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American Bully Official .When it’s Friday and you just want to hang out with Mommy❣️.

  • 23.06.2018 03:04
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. When it’s Friday and you just want to hang out with Mommy❣️ . Check out 👉 @ca_bulldogs 👈 They have some finest #bullybreed in the #bullyworld‼️ . #americanbullyofficial #americanbully #xlbully #xlpitbull #bulldog #frenchbulldog #americanbulldog #riversidecalifornia

American Bully Official .Hey Fam, make sure you follow👇👇👇👇👇👇👇@monstero

  • 23.06.2018 02:05
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. Hey Fam, make sure you follow 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 @monsteroutlawbullies @monsteroutlawbullies @monsteroutlawbullies . They have some nice dogs and pups. DM them for more details!

American Bully Official .These are beautiful puppies. Would you crop their ears?.📷credit

  • 21.06.2018 19:01
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. These are beautiful puppies. Would you crop their ears? . 📷credit to @shk_mike_sierra . #americanbullyofficial #americanbully #bullypuppies #croppedears #flappyears

American Bully Official .Malo is a fking #minibull. Check him out 👉 @htcbullys 👈.For

  • 21.06.2018 04:07
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. Malo is a fking #minibull. Check him out 👉 @htcbullys 👈 . For stud service and pups, please contact @htcbullys @htcbullys . #americanbullyofficial #americanbully #microbully #pocketbully #minibully #abkcbully #theabkc #stud

American Bully Official .Holy fk, look at those triceps‼️.📷please DM for photo credi

  • 20.06.2018 19:27
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. Holy fk, look at those triceps‼️ . 📷please DM for photo credit . #americanbullyofficial #americanbully #shredded #triceps #bodybuilding

American Bully Official .For those who haven't seen it yet‼️⛔️⛔️⛔️WHY DO YOU

  • 19.06.2018 19:51
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. For those who haven't seen it yet‼️⛔️⛔️⛔️WHY DO YOU CROP THEIR EARS???⛔️⛔️ this seems to be a common question recently so I have decided to put this to rest once and for all. This is my ear crop post, if anyone asks any questions about ear cropping you will be directed to this post from now on..Followers! if you see or know of anyone asking the same questions, PLEASE tag/shot them out to this post As a dog owner you have the choice of whether you want your dog’s ears cropped, or kept natural. Cropping has been around for centuries and will not be going anywhere anytime soon so you can either accept it, learn about it, or move on.. that being said there are various reasons why we think its best for our dogs to have cropped ears PREVENT INJURY Ears are extremely vascular, that means they bleed very easily. If you didn’t know, ear cropping started with working/catch dogs to prevent worse and more harmful injuries to the dog. Also, When playing rough in a pack, the ears are the first thing to get grabbed and even the smallest nick will bleed out continuously and could be life threatening in some cases. BREED STANDARD If showing these dogs it is preferred by most judges that they have their ears cropped. So if you plan to show your dog cropping is something you would want to look into. PREVENT EAR INFECTIONS Natural/Large flaps over a dogs ear can trap moisture and cause ear infections, when the ear is cropped you have less of a chance of this happening and ears are easy to keep clean. Since our dogs are in or around water daily, cropping keeps them infection free. AESTHETICS We prefer the overall look of a dog with cropped ears. The facial features are accentuated and you can really appreciate the beauty and structure of their head. We believe it enhances the overall look of our dogs. Remember we have nothing against natural ears, or people who choose to keep them on their dogs, it is just not what suits our dogs life style the best , and we want whats best for them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion if you don’t agree with it thats fine this is your place to express it. #dogs #education #americanbullyofficial #americanbully #dogoftheday

American Bully Official .These two boys gonna be a problem‼️FOLLOW them now👇👇👇

Hemet, California

  • 19.06.2018 04:13
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. These two boys gonna be a problem‼️ FOLLOW them now 👇👇👇 @htcbullys @htcbullys @htcbullys . #americanbullyofficial #americanbully #bullybreed #pocketbully #microbully #abkcbully #abkcstrong #theabkc

American Bully Official .FOLLOW this mountain lion@raymentbossbullykennels@raymentbossbully

  • 18.06.2018 17:16
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. FOLLOW this mountain lion @raymentbossbullykennels @raymentbossbullykennels @raymentbossbullykennels . Make sure you turn your notification to get daily updates! . #americanbullyofficial #americanbully #bullybreed #pocketbully #theabkc #ambully

American Bully Official .Like father. Like son. 🐶❤️.📷credit to @abpk_glenn.#ame

  • 16.06.2018 17:07
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. Like father. Like son. 🐶❤️ . 📷credit to @abpk_glenn . #americanbullyofficial #americanbully #ambully #theabkc #abkcbully #pocketbully #fatherandson #love

American Bully Official .Make sure you FOLLOW@ca_bulldogs @ca_bulldogs.They’re going to

Riverside, California

  • 16.06.2018 04:27
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. Make sure you FOLLOW @ca_bulldogs @ca_bulldogs . They’re going to be making a LOT of noise in the Bully community‼️ . #americanbullyofficial #americanbully #xlbully #xlpitbull #bulldog #california

American Bully Official .The feeling of a Friday when everyone is getting paid 💵.#americ

  • 15.06.2018 16:30
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. The feeling of a Friday when everyone is getting paid 💵 . #americanbullyofficial #pocketbully #americanbully #theabkc #abkcbully #tgif #happy @abpk_glenn

American Bully Official .FOLLOW this beautiful girl at@ca_bulldogs@ca_bulldogs@ca_bulldogs

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. FOLLOW this beautiful girl at @ca_bulldogs @ca_bulldogs @ca_bulldogs . #americanbullyofficial #exoticbully #americanbully #pitbull #exoticbullies ##frenchbulldog #englishbulldog #englishbulldogs #bulldog #california