays at my parents house or when my husband and I actually get to go out on date nights💃🕺🏼. But feeling stuffed and uncomfortable on a daily basis is not fun, does not serve our bodies or our minds well, and can create ripples in the improvement of our relationship with food and our bodies. . . 💕We will be working on feeling out fullness in my ⚡️FREE ⚡️Overcome Overeating Challenge begining May 13! Head to the link in my bio to sign up! Смотреть полностью
NADIA FELSCH NUTRITION (BHSc) ‼️❓Do you avoid sugar? ⁣⁣❓Are you always scanning the su
Mosman, New South Wales, Australia
‼️❓Do you avoid sugar? ⁣ ⁣ ❓Are you always scanning the sugar content of foods you eat to determine if they’re “ok?” ⁣ ⁣ ❓Do you have a pantry full of low-sugar and sugar replacement products?⁣ ⁣ ❓Are you scared of sugar and don’t even recognise the engrained (and unfounded) fear?⁣ ⁣ You’re not alone. And this is just one myth that I explore in a guest post over @saintbelford ’s blog. ⁣ Go check out the full post.⁣ ⁣ On the sugar front, let’s look at the science.⁣ ⁣ Carbohydrates (all of them) break down to sugar in the body. That’s what glucose is.⁣ ⁣ And that glucose is how our body runs.⁣ ⁣ Our body does not discriminate between sugar types as shitty marketing would have you believe.⁣ ⁣ In other words, the sugar in fruit and the sugar in chocolate break down to the same sugar molecules inside your body.⁣ ⁣ The difference in this example is that the fibre in fruit, slows the release of that sugar into your bloodstream. This provides for less of a “sugar rush” than would be expected after eating chocolate and a more even blood sugar level.⁣ ⁣ Rice malt syrup vs honey for example = no difference. They’re sugar.⁣ ⁣ Except that you’re likely to over-eat the former as it tastes substantially less sweet than the latter.⁣ ⁣ What’s crucial however is that neither fruit, chocolate or honey should be demonised.⁣ ⁣ All of them can fit into someone’s healthy diet should they choose and prefer to eat them.⁣ ⁣ Whilst yes, a vast proportion of the world consume high volumes of “added sugar” that we simply don’t require in the form of processed foods and drinks, this same population does not tend to consume a balanced and nourishing all-round diet.⁣ ⁣ One molecule is not the reason for their health status and related illnesses.⁣ ⁣ Rather, everything that they eat, don’t eat, think about, don’t do and do is responsible.⁣ ⁣ Fear not about sugar because guess what? Sugar is in vegetables too. Yep.⁣ ⁣ As always, refocus that fear into cultivating what your body feels like. Get in touch with how your body likes to be fuelled to feel your best. ⁣ ⁣ Isn’t that a better aim than food fear? Смотреть полностью
NOURISH Mind + Body Nutrition 🧐FRIDAY FINDS 🧐..I wasn’t going to post this product - but
🧐FRIDAY FINDS 🧐 . . I wasn’t going to post this product - but I thought I’d explain it rather than just ignore it... . . In the past I would have pounced on a “no sugar” product because I thought sugar was the devil. This came from a place of food fear, orthorexic-like health obsessions and wellness wankery. . . I want to make it VERY clear that I bought this product not because I’m afraid of sugar, and not because there is anything wrong with sugar. BUT there are times in life where, for whatever (usually medical) reason we can’t eat what we would normally eat. For me, this is one of those times with gestational diabetes. I am grateful for products that won’t spike my blood sugar levels but still allow me to eat something sweet (I’m a HUGE sweet tooth). . . When I am able to TRULY eat intuitively again, I will. I never want to “need” to look at a food label again - it goes against everything I believe in and value. But for now, it is necessary - and I have to trust that I can still be as intuitive as possible while also looking after my health and the health of my baby. . . So, these Noshu products are my compromise. The brownies are delicious and I’m really excited to bake these cookies today! Their donuts are also amazingly yummy, and their Funfetti cakes are pretty good 🤤 . . When restricting food of any kind, it’s the INTENTION that truly matters - being intuitive means listening to what your body needs AT THAT TIME. And this will always be changing. If you can have sugar, eat full-sugar cookies. Please! But if you can’t for a medical reason, these are a nice alternative 🙌🏻 . . #mindbodynutrition #eatingpsychologycoach #brisbanenutritionist #nutritionist #fridayfinds #gestationaldiabetes #foodfreedom #intuitiveeating #wellnessculture #wellnesswankery #sugarisnottheenemy #foodrestrictions #foodfear #orthorexiarecovery Смотреть полностью
Writer of joyful musings ✨ You are worthy..YOU are worthy..YOU ARE WORTHY..When we continuo
Sydney, Australia
You are worthy. . YOU are worthy. . YOU ARE WORTHY. . When we continuously speak hurtful things over ourselves, eventually we start to believe them. Even if they are lies. Or said in jest. Or something someone else told us. . We must fight to not just SEE but DECLARE the goodness in ourselves. Speak it out until it's impossible not to acknowledge it. And delight in it. . Encouragement breathes life into the soul. Lies and insults only plant seeds of destruction. . Be your own ally. . Fight for yourself. . Know: You. Are. Worthy. . #sydneyblogger #edrecovery #healthateverysize #feminism #selflove #bodypositivity #loveyourself #haes #antidiet #antidietproject #effyourbeautystandards #bodylove #selfworth #selfcare #bekind #allbodiesaregoodbodies #dietingsucks #foodguilt #foodfear #dietculture #eatingdisorder #youareworthy Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating Eating intuitively according to our hunger and satiety signals is kül
Whole Foods Market
Eating intuitively according to our hunger and satiety signals is kül but it can’t stand alone without some basic nutritional knowledge about food. . . Food quality is important for getting the most from the food we eat. There are so many product options out there and some are better for us than others. If it’s a quick swap for a less processed and more nutrient dense option isn’t that a no-brainer? . . There’s a few things I’m pretty strict on avoiding - stuff like hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup. It’s really not too difficult if I read the label. . . . Things can get tricky where our previous diet rules tell us that eating only the most nutritious food is the only way to eat and turns it into an all or nothing mentality of deprivation. We get so hung up on the minutiae that it can stress us out and stop us from enjoying certain family gatherings or days out. . . Hit the link in my bio to get on my email list where I’m going to be talking more on this topic! . . Tell me in the comments if you ever thought you’ve taken “healthy” “clean” “perfect” eating a little too far. Or have you always been able to enjoy your food in moderation without obsessing or guilt? (Lucky you 😂) Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN I love books. They can teach us so much and make us think in ways we n
I love books. They can teach us so much and make us think in ways we never have before. But the problem with books and how-to’s and following a hashtag on social media is that it makes us think there is one way to do something. If we’re not doing it that one way, it must not be right. . I am finding the social media scene to be somewhat of a mean girl lately. If you are not doing food freedom or intuitive eating or giving up diet culture by the book, then you’re wrong. This is so far from the reality, it is beyond frustrating. . . 👉If making the shift from diet mindset to ✨attuned eating✨ means you follow a meal plan for awhile then that’s what we do. If nutrition is still important to you, you don’t have to let it all go while you work on allowing other foods. If you are frustrated, fearful of failure, or turned off by the “rules” that you see thrown at you online, you’re not alone. Just remember, there are many different paths out of diet culture. . . Want individual and personalized guidance and support on your path to food freedom and healthy, diet-free living? ✨DM me to set up your free discovery call to talk about what that path might look like for you💜 Смотреть полностью
Mahsa Rahbari/مهسا رهبري There are far too much food fear around these days. And this is becaus
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There are far too much food fear around these days. And this is because there is so much misinformation out there with so many people claiming that their know their 💩and they mislead people with their wrong beliefs and personal biases.😤⁣ ⠀⁣ ✅Everyone has the right to choose the path they wish to follow when it comes to nutrition. But my problem is with people who claim to have the knowledge about nutrition and have zero evidence to prove their 💩 is based on science.🤯⁣ ⠀⁣ Let’s talk about food. There are amazing, nutritious food like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish and etc and there are also fun, delicious food and of course less optimal to eat like donuts, sweets, cakes, ice cream and etc.⁣ ⁣ ✅None of these are bad for you and how much of each you eat is up to you.⁣ As long as you understand the consequences of your actions.⁣ ⁣ For example if most of your food you eat is those fun and less optimal food then you will probably end of with some health issues. Also same if you don’t allow yourself to enjoy those fun food because you are afraid of eating them and you feel guilty then again you will and up having some health issues mentally and physically and you will develop a bad relationship with food.😥⁣ ⠀⁣ ✅So stop worrying about the sugar, carbs, fat, etc. keep things in moderation. Eat the food you love and enjoy and make sure you also pay attention to your overall health. Don’t beat yourself up over an ice cream or a cookie. ⁣ ⁣ ✅None Of These Are Bad For You!⠀⁣ ⠀⁣ 💪If you want to lose fat, you just need to eat in a deficit. If you want to lose fat and be physiologically healthy, eat in a deficit and make sure to eat nutrient dense food as well. ⁣ ⁣ ⚠️Warning⁣ Things we read about nutrition and fitness on the internet are rarely useful, often stupid and full of bullshit. And that’s because they usually completely lack context.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #foodfear #goodfood #badfood #carbs #moderation #virginactiveuk #mayfair #virginactivemayfair #foodlover #london #carbs #fat #sugar #vegetables #donuts #caloriedeficit #calories #weightloss #science #thepainterpt #youranidiot #fatburner #hearbalife #detox #nutritionist #evidencebased #evidencebasednutrition Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating It’s just a cookie. ..Just a cookie. ..A cookie. ..Cookie...
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It’s just a cookie. . . Just a cookie. . . A cookie. . . Cookie. . . Wanted it. Savoured it. Enjoyed it. Ate it. Moved on. 👏 👏 👏 Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN Have you ever found yourself caught in this cycle of restriction, bing
Have you ever found yourself caught in this cycle of restriction, binging and guilt? The natural response of our bodies when we restrict is overcompensation. . 💜You are not defective. . 🧡It is not your lack of willpower. . 💚It is the natural process of your body (and my body and your neighbor’s body) to want what it can’t have and make up for what it has perceived as lost. . 💥End the cycle💥 . ✨My FREE Overcome Overeating Challenge beings May 13- If overeating (or your perception of overeating) is keeping you from a health relationship with food and your body and putting you on the fast track to another diet, then this challenge is FOR YOU! Head to the link in my bio to sign up! 👉 Смотреть полностью
Stef B Anxiety Free🦋 I try not to be angry but sometimes I am ✨I try to accept all that
I try not to be angry but sometimes I am ✨ I try to accept all that is but sometimes I don’t ✨ Sometimes I fall off track ✨ Sometimes my ego bursts out screaming ✨ Sometimes my emotions come forth ✨ This is normal down the healing path ✨ When our bodies cleanse our soul does as well ✨ Did you know our livers can get emotional too?! This happens when it get overburdened, overworked and stressed. Our livers take on many jobs for keeping our bodies well. ✨ Our livers also hold onto our past emotions and stress ✨ They have the ability to store our stress from the exact time we were in contact with any harmful substance. So as it purges the toxins it releases the emotional wound from that moment. ✨ So if you wonder as you heal why old issues come up out of the blue. This could be why. ✨ Thank you @Medical Medium & Spirit for this information🙏🏻 ✨ When these issues come up, dive into them, let go of all the emotional scars to make room for more love ✨ love you body. Love yourself and show your liver some Love ✨ Tell it I’m sorry for not taking care of you the way I should’ve. tell it I’m here for you now. show it the compassion it deserves, for all the roles it plays, and hard work it does to keep you well. nourish it with healing food and love. #chronicillness #mentalillness #mentalhealth #medicalmedium #medicalmediumcommunity #support #recovery #chronicillnesssupport #mentalillnessrecovery #addiction #addictionrecovery #fooddisorder #edrecovery #loveyourself #foodfear #foodphobia #liverhealth #emotionalsupport #energyhealer #coach #newenergy #alchemy #holistichealing #health #naturalhealing #healingwithfood #acceptyourself #trustyourself #love #healingpath Смотреть полностью
Bethany Langland Hey, remember reading...”don’t eat after 9 PM because everything y
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Hey, remember reading...”don’t eat after 9 PM because everything you eat at night doesn’t digest and it sits in your stomach and just turns into fat because you’re not using those calories”...or something of this nature?—Okay, we’ll number 1...completely disregard this nonsense because it’s inaccurate. Number 2...if you’re hungry—FREAKING EAT!!! Happy Wednesday!💕💕 Смотреть полностью
Laura Zinck / Fitness Coach Sooooo, ya know how Beyonce basically lived off ice cubes to get ready
Sooooo, ya know how Beyonce basically lived off ice cubes to get ready for Coachella?⁣ ⁣ In all seriousness though.....⁣ ⁣ She gave up bread, carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, fish, and alcohol....that sounds fun.....??⁣ ⁣ Direct quote from Queen B herself.... “In order for me to meet my goal, I’m limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol, and I’m hungry.”⁣ ⁣ You don't say?! 🤷🏻‍♀️⁣ ⁣ It is actually ASTONISHING to me that she literally has UNLIMITED resources and still thinks this is how life has to be to lose weight 🤦🏻‍♀️⁣ ⁣ That NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON in her life chimed in to say 'hey, girl, shit doesn't have to be this hard'.....⁣ ⁣ There are SO many young girls that look up to her that now think this is what you have to do.....not to mention the deprivation she put herself through....⁣ ⁣ I can only imagine how many people have googled her diet in a legitimate attempt to do the same thing because they do no research of their own....⁣ ⁣ So, I'm begging you, PLEASE, PLEASE don't think this is what you have to do to reach your goals! ⁣ ⁣ You DO NOT have to GIVE UP ANYTHING! ⁣ ⁣ You can find that balance and actually enjoy your life!⁣ ⁣ Are you sick of fad diets?! Let me know in the comments! 💜⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #foodfreedom #healthandfitnesscoach #macrocoach #flexiblediet #healthyhabits #balancednotclean #ditchthediet # Смотреть полностью
Kersten Kimura PhD, NASM CPT What makes a diet successful? -
What makes a diet successful? - "You lose weight" would be the first answer that most people give. ## But we don't often think about the side effects that may come with it. ## I once talked to a woman who said that she quit all carbs and sugar, including fruit, and she dropped a lot of weight! She looked awesome and got compliments left and right. ## But she also had never ending brain fog, constant cravings and her workouts were crap because she had no energy. As we were talking, she wasn't on this diet anymore because, well, it was hard to sustain 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔 ## I'd argue that in *most* (not all) cases, it's not difficult to lose weight. You just have to take in as few calories as possible. Do keto, a juice cleanse, run 20K a day and for a while, you really do lose weight. Nothing magical about this diet, you just took in less energy than you spent. ## But nothing extreme lasts. We try to hate our bodies to lose weight, but they're still trying to protect us by sending us signs: I'm not doing great, please stop this nonsense and give me some food! ## If you really want to be healthy, you may have to accept the fact that you won't walk around with washboard abs. But you have your sanity and the freedom to eat and move the way you like, you're feeling healthy and your workouts feel strong. ## Today is the last day to join the mindful eating challenge - click the link in my bio if interested! Смотреть полностью
Eating Psychology Clinic How old were you when you learned about good and bad food?I feel I m
How old were you when you learned about good and bad food? I feel I might have been 12. I remember mum doing apples diet, potatoes diet, cabbage soup diet. I remember mum talking about her thighs and her legs. The other day, I was talking to a beautiful friend of mine as she was eating few pieces of halloumi and said: Oh I love halloumi, a guilt pleasure. I was surprised as I eat it almost every day 😅 I never even had the idea of seeing it as guilty pleasure. This shows me how much our ideas about bad and good food personal and we are creating our own food rules - and there is not always logic to it. I am really looking forward to speaking about what is healthy and how to eat healthy in a way that comes easy and naturally to us on Sunday during our live call in the members club - you can still join us! - link in bio. #dietconfusion #goodfriday #allfoodisgoodfood #foodrules #foodfear #healthgoals #healthyeatingtips #healthyfood #foodaddiction #dietsucks #ditchthediet #dietindustrydropout #nomorediets #nodiet #eatingpsychology #foodpeace #MindfoodnessMembersClub Смотреть полностью
Real food, intuitive eating Do you get home after a day at work or running around doing stuff all
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Do you get home after a day at work or running around doing stuff all day and dive head first into the first food that has the pleasure of standing in your way. . . This used to always happen to me. I thought I just had no willpower or had insatiable cravings. But why? . . It’s so easy to ignore hunger during the day. That tea, coffee, gum, a mint, all the water, or busy-ness are masking that what you really need is some food or hiding that the meal you ate really wasn’t substantial enough. . . That primal hunger kicked in for me as I got home and relaxed, it was telling me to EAT all the things - crunchy stuff was my downfall. . . Once I started making sure my meals were substantial enough with protein, fat and carbs the cravings for snacks or out of control nightly eating didn’t happen so much. When they did I looked back on my day and knew I ignored my hunger. . . Is stopping your snacking at night something you are working on? Have you arrived home after a long day only to eat the entire house? Do you like to nibble on stuff throughout the day or have 3 squares? Смотреть полностью
Kelsey Lorencz RDN You start your diet on top of the freaking world.🙋🏻‍♀️You
You start your diet on top of the freaking world.🙋🏻‍♀️You CAN DO THIS. You feel good. You are receiving praise from family, friends, coworkers- all excited for you to change your life. . You do good, sticking to the plan for one week, one months, maybe even 2-3 months. But at some point, the restriction gets to be too much and you just give in. You have that donut🍩, then another. You order and eat a pizza🍕, and eat it angrily, but deep down enjoying the freedom of eating what you actually wanted. You eat a candy bar🍫, then another and another🍫🍫. . No matter WHAT the diet (or “lifestyle” program”) promises you, it is bound to end in a binge. For a time, you let go of the diet rules, but hold onto the guilt and shame that you just couldn’t do it. 😣 I have said it before, but I will say it again💁🏻‍♀️. It is NOT you. It is the diet. ANY period of restriction 🚫will cause you to slingshot into a stage of binging or overeating to make up for it. Restriction is ONE of the causes of overeating, along with many more. . Join me in my 💥FREE 💥5 day Overcome Overeating Challenge to dive into the reasons we overeat and take personal action to work on your own struggles. ✨The challenge beings May 13, But don’t wait to sign up! 👉Head to the link in my bio to join! Смотреть полностью