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Bethany Langland Your life is worth more than reaching a number on a scale. You have AM
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Your life is worth more than reaching a number on a scale. You have AMAZING talents and callings that the people around you and this Universe need!! Don’t be distracted or misguided in this life, this ONE LIFE, that losing that extra fat or baby weight is THAT important that you’re missing out on what God is actually calling you to do!! He did NOT put you on this earth to lose weight. He did NOT create you to consistently hate your body. He did NOT create you to disregard the talents he’s placed inside of you because the constant fear and anxiety of food. SISTER, YOU...RIGHT NOW in this moment, are ENOUGH!!!!!! Смотреть полностью
Pushen_recovery #nightsnack Cette aprem j’ai sport j’aime pas trop ça j’ai hâ
#nightsnack Cette aprem j’ai sport j’aime pas trop ça j’ai hâte d’être ce soir être tranquille chez moi DORMIR demain on va avec ma maman faire le shopping de Noël j’espère que tout se passera bien ❤️✨ -matin: gâteau moelleux abricot -midi: céleri rémoulade +taboulé+ salade 🥗 J’ai tellement mon ventre qui gargouille je suis ballonnée je suis constipée je crois j’aime vraiment pas ça je me sens pas très bien 😓😓si vous avez des conseils dites les en commentaire ❤️😘 #minniemaud #eatingsounds #asmrfood #foodblogeats #twix #twixlife #bretzel #ancel #foodporn #giantfood #foodfear #anorexiarecovery Смотреть полностью
♡ sloane elizabeth 💥‼️🤗SUPER SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT IS HERE🎁❤️ introducing
💥‼️🤗SUPER SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT IS HERE🎁❤️ introducing your ultime guide to love, light & abundance this holiday season 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 K&K’s Holiday Wellness Guide AND Facebook tribe! 👫👏🏼 head to the link in my bio 🔗 for your FREE 20 page download (***must use code: ITSFREE at checkout***) and access to the Facebook group!! ••❤️••❤️••❤️•• so a couple of weeks ago I asked you all if you were worried about your health & wellness this holiday season, and I simply couldn’t ignore the results. I know what it’s like to feel anxious around found, stressed about missing a workout, and annoyed at nosy family members🙈 that’s why I decided (like 48 hours ago lol) to create this FREE resource for you all!! please head to my website to download it and SHARE with your friends! 🥰🥰🥰 ••❤️••❤️••❤️•• I am always looking for ways to connect MORE outside the lines of this little thing we call an iPhone...SO I’ve created 💚K&K’s HOLIDAY WELLNESS TRIBE Facebook group💚 for us all to connect in!! I’ll be hopping on for live video chat support calls to give you even more insight into how to be WELL this holiday season 🤩✨🤩✨ I cannot wait to meet and connect with you all 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 join the group by clicking the link in bio!! Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe Day 6: Discover the satisfaction factor.Our diet-obsessed culture te
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Day 6: Discover the satisfaction factor. Our diet-obsessed culture tends to overlook the pleasure of eating. We eat what we’re told is ‘good’ for us despite not enjoying it. The problem is you will probably never feel satisfied eating foods you don’t enjoy 🤷🏼‍♀️. The satisfaction factor is about noticing + appreciating the taste + texture of food in a suitable environment. When we are satisfied with our meals everything falls into place. Have you ever asked yourself what you like to eat? Have you asked yourself what feels good to eat? To feel satisfied you have to bring pleasure back into eating. When you make eating a pleasurable experience you may also find it actually takes less food to satisfy you 🤪. There is no need to swap foods for a ‘healthier’ alternative that you don’t enjoy over Christmas. If you want the cake, eat the cake! Chances are you’ll end up eating the cake regardless to satisfy yourself 🤷🏼‍♀️ Смотреть полностью
🔥Jassy Chia🔥 FOOD FEARA large part of my job as a nutrition coach is empowering m
FOOD FEAR A large part of my job as a nutrition coach is empowering my clients with knowledge to overcome food fears. Bikini girls who haven't touched bread in 3 yrs, mom's who miss out on family pizza nights & females who get anxiety about going out to a restaurant or social function. Restrict/binge/guilt/repeat. The reasons often run much deeper than a fear of being/getting fat. Food fear is real, all-to-common & can have long term psychological and sociological impacts. Overcoming it is a gradual process- don't deal with alone! Be kind to yourself ❤ #lastingfatloss #nutritioncoach #onlinecoach #nutrition #health #foodfear #teamironmaiden #theironmaiden Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe Lazy Sunday mornings.This morning I’m snacking on some fresh sourd
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Lazy Sunday mornings. This morning I’m snacking on some fresh sourdough bread 🥖 from the most amazing bakery across the road from my house 😍 topped with some vego chocolate spread + banana. In clinic, a common question I receive is around bread + whether it is ‘bad’ for our health. My answer... bread can absolutely be included as part of a balanced diet. Remember all food fits. My personal favourite toppings are some nut butter + banana 🍌, avocado 🥑 mashed with seeds, peanut butter + jelly or hummus. Get creative with your toast toppings for a quick breakfast to grab on the go + let me know your favourites below 😍👇🏼. Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe Day 5: Feel Your FullnessDieting can make us feel like we have to ea
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Day 5: Feel Your Fullness Dieting can make us feel like we have to eat at meal times when it’s ‘allowed’, which can lead to eating past the point of fullness to avoid leaving any food behind. This habit eventually disconnects us from our hunger + satiety queues. It can take some time to rebuild them but it is possible. Start listening for signals that tell you you’re full. Look for subtle sensations of fullness in your stomach. Could you walk away from that meal feeling satisfied? Do you feel energized after the meal? With dieting comes restriction + certain foods are often ‘prohibited’. With intuitive eating, you have the freedom to put together a meal that you like + that your body wants. Part of the process is finding ways to create those balanced meals that keep you feeling full. You may find a bowl of pasta doesn’t fill you for as long as if you were to add a piece of chicken/fish/tofu. Adding a couple of eggs to some toast can also help with fullness for example. Find what works for you + practice paying attention to how the food makes you feel. During meal times, try to actually concentrate on the food. Focus on what it tastes like, smells like + the texture. Often when we are scrolling through our phone or watching TV we aren’t paying attention to our plate. Slow it down + pay attention. Tomorrow we will focus on finding the satisfaction factor with food something which so many of us are constantly searching for 😜. Смотреть полностью
MindFoodNess Sometimes we just end up eating without experiencing physical hunger:
Sometimes we just end up eating without experiencing physical hunger: like when it is your birthday and you already had a full meal. Usually by the time it is cake time, you are not experiencing hunger. And some people even say that it is emotional eating - why become a birthday cake and we associate emotions, feelings and memories with it. During the holiday season we might find out selves in these situations more often than usual. There are a lot of celebrations, parties, gatherings, Christmas meals. And that is ok. That one month or the few weeks in the year won't make a big difference to your health. Fear and anxiety around food causes more issues than the food itself. If you have thoughts popping up telling you you didn't eat healthy, remember that obsessing and overthinking is not healthy either. Enjoy your food fully. Be grateful for having this abundance and remember Christmas time will be over faster than we think and then it is back to "normal" again. Might as well be present and love every precious moment. 📸: my boyfriend made this for me yesterday. Yum 😋🤤 Смотреть полностью
Pushen_recovery NIGHTSNACK 🌙 😋Je ne savais pas quoi prendre j’ai donc pris d
NIGHTSNACK 🌙 😋 Je ne savais pas quoi prendre j’ai donc pris d’abord deux kinder countries et puis tout plein de 🥨 ❤️ N’écouter que ses envies 😘 - - - - #minniemaud #eatingsounds #asmrfood #foodblogeats #twix #twixlife #bretzel #ancel #foodporn #giantfood #foodfear #anorexiarecovery Смотреть полностью
Orenda Wellness What’s this? #foodfear challenge inspired by @eimearrosenicholl and
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What’s this? #foodfear challenge inspired by @eimearrosenicholl and @thedai lyworth . I stayed at a hotel last night because of a house party going on in my home where I’m renting a suite. I made today my rest day, although I did a mini 20 min #somefingsomefing at the gym here. I didn’t sleep well, and woke up hungry. Usually I’d be really anxious getting up without a 5-AM start, but I planned ahead mentally, and I’m working with my therapist on retraining myself out of the stress-response mode that I’ve been living in. #polyvagaltheory #vagusnerve #somaticexperiencing shit 👌🏻. . . . This is what remains of breakfast that I ordered which is big for me: letting someone else cook for me and feeling “safe” with it. Sooooo I’ve never had #eggsbenny and have never taken part in #brunchculture but that #hollandaise in hashtags looks so good and Ho requested À bit (autocorrect prompted this and mami like) on the side. . . . Verdict: #notallheroeswearcapes . If asked “how do you like your hollandaise sauce?” I’d reply: “with a spoon.” I didn’thave much of it, but the act of trying it is in and of itself big. #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealth Смотреть полностью
Private Online Dietitian ✨I commonly hear
✨I commonly hear "sugar is bad", "sugar causes cancer". It's NOT the enemy! . Not only is cutting out sugar near impossible, it removes a whole group of foods that are there for satisfaction and the joy of eating🍫🍪🍩🍿🍰🧁🍦🍨. It will likely backfire at some point, resulting in a feeling of being out of control and bingeing on the sugary foods! . For those that struggle with their relationship with food and resonate with swinging between restriction and bingeing, giving yourself permission to eat these foods, can remove the intense desire of wanting to eat them. Ultimately, allowing some sugar foods into your life in moderation, can reduce prevent the constant swinging from restriction to bingeing. . 👩🏻‍🏫I have teamed up with Registered Dietitians Rav, Penny and Vicky @spoonfulofscience who have busted the myth around sugar and cancer. Here is what they have to say: . "There’s no evidence that following a “sugar-free” diet lowers the risk of getting cancer, or boosts the chances of surviving if you are diagnosed with cancer. . 🦠All cells (healthy or cancer) need glucose & there’s no way of telling our bodies what cells to direct the sugar to." . 🍬What about artificial sweeteners and cancer? There is no strong evidence in humans to suggest that artificially sweetened low-calorie drinks, such as diet soft drinks, are a cause of cancer. Earlier cancer scares linked with certain sweeteners have been discredited. . 🍭Their favourite resources for diet & lifestyle in cancer are produced by the world cancer research fund @wcrfuk. You can follow Registered Dietitians Vicky, Penny & Rav @spoonfulofscience for more information on other diets & cancer. . Thank you! 💕 Смотреть полностью
Recovery Diary Ciao ragazze, com'è andato il pomeriggio?Io sono stata impegnatissim
Ciao ragazze, com'è andato il pomeriggio? Io sono stata impegnatissima a spadellare per me e per quell'ingrata di mia sorella, ma ne è valsa la pena, la cena era WOW!😍 Questa è solo una parte, sono chips di cavolo nero #RICETTA : - sciacquare sotto l'acqua corrente delle foglie di cavolo nero -porle su una teglia coperta di carta da forno -infornare a 180° per 5 minuti, di più se le foglie sono più carnose (controllare dopo 5 minuti toccandole. Devono essere croccanti) Se si preferisce si può anche recidere la parte di gambo centrale😉 #dinner #healthydinner #healthyfood #fooddiary #eddiary #diarioalimentare #lovecooking #stopana #foodfear #ihatemybody #anorexia #selfcare #cavolonero #chips #homemade #recipe #healthyrecipe #dca #eatingdisorder #recovery #bodyfight #weightfight #tca #fearfood #mentalillness Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe DAY 4: Challenge the food police.You know that voice in your head th
Dublin, Ireland
DAY 4: Challenge the food police. You know that voice in your head that chimes in when you go to eat chocolate or get a pizza? The voice that tells you it’s bad for you? That’s the food police + man does it suck the enjoyment out of food. The food police 👮‍♀️ is the rules you have collected along the way through various diets or advice you may have heard. Remove any food labels such as good or bad. Labeling a food as bad makes you feel bad when you eat it. Food doesn’t need labels. Just call it by it’s name. Cake, pizza, chocolate, 🍫 whatever it may be. There is absolutely no such thing as a perfect diet. NONE. A healthy diet also includes having a healthy relationship with food. Strive for balance that doesn’t remove any food. Eat the pizza if you want it + eat the broccoli 🥦 when you want it. You don’t need to earn food. You don’t need to exercise to eat + you don’t need to skip a meal 🥘 to eat out that evening. The food police also includes any external influences on your food choices. Remove any social media accounts that aren’t serving you. Unfollow any accounts that discuss ‘bad foods’ or otherwise. They won’t help you + will only disrupt your IE journey. As mentioned previously, diet culture is a multi billion dollar industry that makes a lot of money when you believe in it. Decide to block it out + view everything as equal. You don’t need the food police in your life anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️. Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe Baked oats courtesy of @naturalbornfeeder + @rozannapurcell 😍. I ha
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Baked oats courtesy of @naturalbornfeeder + @rozannapurcell 😍. I had a day of baking treats yesterday + made these puppies for breakfast this morning. You’ll need: 35grams oats 40grams protein powder 1/2 banana mashed Heaped tsp cocoa powder (added myself) 150mls milk. Mix + bake in the oven for 25-30minutes. I’m currently tucking into some with yoghurt, berries, walnuts, peanut butter + my morning coffee before clients 😍. Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe DAY 3: Make Peace With FoodIt’s time to call a truce + stop fighti
Dublin, Ireland
DAY 3: Make Peace With Food It’s time to call a truce + stop fighting with food 👊. It’s also time to remove food labels + be mindful of your language around food. Diet culture teaches us to associate negativity with certain foods. “I can’t have that, it’s processed”. “I can’t eat that, it’s not clean”. “I can’t eat that, it’s not a whole food”. When we tell ourselves we can’t eat a certain food, it leads to feelings of deprivation. This feeling then leads to cravings that cause us to feel out of control around that food + binge..... 🤷🏼‍♀️ Enter the wave of guilt. The overriding of a desire is the issue, not the food itself. If I could scream this through my phone I would but Instagram won’t let me shout 🤨. When we view all foods as equal, believe it or not that desire phases out. When we eat intuitively, we are drawn to foods that make our body feel good, that give us energy, that satisfy us. Try eating pizza for breakfast, lunch + dinner for the next 5 days. I could almost guarantee that you would feel so sick of it + any desire for pizza would complete disappear. You wouldn’t want it if it was offered to you 🤷🏼‍♀️. I have clients who are shocked to find that an option of cheesecake for dessert is not something they jump at every time anymore 😜They have no desire for it. Stop fighting + make peace. This includes removing any accounts that discuss ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods or encourage you to plan ahead over Christmas to make up for eating certain foods. While I know at times it may seem as though IE is encouraging you to shift towards eating everything you have been told not to but that’s really not the case. It simply teaches us that all foods are equal + that when you listen to your body, you actually want what feels good 🤷🏼‍♀️ Crazy, right? Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe I would happily eat oats with toppings everyday for the rest of my lif
Dublin, Ireland
I would happily eat oats with toppings everyday for the rest of my life 🤤. This morning I topped them with some frozen berries 🍇, peanut butter, flaxseed, linseed, choc shot 🍫 + a drizzle of honey. Todays plans are testing out new (Sweet) recipes + I'm really looking forward to it because it has been so long since I've had the time 😍. I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday + stay tuned for Day 3 of the 12 days of Christmas tonight 🎅 Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe DAY 2: Honour Your HungerInteroceptive awareness is the awareness of
Dublin, Ireland
DAY 2: Honour Your Hunger Interoceptive awareness is the awareness of physical sensations in our body. IE brings a higher level of interoceptive awareness. We have become detached from our bodies signals for many reasons, one of the main reasons being dieting. IE encourages us to eat when we are hungry + stop when we’re full. Sounds simple right? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Initially you may find it hard to identify feelings of hunger or adapting your meals to bring you a suitable level of fullness. This is very much part of the process. Are you tired or sluggish? Do you have poor concentration? Are you irritable or cranky? These are all signs of hunger. You can trust them. Once we reach the point of excessive hunger, all of our intentions + conscious eating goes out the window. It is essential to honour those first biological signs of hunger. Have you ever skipped a meal during the day + as a result you eat the entire contents of your fridge in 5 seconds flat that evening? You don’t even remember what the food tasted like? This is then followed by a wave of guilt? By honoring your hunger you can prevent this. I always advise my clients to focus on consuming 3 main meals per day + to snack in between if needed. They work on putting together meals that satisfy them + learn what works for their body. We are all different so it’s important not to compare your levels of hunger/satisfaction to the person next to you. Listen to your body + establish what works best for you. Смотреть полностью
Hart💕 Not Mush-room in here 🍄😱x #helpme #mushroomphobia #worsenightmar
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Not Mush-room in here 🍄😱x #helpme #mushroomphobia #worsenightmare #poland #xmasmarket #christmas #feelingfestive #travel #foodfear #wroclaw #dadjokes #mushrooms #polska Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe DAY 1: Reject the diet mentality.As promised, my 12 days of Christma
Dublin, Ireland
DAY 1: Reject the diet mentality. As promised, my 12 days of Christmas posts will break down the principles of intuitive eating (IE) with the hope of catching some of you 😜 before you embark on another diet in the new year. After personally embarking on an IE journey after years of counting calories/macros + practicing this approach in clinic with many of my clients, I have seen such positive results including many repaired relationships with food + a lot less stress around eating, not to mention improvements in health when we shift the focus from weight. In order to take your first step towards IE, you need to make a commitment to ditch dieting. Forever 🤷🏼‍♀️. Dieting is a multi-billion dollar industry that offers us a false sense of hope that we can achieve weight loss quickly. Have a think back to how many diets you have tried in the past. How did you feel? 🤨 Did they work long-term? An estimated 20% of people who participate in weight management services maintain the weight loss after 1 year 👎🏼 This percentage continues to drop in the second year. A restrained style of eating is associated with weight gain over time. Dieting is a strong predictor of weight gain. IE is a non-diet approach + is characterised by having a strong connection with food + physiological hunger/satiety cues. 🍟 IE teaches us that all food serves a purpose. Intuitive eaters have higher self-esteem, a lower incidence of emotional eating, an increased body appreciation + a lower incidence of disordered eating. Tribole, 2017. Before you embark on another diet this coming January reflect on your experience with dieting to date + consider trying a different approach. Consider focusing on health gain instead of weight loss 🥰 Stay tuned for principle 2 tomorrow + please tag anyone who you think might benefit from more information on IE. Смотреть полностью
Stella Stathi MA ~ Body Prema FOOD, BODY & THE HOLIDAYSI love this time of year. *And* I know all
FOOD, BODY & THE HOLIDAYS I love this time of year. *And* I know all too well how very difficult and triggering it can be, when you’re struggling with food and your body.. . Body-image anxiety and the urge to diet, detox or fast, to look a certain way during the holidays, tend to peak around Christmas and the New Year. . Here are two great reminders for the times when body shame and ‘fat feelings’ creep in and threaten to take precious moments away from you.. . 📷 1 by @danasuchow . I’ll never tire of saying that: ‘Fat’ is NOT a feeling. . Any time we feel ‘fat’, there is another, underlying emotion (sadness, fear, anger, loneliness..) that we, unconsciously, do not want to/feel unable to deal with, and which gets disguised as ‘feeling fat’. . So, whenever you have this experience, take a moment and ask yourself: . “What am I *really* feeling?” . The wheel of emotions can help you identify what exactly you are feeling, as it can often be difficult to find the right word(s) to describe our inner experience. . 📷 2 by @bodypositivememes . Asking who profits from you feeling this way about your body and self. Putting our experience into societal and cultural context is so so important. It can really help us take our power back and realise that we do have a choice; we get to choose whether we want to add to that profit, or not. . Another question that I absolutely love for when having judgmental thoughts about ourselves and our bodies, is this: . “Who said so?” . “I can’t possibly show up to the party looking like this” -who said so? . “I need to lose X amount of weight to attend the Christmas dinner” -who said so? . “My {insert body part} looks awful” -WHO said so? . The answer to this question can be both personal (messages that we received from people in our personal life and circle) and collective (cultural, societal, political). What’s important is to realise that all these are learned beliefs -borrowed, passed on, often imposed...and we now have the choice to keep subscribing to them -or begin questioning, challenging and, eventually, reframing them, for good. . I hope this is helpful, friends. Feel free to share your thoughts below, if you feel called. 🙏🏼 Смотреть полностью
NOURISH Mind + Body Nutrition My final blog post for 2018 is up! Check out the link in the bio. You
My final blog post for 2018 is up! Check out the link in the bio. You’ll find tips on how to thrive - not just survive - this Christmas 🎄 . . #christmas #christmasiscoming #family #foodfreedom #foodfear #holidayeating #selfcompassion #bopo #dietculture #nondiet #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #eatingpsychologycoach #brisbanenutritionist #blog Смотреть полностью
holistic health & life coach 5 WAYS TO BEAT THE BLOAT!bookmark for the next stomach ache 😖⠀
5 WAYS TO BEAT THE BLOAT! bookmark for the next stomach ache 😖 ⠀ before i get into these tips & tricks... ⠀ i have to tell you that bloating may be ‘normal’ under certain circumstances but it shouldn’t be something you’re experiencing with [almost] every meal, every day or upon waking. ⠀ if you are, it’s likely you’re struggling with food sensitivities, allergies or there’s an imbalance in your gut microbiome (part of the BBM curriculum!). ⠀ struggling w digestion & don’t know where to start? send me a message! ⠀ in the meantime: ⠀ 1️⃣drink water: good quality water, not tap! 💧 ⠀ 2️⃣sweat: if you’re bloated, your body is most likely having an inflammatory response. sweating will help your body get rid of the toxins that are bogging it down! 🧖🏼‍♀️ & make sure you rehydrate. ⠀ 3️⃣eat your greens: never underestimate the power of this one 🌱 greens, yes - the dark leafy ones! - help the digestive track, where 70% of our health begins! ⠀ 4️⃣herbal tea: drink a cup of your favorite herbal tea. the best ones for digestion are licorice, dandelion, ginger 🍵 ⠀ 5️⃣ breath-work & meditation: this one might be surprising to you! but if your body’s bloated, it’s stressed! there’s something going on in there & any kind of stillness will help bring the body back to balance. deep belly breathing, especially while doing any kind of rotating yoga poses, helps stimulates the digestive system. ⠀ what’s your top way you debloat?! ⠀ #balancedbody #excellenceoverperfection Смотреть полностью
Linda Häggkvist Friday afternoon rooftop yoga and stretching because I did not feel fo
Friday afternoon rooftop yoga and stretching because I did not feel for gym or cardio today ❤ I struggle with feeling bad about myself if I dont workout hard AF or dont workout at all some days... I get that guilty feeling, stressed and sometimes I dont eat properly those days just because I could get fat🙄 .. im still learning to accept that it is more then okey to not go to the gym or workout those days you dont have the energy or just have a bad day! 😘#fuckedupfromafitnesslifestyle Смотреть полностью
Self Love + Body image Coach 💛New Blog Post - Do You Feel Crazy Around Food?.🍕Are you eithe
💛New Blog Post - Do You Feel Crazy Around Food? . 🍕Are you either on the ‘wagon’, or all the way off? . 🍰Do you constantly think about food, what next to eat, when, and how much? . 🍫Are you tired of white knuckling it through the week, feeling madly desperate to eat all of your ‘forbidden foods’? . 👉🏻Head to my bio @thebodyloveblueprint and follow the links 😘 . . . . . #foodfear #bingeeating #ditchthediet #yoyodieting #bodylove #bodyconfidence #bodyacceptance #bodypeace #iembracemybody #bopo #bodypositivity #iamenough #selflove #selfconfidence #selfcare #selfdevelopment #iambeautiful #bodydiversity #mirrorwork #bingeeatingrecovery #emotionaleatingrecovery #bodydysmorphiarecovery #emotionalfreedom #foodfreedom #foodpeace #intuititiveeating #antidiet #mybody #bodydiversity #bodyimage #thebodylovemasterclass Смотреть полностью
holistic health & life coach DON’T FREAK OUT ABOUT WINTER WEIGHT GAIN!⠀i get it! it can be sc
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DON’T FREAK OUT ABOUT WINTER WEIGHT GAIN! ⠀ i get it! it can be scary... ⠀ to have worked all last winter for your summer body, ⠀ to then be super careful during the fall because you know the holidays are coming. ⠀ ...it’s like you never get a break! ⠀ but - as the coach in your life, i must remind you what’s possible... ⠀ & you should NEVER feel like you need a break from the diet rules/ restrictions you practice on a daily basis. ⠀ AND you should also fully acknowledge that your body has seasons - just like the Earth you live on. ⠀ 🌿 honoring your body’s cyclical nature is a HUGE part of my approach in Balanced Body Method 🌿 ⠀ to provide you with MAX SUPPORT on this topic during the most YUMMY time of the year 😉, check out yesterday’s @theeoppodcast called ‘Gut Healing Season Eating & Winter Weight Gain’ ⠀ you’ll walk away with a fresh perspective on the winter months as well as #guthealing tips around #seasonaleating ❄️ ⠀ you can listen via podcast link in bio or by searching The Excellence Over Perfection Podcast on iTunes or Spotify 🎤 ⠀ #ExcellenceOverPerfection #BalancedBody Смотреть полностью
Disordered Eating Expert SPOILER ALERT: It's okay to go out out to eat and order something simp
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SPOILER ALERT: It's okay to go out out to eat and order something simply because YOU WANT IT! . . I used to go out to eat and look for the first thing on the menu that fit my "dietary restrictions" aka poor relationship with food...and order that while praying there wouldn't be anything on there that would send me into an anxiety spiral. . . I would see things on the menu that looked delicious...that I would LOVE to eat...but knew that I "couldn't" unless I wanted to deal with the consequences later. . . I can't even count the amount of times I went to a fun new restaurant and ordered a plain chicken breast, or a plain burger patty...because that is all that I thought I could order to keep my sanity. . . So how did I end this mindset? Permission. Permission that it is OKAY to enjoy yourself. It is OKAY to put your fears on the table and try something new...but also to remember that you will in fact be OKAY if you do try that thing on the menu that scares you! . . Now, my action step for you to do TODAY to start working towards this mindset for yourself: . . Next time you go out eat, I want you to choose something on the menu that you normally wouldn't have. . . I want you to ask yourself what the worst possible thing is that could happen if you ordered that item? Then, I want you to ask yourself, what the best possible thing is that could happen if you ordered that item? Focus on the good...and the bad? I promise you, it isn’t really that bad. . . Here’s you’re permission...so go and do it. This is a huge first step, and I promise you it will be OKAY! . . How do you currently feel about going out to eat? Is it stressful, enjoyable, anxiety inducing....I want to know! Let me know in the comments and let's get working out of these food fears! Смотреть полностью
Robyn Taaffe Just one of many sponsored Instagram posts grabbed my attention today,
Málaga, Spain
Just one of many sponsored Instagram posts grabbed my attention today, “Sign up for our 8 week New Year challenge to shed those Christmas pounds 🙄”. As we prepare to head into the season of diet culture in all its glory I am asking you to consider taking a different approach this year. Diet culture teaches us to feel guilty for enjoying the Christmas period. It encourages us to cycle through restrictive phases of rules + fears around food. You do not need to exercise excessively in the run up to Christmas in an attempt to ‘minimise the damage’ of the festive period. You do not need to skip meals to compensate for enjoying a festive dinner or work party. You do not need to spend any money on detox teas or pills this January to ‘undo the damage’ of Christmas. Christmas is about soaking up time with family + friends, putting elasticated pyjama bottoms on after Christmas dinner + napping on the couch in between courses. Food is something to celebrate 🎊 not to be afraid of. By removing food fear + giving ourselves unconditional permission to eat we can remove our preoccupation with food + begin listening to what our body really wants. Although this may sound like it contradicts everything you have ever heard about following a ‘healthy lifestyle’, intuitive eating can break cycles of restrictive eating + dieting. The rules + restrictions that we have are what leads to phases of binging + overeating. In an attempt to steer as many of you as I can away from the bullsh*t of dieting this January, my 12 days of Christmas 🎅🏼 will include a daily post on intuitive eating + how you can focus on health gain instead of weight loss this year. My first post will be live on the 10th of December taking us right through to Christmas Eve 🎄😍 Смотреть полностью
Stevie Blaine Beating food fears and looking damn cute whilst I’m doing it 💕#Bo
Byron Hamburgers
Beating food fears and looking damn cute whilst I’m doing it 💕#Bopo #bodypo si #foodfear #intuitiveeating #bropo #gay #gaymer #gayuk #selflove #effyourbeautystandards Смотреть полностью
myeating.journey Today's lunch: chicken breasts with steamed veggies(can you see them i
Today's lunch: chicken breasts with steamed veggies(can you see them in the back?)😂 So, yesterday I wanted to start my December challenge but instead of that I just allowed myself to eat what I wanted so I went with some chocolate 🍫 And of course today I started with my original intention-clean eating. How are you guys coping with all the upcoming food and everything? Are you starting with holiday food already or are you waiting until around 20.12 to get fully into it? Let me know ❤️ #ed #eating #eatingdissorder #eatingdisorderrecovery #recovery #badbodyimage #selfcare #selflove #food #calories #fighter #chicken #edsoldier #edfighter #eatittobeatit #weight #fear #gym #cleaneating #december #holidayfood #mentalhealth #foodfear Смотреть полностью
Morgan McGown Today I want to talk about food fear ••Back when I had my eating
Today I want to talk about food fear • • Back when I had my eating disorder the holidays were the SCARIEST time of the year, forget Halloween. This was because everything was centered around food and food terrified me. It no longer does, but I know for a lot of people, whether you have an active eating disorder or not, the holiday food scares you. • • I’m here to tell you that indulging is not going to make you gain back the 20 pounds you loss nor is it going to kill you. Enjoy this time of the year, after all it is the most wonderful ✨ here a few helpful tips to make it thought the holidays 1. Eat in moderation, stop when you’re full 2. Return back to your normal eating routine immediately 3. Drink lots of water, this will help with not feeling bloated 4. Don’t stress, enjoy your family time, and the joys the holiday season brings Смотреть полностью
Heidi Moretti How to blast food fears and get healthy: http://ow.ly/SquB30mOxJs #foo
How to blast food fears and get healthy: http://ow.ly/SquB30mOxJs #food #em powered #eatwell #foodfear #foodlabels #wellness #success #discomfort #foodelimination #healthy Смотреть полностью
Aisha - The Gastric Guru Do you hate vegetables? Does your partner? Have you ever had a hard ti
Do you hate vegetables? Does your partner? Have you ever had a hard time getting your child to eat vegetables? You (or someone you know) may have a vegetable phobia. This is known as Lachanophobia. It may sound funny, but this is a real fear. There are different levels of phobia. Sometimes phobias can present as a mild aversion to something. While others may cause such a problem that it become debilitating. If a phobia is really bad, just reading about vegetables may make someone very anxious. A phobia can often be a thought process of what appears to be a threat of something greatly exaggerated or doesn’t even exist, but the fear of it is still there. #gastriccommunity #gastricbypassdiet #gastricbypass #gastricbypasscommunity #gastricbypasssurgery #gastricsleeve #gastricsleevesurgery #gastricsleevecommunity #bariatriccommunity #bariatricsurgery #bariatricsupport #bariatricrealness #rnycommunity #rnygastricbypasssurgery #rnygastricbypass #minigastricbypass #wlstransformation #wlsurgery #weightloss #wlsdiet #wlscommunity #foodfear Смотреть полностью
Bianca✨ The workout I did yesterday to earn my Thanksgiving food:None.The wo
Nassau County, New York
The workout I did yesterday to earn my Thanksgiving food: None. The workout I did today to burn off my Thanksgiving food: None. . Guess what, I’m still fabulous. . I’m not suddenly anti exercise. In fact I’m the farthest thing from it. But what I am ‘anti’ is using exercise to justify food, to allow for food, or to mitigate guilt about food. . The extra calories aren’t ruining my life. There was a time years ago that I thought they would. But that was just a trick my brain played on me to keep me distracted from deeper issues, and to keep me trekking on a never-ending quest toward trying to be perfect (spoiler: there’s no way to ever actually do that). . My best advice for overcoming food fears: 1. Be honest with yourself about said fears. 2. Therapy (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 3. Walk directly into the fires of the things that scare you, live through them, and grow from them. Afraid to eat the cookie? Ok. Eat it. Sit with the feels. Grow from the feels. Rinse and repeat. . Much easier said than done. But if I could get to this point, literally anyone can 💗✊🏼 #IStillLoveTheGymHardTho 😁 Смотреть полностью
 How are you feeling today?...Are you feeling satisfied? Guilty? In
How are you feeling today? . . . Are you feeling satisfied? Guilty? Indulgent? Grateful? Are you regretting things you ate yesterday and planning your next workout to punish yourself? Or are you grateful for your bodies ability to handle the occasional indulgence? . . As an NTP, I don’t believe in punishment for food. I don’t believe that certain foods are “bad” or “off limits.” I don’t believe that food and exercise are transactional. I BELIEVE in a nourished bodies ability to adapt. And I BELIEVE that eating should be one of life’s greatest pleasures. . . Every choice I made at last nights feast were MY OWN. Decisions made from past experiences (how did I feel the last time I ate this?), once in a while specialties (homemade pie), in the moment participation of a tradition (glass of wine) and some were made simply because “DAMN that looks good.” . . So this morning I woke up not feeling my best. But because of my diligent listening to my body habits I knew exactly what to do to remedy the little symptoms that popped up. And I’m back to feeling like myself. I have given myself the gift of METABOLIC FLEXIBILITY. Where certain indulgences don’t keep me feeling like crap for days (like they used to). It’s hard to enjoy special occasions when you know you’ll pay for it later. This is where the work comes in. . . Do you know how to guide your body towards metabolic flexibility and resilience? Need some help? That’s where I come in. Email me today and let’s get you enjoying ALL food again. . . Bone broth, lettuce with mct oil, acv, and olive oil, and bison @epicbar. All things I brought from home. When I get back to my apartment later you know I’ll be eating A LOT more than this. . . It’s all a journey. There is no “wagon” to fall off of or get back on. Let me help you! . . #feast #nutritionaltherapy #metabolicflexibility #resilience #carbup #keto #girlswholift #exercise #indulgence #bonebroth #blackfriday #nutrition #gethealthy #getfit #thanksgiving #foodfear #foodguilt #edrecovery #myplatemybusiness #autoimmune #estrogendominance #fatisfuel #fatisyourfriend Смотреть полностью
holistic health & life coach 4 STEPS TO DROP FOOD FEAR & BODY OBSESSION⠀no one gets your #foodf
Denver, Colorado
4 STEPS TO DROP FOOD FEAR & BODY OBSESSION ⠀ no one gets your #foodfear & #bodyobsession... ⠀ because of that, it doesn’t feel safe to speak up. (things i hear from BBM students) ⠀ so you keep it inside. ⠀ but the voices in your head get louder. the confusion grows, the frustration grows, & the blame bounces around but usually, well, mostly, it lands on yourself. ⠀ let me tell you this right now... ⠀ it’s NOT your fault. & there’s NOTHING wrong with YOU. ⠀ there’s a lack of education with a surplus of information out there. ⠀ ...making it overwhelmingly hard to navigate the world of health & fitness. ⠀ because if you don’t put yourself in one of these diet boxes (paleo, vegan, macros).. ⠀ well, it pretty much feels like you’re walking through the electric shock section of @toughmudder. ⠀ so i’m here to take a stand with you, & tell you... ⠀ f the diet boxes. f the food fear. f the body obsession. ⠀ let’s get educated 💡 ⠀ here’s a few quick steps you can take today from BBM👇🏻 ⠀ ▫️write down all the limiting beliefs you have about food, diet, & your body. ▫️once you see them on paper, decide the ones you no longer want to believe. ▫️then, write down all the things you want to believe about food, diet, & your body. ▫️once you see them on paper, decide you’re going to stop at nothing to get there. ⠀ the HOW will come; but first we gotta get to the WHAT & the WHY. ⠀ if you’re interested in learning how BBM can help bridge the gap from you are to where you wanna be, send me DM - i’d love to chat 💛 & ps. there’s a black friday discount secretly coming 🤫🤗 ⠀ 🚨 NEW IGTV EPISODE ON #FOODFREEDOM TIPS FOR THANKSGIVING 🚨 ⠀ #BalancedBody #ExcellenceOverPerfection Смотреть полностью
MindFoodNess What's wrong with her? She looks good.... I don't get it, just eat, yo
What's wrong with her? She looks good.... I don't get it, just eat, you look good.... Not every person who is experiencing pain with their body and food is necessary anorexic or obese. There are a lot of people struggling in silence without that it's obvious to the external world. When I had my eating disorder, it was never obvious to anyone. I was never overly thin because my body was always very good at keeping the weight on. However, I only had one meal a day and ran for an hour every day. I was terrified eating food and was measuring my body every day, sometimes few times a day. I was going on the scale and took my socks off to make sure I know that exact weight. Just be kind to each other, we never know what is going on in another person's life. #anorexia #eatingdisorderawareness #ed #edsupport #edcoach #orthorexia #bilimia #edawareness #eatingdisordercoach Смотреть полностью
Shari As we all know, teachers are saints. Blake's teacher for sure! Anyone
As we all know, teachers are saints. Blake's teacher for sure! Anyone who knows Blake knows his food struggles and true fear of new things.... and then this happened today! Needless to say, I'll be buying these ingredients tomorrow!!!!😍 Смотреть полностью
Kersten Kimura PhD, NASM CPT When you think there's nothing in the fridge to eat... but then put to
When you think there's nothing in the fridge to eat... but then put together this 😊🤷🏼‍♀️ ## This salad turned out awesome, although it wasn’t “perfect”: it didn't have much protein in it other than some chickpeas and an egg. But I don't have the time to stress about every single detail about my food. I have very little time or interest to stress about my food in general. ## I eat what I like, and I mostly like what's considered "healthy foods" anyway, like vegetables, meat etc. I eat grains and dairy to which some people would say will kill you. I also eat something sweet most days. I can find something to eat at every restaurant... It didn't used to be like that tho #hangrybitch ## If you're a mostly healthy person, then no food is going to kill you. What you do most of the time makes most of the results health-wise. What probably messes up your health, is trying to micromanage every single detail about your food and depriving yourself from what you actually want. ## Raise your hand if you agree! Смотреть полностью
Amanda Howell, MS, MPH Listen up, Coaches! If you rely on scare factors, fear tactics, & sham
Boulder, Colorado
Listen up, Coaches! If you rely on scare factors, fear tactics, & shaming to push your community and clients towards their goals, you are a shitty coach. . Whoa Amanda, coming out swinging huh? You bet your booty I am! . As health coaching has become more popular, so has the rise in shitty coaching. Getting a certification in health coaching, training, or nutrition is fairly easy. Anyone can study the information, take a test, and pass. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily equal "quality coach." . There are a lot of well-meaning health coaches that sharing incredibly scary health info in order to support their own nutritional or training bias and agenda. Regrettably, this perpetuates diet culture and food fear. . Sharing information like "sugar is just as addictive as heroin," "animal products cause cancer," and "all chemicals are bad" isn't a productive coaching method (and completely false.) Furthermore, shaming people about their food or fitness choices (and pushing "fixes" like meal plans, detoxes, or cleanses) only creates more confusion around food and does not help people make better choices. . Feeling confusion about food & fitness creates dependency on a coach. While I understand the very real need to grow a coaching practice, pay bills, and make money... coaches simply CANNOT do so at the expense of our client's health and wellness. It makes health coaching incredibly hypocritical. . Instead of pushing personal bias, using fear tactics, and shaming or guilting clients, let's change the focus to educating, motivating, & inspiring. We absolutely have to respect something called “bio-individuality" which is the idea that people know what’s best for their bodies. The way of eating that works for one person may not be right for another. . Coaches: I challenge you to take a look at how you are communicating your coaching methods and how you are speaking to clients. Are you encouraging or shaming? Inspiring or guilting? Are you pushing quick fixes, perpetuating food fears, and contributing to diet culture? If so, how can you do better? Смотреть полностью
Regaining my love for food This picture doesn’t serve this pasta right! Pasta penne with red o
This picture doesn’t serve this pasta right! Pasta penne with red onion, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and a little tomato pesto🍝 I made the decision to cook myself pasta for dinner tonight and man let me tell u I know not disappointed! Normally I would never make myself pasta. Don’t know why but it’s kind of a fear food for me. My boyfriend made himself pizza with a store bought dough as his base which is WAY worse than the idea of pasta so choose to challenge myself in a different way👏🏼 Also gonna have ice cream later😛🍨 Смотреть полностью
Prinnie Fights!! #dinner was quite scary, I’ve avoided it for so long but it was half
#dinner was quite scary, I’ve avoided it for so long but it was half a pack of Ravioli (chicken and Spanish chorizo) with added mixed peppers and spinach It tasted so good and I’ve definitely missed it, I used to eat pasta like this so much 😩 —————— #trying #struggling #food #foodfear #fearfood #calories #pasta #ravioli #restrictinged #ed #forme #fordad #forhealth #forhappiness #yummy Смотреть полностью
Giulia ☘️ Sono a casa da quattro giorni.Sono a casa da quattro giorni e mangio
Sono a casa da quattro giorni. Sono a casa da quattro giorni e mangio tutta mattina da tre giorni. Mangio perchè sono nervosa! Non mi sentivo cosí sotto pressione da non so quanto tempo e sto accumulando tanta di quella tensione che potrei alimentare gli elettrodomestici di casa! Mangio ma il nervoso non passa! Anzi mi provoca mille pensieri in più, fastidioso gonfiore e sempre meno voglia di fare. Ho un esame lunedí e non riesco a studiare come dovrei e come vorrei, temo di non passarlo per la seconda volta. Ho un altro esame il venerdí dopo e temo di non passare nemmeno quello! Mi sentirei un fallimento, anzi mi sento già cosí! Avrei solo bisogno di un abbraccio e che questo incubo finisca presto! #esami #università #bingeeating #food #foodfear #recovery #pensieri #sfogo #ansia #lunch #pranzo #pomodori #semolino Смотреть полностью
🍃🌸K I M🌸🍃 I was so nervous in the past about when I was going to eat. Would I mi
I was so nervous in the past about when I was going to eat. Would I miss a meal or snack?🙄😜 . I used to pack a cooler for every place that I went because I was so nervous about being hungry and not being able to get food. When I taught high school, I was always praying that my planning would show up in the right spot of the day so I could snack.🤓😜 . 👉That food insecurity was really coming from other issues like not eating the right foods to keep me full and blood sugar issues.🤨 . Now when I have the right combinations of food...protein,healthy fat and tons of vegetables, I don’t have to snack and I have enough fuel in my system to go for hours.🙌🙌 . I also feel like I’m not concerned about being a little hungry. Being a little hungry, if your blood sugar is stable, is not the end of the world like I used to think.😆 . It’s so nice to not be so obsessed with the timing of my food. It also is very convenient if I cannot find a healthy choice because I know I can wait until I do find the best thing for me to eat. . Anyone else go through this?👈 . Helping my clients find the best method for their unique situations is fun. We experiment until we find the magic combination. 🌟💫 . . . . . #hungry #foodfear #snacking #feelingfull #satisfied #bloodsugar #foodcombos#ipreview @preview.app #kimhyneshealth #protein #vegetables #healthyfat #fiber #greens #healthylifestyle #healthyfoodlover Смотреть полностью
Rebekah Storm Yeah, I could have abs and weigh 115lbs...but at what cost?.I’m li
Mankato, Minnesota
Yeah, I could have abs and weigh 115lbs...but at what cost? . I’m like Oprah in that, “I love bread!” . So anything pressuring me to cut out things like carbs, wine, or chocolate can keep walkin’ . I’d rather look exactly the way I am and be able to enjoy myself than live in a constant state of restriction and (let’s be honest) misery. . I’ll be over here, having wine and bread without guilt. I’ll share 😘 with you . . . #antidietculture #antidietproject #antidiet #bodyimage #bodyconfidence #nofoodshame #foodfreedom #foodfreedomforever #theantidietplan #nomorerestriction #eattobeatit #eattoheal #foodisfun #ownitbabe #freetoeat #girlswhoeat #foodfear #antidietculture #dietculturedropout #dietculturesucks #confidencequotes #ieatwhatiwant Смотреть полностью
Mindful Food & Motion reminder... Fear of food or flesh is a cruel impediment to living full
Mindful Food & Motion
reminder... Fear of food or flesh is a cruel impediment to living fully. It betrays our very essence. The choice to put effort into healing this aching fear is the greatest gift you can give yourself and this world; because you matter and we need all of you. 💛nicole • #bodytrust #righteffort #livelifefully #foodfear #fearofflesh #healingnotfixing #selflove #selfcompassion #fulllife #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #attunedeating #theworldneedsyou Смотреть полностью
Racheal Hampson Two meals for the price of one! Haha thank you  @askitalian for lettin
Two meals for the price of one! Haha thank you @askitalian for letting me take the remaining half of my #glutenfreevegan #zuccazuccapizza home last night!! Haha Massive challenge eating pizza for me but not only did I eat half out last night I ate the other half tonight!! Haha... love this #glutenfreepizza so much!! Didn’t expect it to taste as nice the next day, but I heated it up and it was delicious!!! Just as nice as yesterday :) would definitely recommend the zucca zucca pizza love the combination of the butternut squash purée on the base and squash on top, balsamic red onions, roquito pepper pearls, spinach, pumpkin seeds and vegan mozzarella!! #askitalian for #glutenfree #vegan #freefrom #glutenfreedinner #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreedining #glutenfreecardiff #veganpizza #askpizza #glutenfreeveganpizza #glutenfreemeals #glutenfreevegetarian #askitalianglutenfree #veganaskitalian #vegandinner #glutenfreerestaurant #glutenfreemealsout #askglutenfree #healthyglutenfree #glutenfreerestaurant #glutenfreerestaurantcardiff #recovery #recovering #foodwin #foodfear #eattobeatit #edrecovery Смотреть полностью
Elise Gloeckner My aunt asked me if pie is part of my nutrition plan. Without hesitati
My aunt asked me if pie is part of my nutrition plan. Without hesitation, i responded “absolutely”! . I’ve created a lifestyle that’s all about balance. I eat clean about 80% of the time and allow myself to indulge *some (*key word) on the weekends. I’m no longer riddled with guilt or food fear. I’ve stopped labeling certain foods as “bad” b/c you wanna know how I’m going to feel if I then go ahead and eat that food? Guilty. Defeated. Unsuccessful. You can see how that mindset can create a viscous cycle of disappointments, let downs and then, even more indulgence. . So yeah, eating pie isn’t a slip-up or a set back anymore. It’s enjoyable and quiet nice as a car snack 😉 #strawberryrhubarb #itsabeautifulthing #ididnteatthewholething . . . . #teamstayinyourmagic #balanceiskey #mindfuleating #foodfear #guiltfree #enjoyyourselfagain #healthyish #happyandhealthy #healthylifestyle #indulge #balancedlife #gratitudejournal #happyheart #homemadepie #thechoiceisyours Смотреть полностью
Racheal Hampson Went out for dinner tonight!!!! Had a lovely meal with my parents at @
Went out for dinner tonight!!!! Had a lovely meal with my parents at @askit alian :) so many #glutenfree options available there is was amazing!!! Massive challenge eating out for me but I loved it.... after a while deciding I finally decided to be brave and have a #glutenfreepizza !! Which was just amazing!! Never normal had a pizza because they are so big but I fancied one so I went for it!! Managed to eat half and then took the other half home haha..... decided to have a #glutenfreevegan #zuccazuccapizza ... which was a delicious butternut squash two ways; squash purée on the base and squash on top with balsamic red onions, roquito pepper pearls, spinach, pumpkin seeds and vegan mozzarella alternative. So so nice! And super unusual.... never had anything like this before! And the gluten free base wa so soft, one of the best I have had :) I would definitely recommend #askitalian for #glutenfree and #vegan options so many options including pizza, pasta and salads . Really glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and had a pizza for a change :) showed me I need to be brave, relax and enjoy life more because I had a really nice time and loved it!! #freefrom #glutenfreedinner #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreedining #glutenfreecardiff #veganpizza #askpizza #glutenfreeveganpizza #glutenfreemeals #glutenfreevegetarian #askitalianglutenfree #veganaskitalian #vegandinner #glutenfreerestaurant #glutenfreemealsout #askglutenfree #healthyglutenfree #glutenfreerestaurant #glutenfreerestaurantcardiff #recovery #recovering #foodwin #foodfear #eattobeatit #edrecovery Смотреть полностью
Maika B'Day Cake 🎂(Next Fearfood - I won!)But... Do I feel good with tha
B'Day Cake 🎂(Next Fearfood - I won!) But... Do I feel good with that? Not really. I actually feel bad, sad and ... fat. I started to gain weight and now I'm more stressed. It's hard for me and I'm scared to have a 'normal life'. I am forcing myself to eat and I don't enjoy it. So... Is it a recovery? Physically - Maybe Mentally - Absolutely not #food #foodporn #foodies #foodie #foodbook #fooddiary #norecovery #foodfear #fearfood #anorexia #anorexianervosa #disorder #eating #eat #eater #eatingdissorder #depression #feelingbad Смотреть полностью
Stephanie Niemis|Heathy Holme When in Rome (or The Venetian)! .Yesterday I was lucky enough to be a
The Venetian Catering
When in Rome (or The Venetian)! . Yesterday I was lucky enough to be a part of @lizzylovie ’s big day. She was a stunning bride and it was a magical day! The wedding was beautiful and we had so much fun celebrating the new Mr and Mrs 👰🏻. . Today’s post is about balance - something I struggle with. As @gretchenrubin would say, I’m an Abstainer. Unlike Moderators, I do better removing something completely from my diet rather than having just a little. Once I learned about how sugar affects the body, I eliminated it from my diet 🍫. . I’ve been working on #balance lately when it comes to food, so last night I figured was the perfect time to relax and enjoy the incredible Viennese room filled with desserts. I loved the gelato and chocolate fountain - and I woke up feeling fine! (I also loved all the other food...purple cauliflower, adorable salads, delicious salmon and asparagus - everything was amazing!) 🍦. . Although my food posts are usually about foods without sugar, today’s is about not feeling guilty and enjoying food. “All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt” ~ Charles Schulz Смотреть полностью
holistic health & life coach 5 quick tips to stay present & out of the #foodfear & #bodyobsession t
RiNo, River North Art District
5 quick tips to stay present & out of the #foodfear & #bodyobsession this sunday (& for the rest to come) ✨ ⠀ 🌿allow yourself to partake in the foods - you CAN handle ‘just a little’, you WILL be able to stop. 🌿enjoy the company around you - contrary to that ego voice, they’re there for YOU, not what your body looks like. 🌿laugh your way through, LAUGH! 🌿remind yourself of the earth-y being you are & honor it’s cycles (refer to yesterday’s post) 🌿remember, #excellenceoverperfection 💛 ⠀ ...tbh, excellence feels a whole lot like perfection... ⠀ happy sunday, beautiful🤟🏻 ⠀ how do you keep a #balancedbody over the weekend? tell me below!👇🏻 Смотреть полностью
Bianca✨ I’m on vacation guys! And I won’t be posting about how to stay on
Orlando, Florida
I’m on vacation guys! And I won’t be posting about how to stay on track while away, or how to get back on track when returning home. Because frankly, I’m tired of those posts. I feel that all they do is continue to perpetuate the notion that food is a problem in need of solving. . They’re popular posts that yield engagement, sure, but that’s because they capitalize off the struggles of others. Lots of people struggle really badly with food (i used to be one of them) which can bring on a TON of paralyzing anxiety surrounding anything involving eating on vacation. . For me personally, that fear of food wasn’t helped by people telling me how to FURTHER focus on food or control. It also wasn’t helped by people telling me that “life is short, so just be present and enjoy” and to “not worry about it”. I couldn’t fucking enjoy myself. I didn’t have the tools to be present. I had no choice but to worry. I was a bulimic with severe anxiety, depression, and an irrational fear of food. . What ultimately helped me was therapy. From a specialized team of mental health professionals. Not from Suzie Fuckface’s “how to stop binging” ebook that she sells off her social media with zero mental health credentials. And certainly not from problematic Instagram posts, mostly from people who are (most of the time) fit, thin, able, privileged, and still very obviously over-preoccupied with food. . I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum- suffering from food anxiety, and then eventually posting problematic content because i felt i could give the world some answers and insight (cue: savior complex. Also cue: denial that i still wasn’t fully in the right mind yet). Now I just remove myself from that spectrum altogether. . Instead of posting about whether i do or don’t stay on track during my trip, I’m just going to live my life and enjoy myself. No label. No analyzing. You know, the way everyone did before social media came around and ruined most things 🤪 [yes we do “cheers” with almost everything, even hard boiled eggs😂] Смотреть полностью
Orenda Wellness 1. #leakygut post #antibiotics still.2. My attempt at #kitchari turne
Squamish, British Columbia
1. #leakygut post #antibiotics still. 2. My attempt at #kitchari turned to a blended soup using #ayurvedicspices but cauli instead of basmati rice because #foodfear still, and split peas because Ho no had moong. 3. It’s delicious. 3.5: filling fell out so can only eat mush/struggle till Tuesday when can see dentist #bringonthepeanutbutter . 4. Added egg, and #porkrinds so definitely #vegan (@louispastureporkcrisps THANK YOU FOR BEING AT @nestersmarket ). 5. #sriracha . 6. Gut is 100% second brain. Смотреть полностью
Health & Fitness Coach Back home back to routine 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼Yes I returned with
Chula Vista, California
Back home back to routine 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Yes I returned with a little extra weight am I mad about it NO am I upset about it NO ! Do I regret indulging in all the amazing pasta pizza gelato in Italy HECK NO ! Why ? Because I’ve created a lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle with balance and love for my health💛 Which means I’m able to return from vacation and get back on on track. It’s ok to let lose sometimes it’s all about BALANCE and HEALTH✨ For those of you who are struggling with food fear and balancing life, remember it is OK to live in the moment, like I’ve said life is WAY to short to worry about the little things. life is about living and enjoying every moment of it, including food. The more we overthink or stress about food the more damage you’ll do to yourself mentally and the less you’ll enjoy life. Finding balance is 🔑 . . I could really go for some gelato right now though 🍨💕 . . #selfcare #selflove #healthylifestyle #consistency #foodfear #balance #herbalifenutrition #liveyourbestlife #nutrition #health #pink #iambeautiful #noregrets #missitaly #travel #livelifehappy #motivation #gelato #fitness Смотреть полностью
FNL Journal - Creator@tmazzcpt How can we use healthier nutrition habits to improve our lives?..You
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How can we use healthier nutrition habits to improve our lives? .. Your first thought might be, "why is there a picture of candy corn when you're talking about healthier nutrition habits?" .. This would be an expected response, since so many of us are taught that certain foods are good or bad, or healthy versus not healthy. .. One of the things many of us overlook is the fact that a healthy mindset and relationship with food can be just as important as the nutritional value of the food itself. .. Allowing ourselves to enjoy a treat like this, without any guilt or shame or fear of having to compensate for it later, can put us in a place of strong mental balance and control around our nutritional habits. .. By using that mentality to our advantage, we can actually come out with less food fear, and more self-trust and self-confidence. .. Woot woot! .. .. .. .. #fnljournal #fitnessnutritionlifestyle #planner #journal #healthymindandbody #plannerlife #iacceptmyself #iamconfident #iamcapable #womenincharge #strongwoman #nutritionjournal #nutritionhabits #healthynutrition #foodfear #mentalhealthjournal #successfulwoman Смотреть полностью
Dana Maternick•HEALTH COACH Homemade sushi for dinner #nomnomInside I put chopped carrot, avocado
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Homemade sushi for dinner #nomnom Inside I put chopped carrot, avocado, yellow paper, cucumber and tempeh with a side of broccoli, and the rest of the chopped veg that didn’t fit inside! 😋😋 . . . . . . #healthy #healthyeating #vegan #plantbased #plantbuilt #glutenfree #veganfood #veganathlete #vancouverfitness #vancity #nourish #nutrients #athlete #foodfear #ed #vancity #vancouverfitness #fitness #fitfam #igdaily #foodporn #recipe #instagood #instafood #baking #healthyrecipes Смотреть полностью
Functional Nutritionist 👩🏽‍⚕️🍋 I went to a good friends baby shower this weekend and realized how fre
I went to a good friends baby shower this weekend and realized how free I’ve become when it comes to my eating habits. I remember the days of restriction and feeling guilty after having dessert. This weekend I felt good eating dessert because I’ve gotten to a place of self control. Self control is different from restricting yourself. Self control is defined as controlling your emotions, desires or how you express your behaviour especially in difficult situations. With this in mind, there is A LOT of emotions mixed in with eating. Many of us feel anxiety around eating because we don’t want to feel shitty or gain weight. When I attend these events I always hear women saying they’re on a diet and can’t eat this or can’t eat that. food psychology plays a huge roll when it comes to our eating habits. And therefore it needs to be considered when changing our diet or learning self control around food. Self control is empowering. Restrictions leave us feeling guilty and with a negative food psychology. When we “diet” we restrict ourself out of fear of over indulgence. When we adopt a healthy lifestyle we adopt self control and therefore lose the fear of over indulgence because our emotions around food don’t control us anymore- we control it. My question to you this Monday is - what are your fears around food?! Comment below 👇🏽 #monday #mondaymotivation #mondaymorning #morningreflection #morning #goodmorning #selfcontrol #empowering #empowerment #weightloss #healthylifestyle #itsalifestyle #health #foodpsychology #emotions #food #inspire #weightlossdiet #dieting #psychology #foodemotions #emotionaleating #foodfear #fear #anxiety 📷 Google Смотреть полностью
Well-fed BRAIN Friend surprises you with your favourite JUNK FOOD 🍟 🍩 🍰.Wh
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Friend surprises you with your favourite JUNK FOOD 🍟 🍩 🍰 . What is your reaction❓🧐 . ➡️You are happy about having an opportunity to indulge in unhealthy snacks with your bestie 💖 . OR . ➡️You’re feeling anxious about eating spontaneously and you’re already stressing about calorie surplus you may cause . If you’re stressed, that may indicate that you have some unresolved issues with disordered eating... . 👉🏻I know, diet has a huge impact on your gut microbiota. 👉🏻You want to balance your gut-brain axis and control junk food cravings. 👉🏻Through brain-friendly diet you want to build a foundation for mental wellbeing. . But LIFE is LIFE. . You cannot control everything and life is full of exciting surprises waiting for you. . Eating while you’re stressed evokes stress response in your body. When your sympathetic nervous system is ON, you cannot digest food properly. . Relax. Enjoy your food. Cherish every moment spent with your lovely friends 😊 . . . . #nutrition #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #veganjunkfood #junkfood #healthydessert #wholefoods #foodporn #strawberry #dessertideas #vegan #veganistisch #dietaroslinna #nicecream #blueberries #brainhealth #neuronutrition #goodfoodmood #cravings #bingeeating #anorexiarecovery #rawveganbar #foodfear #eatclean #cleaneating #dessertideas Смотреть полностью
Stevie Blaine My struggles with food have been a part of me since before I can remem
My struggles with food have been a part of me since before I can remember. I knew which foods were ‘good’ and which were ‘bad’ before I knew which people were. Pizza is a food I was fearful of. I’d suppress my hunger, ignore my appetite and curb my cravings. Until I’d eventually binge to a point where I couldn’t even look at myself 🍕 My relationship with food has changed, I no longer count calories, skip meals or give foods a moral value but it isn’t always easy. There’s still days where I’ll instinctively pick up a sugar free version or check the fat content but I’m getting there and you will too. So today I ate pizza, honoured my appetite and gave thanks for my journey with food 💕 Ps food has no moral value and the next time someone refers to a food as a syn or bad just order an extra donut and stick it in their cake hole 💕 #bopo #bropo #bingeeating #bingeeatingrecovery #effyourbeautystandards #bodypositive #intuitiveeating #foodfear #nowrongway Смотреть полностью
Janine This memory makes me so happy 😊
This memory makes me so happy 😊
b’well counseling Let’s be real, the intuitive eating path can feel a little isolating
Let’s be real, the intuitive eating path can feel a little isolating at times, especially as we gear up for a lot of #foodfear and diet- talk with the holidays upon us. So come get some@community at b’well with our mini growth sessions starting in just a few weeks. Space is limited (the office is only so big...) so email katie@bwellcounselingservices.com to sign up today. Смотреть полностью
Kersten Kimura PhD, NASM CPT I WISH I COULD EAT CARBS - what someone told me the other day. ##Un
I WISH I COULD EAT CARBS - what someone told me the other day. ## Unless you have a specific medical condition, like diabetes that requires you to keep your carbs low, believe me, you **can** eat carbs 🥖 🍚 🍎 ## If you choose to be on a low carb diet because you believe that eating some will make you gain fat, then it's your choice 😊You can eat carbs, you just choose not to. ## If you choose to be on a low carb diet because everyone around you is doing keto and you feel like you don't fit in if you don't, then it's your choice. ## If eating carbs really makes you gain fat (which is a very broad statement - it's not simply that the CARBS make you fat, the quality and quantity of them matters, just like with two other macronutrients), and you want to have lean body instead of eating carbs, then that's your choice as well! You choose to eat or not eat them. ## No one is twisting your arm making you to give up carbs. You don't have to, and if you work out, I don't recommend you stop eating them. But don't say that you wish you **could** eat carbs, because the choice is totally yours 😘 Смотреть полностью
Fitness Professional 🏋🏼‍♀️ I HATE THESE. 😖 opened my app to see this first thing... (without t
I HATE THESE. 😖 opened my app to see this first thing... (without the x) I see something similar to this post every year, especially around Christmas... EVERYWHERE. ITS NOT THIS SIMPLE. 🙏🏼 first of all. These messages add FEAR around food. This adds to a very dangerous cycle of restriction that goes too far. You DON’T need to work off your holiday sweets and you definitely don’t need to go do cardio for the amount of ONE of them.😑 If you don’t want them because they don’t help you hit your goals, that’s okay!! If you have some of it because you want to enjoy it... that’s OKAY. Fear mongering and rules cause you to distrust yourself. Let’s move away from that. Food (any food) is not GOOD or BAD.💜 #foodfear #trustyourself Смотреть полностью
Lori Nedescu, MS RDN CSSD Food Fear is a real thing. There were years when I would never have ea
Food Fear is a real thing. There were years when I would never have eaten two pieces of french toast with a full fat milk latte. 😨🥧🍬👻 The thought alone would've made me panic & cause me to be overcome with thoughts of: -I will be fat if I eat this. -This is unhealthy. -Eating this will make people thing Im a bad dietitian. -This food will ruin my performance. I've since traded food fear for food freedom. I'm healthier, more positive, a faster and more powerful athlete & a better dietitian! I encourage everyone who suffers from food fear to become aware and realize it is a very unhealthy mindset and please seek help to overcome!!! Also - happy Halloween 🎃🤗 #happyhalloween #foodfear #foodfreedom #livehealthy #balancedliving Смотреть полностью
Latter-day Saint Nutritionist Carbs aren't the devil. Fats aren't the devil. Sugars aren't the devil
Carbs aren't the devil. Fats aren't the devil. Sugars aren't the devil. Food ain't the devil. Food gives life, when you view it like that it changes our appreciation for what we have. Смотреть полностью
Tonya Klein, MS, RD, CNSC Sporting my spookiest Halloween costume at work 😂😂😂 ..#hall
Sporting my spookiest Halloween costume at work 😂😂😂 . . #halloween #rdhumor #spooky #spoopy #scary #thehorror #gluten #foodfear #endfoodfear #woowednesday Смотреть полностью
Madda Pung - Wellness Coach did anyone else go apple picking and have been eating apples on the da
did anyone else go apple picking and have been eating apples on the daily ever since??? 🙋🏻‍♀️ can’t complain though. i haven’t shown you guys a picture of my breakfast in a looooong time because, well, i think you would get sick of seeing my oatmeal 😂 . . whether it’s warm like this one or cold overnight oats, i eat it almost everyday. there have been multiple times in my life where i have cut oats out because i got wrapped up in diet culture or food rules - too many carbs, grains are bad, i should be paleo, blah blah blah. the problem with this is that i was ignoring how MY body feels when i eat oats. i digest them very well, they give me great energy, keep me full, and the most important factor - i love them. . . long story short... don’t cut out certain foods (ESP when it is your favorite food) based on what you see other people do. listen to your body, honor it, and you’ll be much happier ☺️ Смотреть полностью
Lily Waleed Ali Halloween #trickortreat #foodfear #dare #scare #ghosthunt #coolday #ha
Halloween #trickortreat #foodfear #dare #scare #ghosthunt #coolday #hallowe enfright #monsters #scarymusic #halloween #wonderwoman #besties #girls #bestdayever @minalisacooper @heba.hadidi @amina Смотреть полностью
Love Your Body, Love Your Life You know what's scary? 👻.Having a pumpkin spice latte and wonderi
Columbus, Ohio
You know what's scary? 👻 . Having a pumpkin spice latte and wondering if you've exceeded the amount of calories you can have for the day. 🎃 . Maybe you don't think this way (anymore) but many, many people are afraid of eating too many calories. 😭 . When I worked at a cafe I witnessed many people order fat-free, sugar-free lattes thinking they could "cheat the system", but that's how food works friends. 🤦🏽‍♀️ . Facing your food fears is SCARY, but it doesn't have to be. 🙅🏽‍♀️ . I offer a FREE coaching session to anyone/everyone who wants to conquer their fear around food, and I'm HAPPY to help. Food fear is a REAL THING, but it doesn't have to control you. Remember that.🧡 . Link to sign up for a session in my bio. 😎 . . . . #FoodFear #WhatAreYouAfraidOf #FaceYourFear #Boo #LatteArt #Halloween #FoodFreedom #IntuitiveEating #CalorieCounting #Unsustainable #ListenToYourBody #TrustYourself #TrustYourIntuition #EDWarrior #ED #HAES #HealthAtEverySize Смотреть полностью
Love Your Body, Love Your Life Life can be SCARY when your relationship with food haunts your every m
Columbus, Ohio
Life can be SCARY when your relationship with food haunts your every meal. 👻 . Are you afraid of what life might look like to eat without worrying about the calories? 🤔 . This week I'm focusing my posts on FOOD FEARS and I hope you join me. Almost every single one of my clients has had fear/insecurity/anxiety about food or counting calories, and I'm excited to share some insight with you on this topic. . The real question is, do you let your FEAR of food control your life? . . . . . #RealTalk #FoodAnxiety #FoodFear #OvercomeYourFear #FaceYourFears #TrustYourBody #LoveYourself #SelfLove #SelfCare Смотреть полностью
Emma | Fitness 🇦🇺 My face when someone says
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
My face when someone says "are you really gunna eat all that?" 😇 - In all seriousness though I wanted to share a little food attitude win from this week 🙌 As you guys know I had a photoshoot, and in the past I have been susceptible to episodes of overeating or binging after the "event" I've been focusing on has passed 🙄 - Perhaps you guys can relate... you put pressure on yourself to stay "on track" and then once that pressure is released you go a bit overboard in the other direction. - While I definitely did relax post-shoot, there was no overeating or binging like there has been in the past 😊 Slowly but surely I'm balancing out and getting somewhere with my relationship with food - biggest factors being a) not dieting and b) regularly seeing my psych. Feels good man 🙌 #littlevictories . . Wearing luxe lounge hoody and power leggings from @myproteinau Link in bio + EMWIZZMYP saves you 30% and half price shipping Смотреть полностью
Christina Spragins, RDN/LD We all have our fears.  Mine happens to be spiders.  Ugh.  So gross.
Colleyville, Texas
We all have our fears. Mine happens to be spiders. Ugh. So gross. And honestly, I was just kidding... you SHOULDN'T be afraid of spiders... I mean, I desperately need people to save me from them. 😉 Seriously, though, all too often, I speak with people who express fear over food choices. Fear that they'll eat something wrong. Something unhealthy. Something not organic, that contains GMOs or an ingredient that they can't pronounce. It kills me as a dietitian that I see so much fear of food everywhere. That people are afraid to enjoy food without guilt. Seriously, though, I can see where the confusion lies. There's some really convincing info out there. But convincing doesn't necessarily mean reliable. When I look at these resources, I look at where they got their info, who funded it, is there money to be made, how reliable were the studies that they're basing their conclusions on and whether these studies agree with the greater body of evidence available. This is my job as a dietitian. To do my research and tell you the science-based truth when it comes to food. So, here's the truth (which obviously excludes food allergies): No single food or food group will cause weight gain, disease, or death. Period. So, if a diet recommends restricting one, it's a red flag that it may not be a long-term, sustainable option. The hardest part that I see though, is that many times the fear for that particular food lasts well beyond the timeframe that the diet was followed. Now, diet is a very personal choice, and ultimately, the decision is yours. YOU get to decide what's right for YOU. YOU get to decide what works for YOU and your body. But as an RDN, it's my job to present the best information available so that you can make the most informed choice possible. Now tell me, what's your fear? . . . . . . #rdn #registereddietitian #dietitian #nutrition #healthyeating #healthydiet #food #foodfear #mindfuleating #intuitiveeating Смотреть полностью
N A D I A F O O DAs most of you know, for a long period of my teenage years/ear
London, United Kingdom
F O O D As most of you know, for a long period of my teenage years/early early twenties, my relationship with food was complicated. Eating disorders are rarely cookie cutter illnesses. Once I felt that I had conquered my anorexia, bulimia kicked in, then came orthorexia, binge eating... you get it. The physical appearance or behaviours of someone with an eating disorder is not cookie cutter either. An individual may act and look healthy when really they are suffering tremendously inside. Some days I miss my coping mechanism and the control that my eating disorder provided and then I quickly remember that it was hell. A little hell where I felt very lost and numb and lived in fear of almost everything. A hell where I lied to others and lied and hated myself. It’s been a while since I did a post like this. And although my eating disorder still bubbles up in my mind like a quiet whisper, it has no power or place in my life anymore. Life has more weight, more passion, more feeling now. It can often be unsettling and strange. But darling, it’s beautiful, it’s colourful, it’s hilarious, it’s messy, it’s fireworks, it’s rainbows, it’s delicious and it’s exhilarating. There’s a little kid inside of you that lived in peace before it all started and there’s a big kid in you to return to. ✨ My healing began properly through yoga, meditation and, last but not least, mindfulness. I want to use this space to offer gentle reminders that food can be exciting, nourishing, beautiful and delicious. 🥑 Смотреть полностью
Sarah Mirkin, RDN, CPT Flashback Friday Skinny is not pretty! The left side is me in the ye
Flashback Friday Skinny is not pretty! The left side is me in the year 1999. The right is 2018 I wasn’t anorexic, I was sick with chronic carbon monoxide poisoning🔥 . I had no muscle mass, no body fat, I felt sick ALL of the time . I didn’t see it in the mirror . Be careful what you wish for... . AND if you live somewhere with a gas heater get a carbon monoxide tester!!! . #skinnyisnotsexy #skinandbones #skinnynotpretty #strongissexy #strongnotskinny Смотреть полностью
Erina Iwata♡ #スパイラルポテト #生ビール最高#マリスト国際学
#スパイラルポテト #生ビール最高 #マリスト国際学校 #foodfear #フェイスペイント #maristbrothers #inter nationalschool #次女はこの後ギャン泣きでペイント中断 #garagesale #楽しすぎた #仲良しのお友達と 💖 #お昼から予想外のビール 🍺にテンション上がる❤️ #巨大滑り台を楽しむ子供達 #外国のホームメイドスイーツが可愛い ❤️ #ピンクのカップケーキ #パンプキンケーキ #クッキー 🍪 #cottoncandy #おおきいわたあめ #スーパーボールすくい Смотреть полностью
Erina Iwata♡ #スパイラルポテト #生ビール最高#マリスト国際学
#スパイラルポテト #生ビール最高 #マリスト国際学校 #foodfear #フェイスペイント #maristbrothers #inter nationalschool #次女はこの後ギャン泣きでペイント中断 #garagesale #楽しすぎた #仲良しのお友達と 💖 #お昼から予想外のビール 🍺にテンション上がる❤️ #巨大滑り台を楽しむ子供達 #外国のホームメイドスイーツが可愛い ❤️ Смотреть полностью