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Earth Admirer ➰Plant Over Processed • Sustainable Living ➰Vegan Recipes'n Tips • mum ➰Wifey • NS, Hawaii • Where Focus Goes Energy Flows✌🏽💦 WEBSITE⤵️

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 Practicing bathing baby bradda! 🚿🛁🤰🏽👶🏽Welcome to our

  • 15.07.2018 20:38
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Practicing bathing baby bradda! 🚿🛁🤰🏽👶🏽Welcome to our fancy dancy shower! Hehe. I know a lot of you are interested in sustainable brands and so want to share my absolute favorites here and there! Here’s one for you if you’re looking for a 100% naturally derived, waste-free, cruelty-free, vegan and palm oil-free line made of biodegradable ingredients and compostable packaging that leaves no trace on the planet (and it smells like heaven and feels like buttery heaven on your skin), check out @ethiqueusa ! ♻️💙🌎💦 They create solid bars ranging from natural deodorants, to body scrubs and polishes, to face moisturizers! They are on a mission to reduce plastic waste which makes me happy to support! Check em out!! #sponsored #ethique #reduceplastics #naturalbeauty #vegan #sustainability #zerowaste

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 RASPBERRY DREAMIN! 💗🥥🍨 Vegan, no appliance needed but a good

  • 12.07.2018 20:48
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RASPBERRY DREAMIN! 💗🥥🍨 Vegan, no appliance needed but a good blender or food processor, banana free (if ya want), naturally finger licking scrumptious nice cream RECIPE below! ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾But first a little coconut bowl update! My limited edition JUMBO Bowls and spoons are sold out in EU and AUS with some left in USA so if ya want some go get em quick! 🥄🥥💕 Link in bio and stories! And if you are out of US there is a link on my stories to also get them for those asking! Then... here’s a recipe to fill that slice of paradise bowl of yours 🌴🥄😍🍓🍇🍉🥥 DIY 3 ingredient yummy healthy kine icecream! Ingredients: 🥥1 2/3 cups frozen Raspberries 🥥1 cup full fat Coconut Cream from 1 can of coconut milk or my favorite is using natural coconut cream from the frozen section of the the store. If using canned let coconut cream separate from the water in the fridge and then scoop off the cream. (Save the coconut water). 🥥1 heaping tablespoon coconut sugar or maple syrup. METHOD: mix frozen raspberries with coconut cream and sugar, add a tablespoon at a time of coconut water but just enough to blend! Et Viola! A healthy ice cream alternative! (Mango is an amazing alternative too 😍) -you can store in freezer for 2 weeks but best right away!

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 bon appétit family!!🥑🍇🥗🥐First all of how contagious is Sh


  • 11.07.2018 20:10
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bon appétit family!!🥑🍇🥗🥐First all of how contagious is Shem’s smile! Besides he’s luscious body, sultry voice and charming sense of humor, his smile is what gets me every time💗😋 it is amazing to visit boutique little restaurants and cafes all around the world doing amazing things, ran by passionate creative individuals who care about supporting a healthful and ecological movement like this tiny gem! It’s so inspiring! If you’re in Hossegor.... or with a few hours... it’s worth the trek to this tiny shack on the beach for a Buddha bowl or the prettiest acai bowls you’ve ever seen! I’ll post a closer look at the food on my stories cuz it’s just so purty✌🏾#france #plantbased #healthyonthego #vegan #hossegor #lemangotree

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 Blessed are the curious for they will always be entertained!💭💗


  • 10.07.2018 21:20
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Blessed are the curious for they will always be entertained!💭💗🤰🏽✨ I am constantly amazed by the creation of life but even more so may be my Ira! Every day he asks so many questions like: ‘mom are you going pop!?’ ‘But when the baby comes out, does fire come out to?’ 😂 ‘when will it not be an alien and be a real baby?’ 🤔 Does the baby dance? What does he say to you all day?’ He loves to ask what he’s doing in there and recap the highlights of his day to him! The curiosity and excitement of what is to come lately reminds me how precious new chapters in life are! We all have them! The trick is to find the adventure, passion and joy and soak the most out of every stage huh! What chapter are you currently in? School? Boyfriend- finding true love? Chasing dreams? New marriage? babies? Finding a career, becoming a grandma or grandpa? It’s all, every stage; so exciting! I’m hoping this one of being a mamma bear to my little cubs is a chapter that lasts a very long time and I hope whatever chapter you are in you’re living it to the fullest! 😘😘

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 PINK PASSION CREAM vegan style!💗🍨💗✌🏾I’m so excited to

  • 08.07.2018 19:40
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PINK PASSION CREAM vegan style!💗🍨💗✌🏾I’m so excited to announce @coconutbowls and I have just launched the second + final round of my limited edition eco-friendly JUMBO Where Focus Goes Energy Goes COcONUT BOWLS and SPOONS WOrLDWIDE! 🥥🌎💦 I am so stoked to share one of our families absolute favorite every day items with you! They just makes food better, Smoothie bowl parties more fun; and brings the tropics home! annnd it’s a purchase you can feel good about (all bowls are 100% recycled coconut)♻️🥥💗 To get click link in bio 👆🏾or in stories! Limited supply! Let me know if you got one!! Lots of love!! PS let me know if ya want this recipe and I can post tomorrow! 🌸✌🏾🌸✌🏾🌸

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 If you can believe it you can achieve it! ;) ✌🏾🌊🤰🏽🇫


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If you can believe it you can achieve it! ;) ✌🏾🌊🤰🏽🇫🇷🌷I read this quote the other day that really hit me- it went like this, ‘if you don’t change the direction you’re going, you might end up where you are heading!’ 🤯💕 Have you ever asked yourself, ‘am I doing what I need to do to get to where I want to go?’ Am I living my life the way I want to live, no matter what the influences may be around me? It’s such a simple concept but it’s the biggest reminder that we are in charge of our decisions and unique lives! No one else. 💪🏽I’ll tell you from personal experience, that the best decisions of my life usually seemed the most illogical at the time, maybe even the most judged or shut down but when I stuck to my gut; the outcome always spoke for it self! I need this reminder! We’ve only got one life, so we best live it our way! Right! Hope you all are doing great! 🙏🏽💕 ~We checked in to a cute Bed and breakfast at Hossegor! Anyone have any fooooodie suggestions?! 😍 ps we took almost this exact pic 1 year ago, so had to retake with the 3rd bro in it😜might be 4 one day! Haha oh and ya!! I’m launching the second and last round of my jumbo where focus goes energy flows bowls and spoons tomorrow if ya want some ;)

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 C'est la Vie!! 🤙🏾🇫🇷 🥖🌷You will find me here!🤰🏽

Lacanau, Aquitaine, France

  • 04.07.2018 18:08
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C'est la Vie!! 🤙🏾🇫🇷 🥖🌷You will find me here!🤰🏽☀️But hopefully next time under an umbrella with four times as many cherries🍒🍒 I love this country so much. Everything is sweet, even the sand feels like brown sugar, and air smells like candy! What is your favorite Country? Or dream place to visit?! ☁️🌎✈️ We changed our plans and are staying out here for a bit. We have a few things we need to do so will be taking it pretty mellow for the next week staying with friends in Bordeaux and Lacanau! I’m curious for your plans this summer! And if you have tips for staying healthy and flu free while traveling! My top three things would be- carry fresh fruit with you everywhere. Eat that even if you want to indulge in something like pastries. For me it’s better than nuts cuz it fills me up and hydrates. 2. Clean water always and order a salad with every meal, even if it’s just a side (it can)- the more living foods the more you’ll feel allliiiiive and can enjoy that super special time of travel! 3. Pack probiotic and a good multivitamin and a bit of activated charcoal to take if you think you’re coming down with any sort of bug! Simple simple but makes all the difference for us! Hope you all are doing great!! ✌🏾💕💕💕💕 #france #travel #20weekspregnant #traveltips

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 With a birds eye view, anything is possible! ✌🏾💕🐥Feeling li

At the Top, Burj Khalifa

  • 01.07.2018 22:03
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With a birds eye view, anything is possible! ✌🏾💕🐥Feeling like fish outta water sitting on top the worlds largest building after a week of playing tourists in this insanely unique melting pot concrete jungle! Even more than the fact that you can surf in the ocean in the morning, snowboard in the afternoon and roam the dessert at night is meeting the people of this country. To hear first hand people’s views on culture, religion, politics and personal family journeys has such been quite unique and nothing I love more than listening! It’s definitely been as eye opening and educational as it’s been super duper fun! We are now in France!! Not sure where we are even going to sleep yet buuut that’s what I’m kinda most excited about-the unknown of the next wee bit! I’m craving camping for a bit, fresh air and just unplugging a bit. Has anyone done camping here? Or Italy actually too? Bnb’s are always amazing here too... anyway! Hope you’re all having a beautiful day!!

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 You had us at Lego IceCream! 🤩🥞👅🤘🏾 what’s your ultima

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • 30.06.2018 20:43
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You had us at Lego IceCream! 🤩🥞👅🤘🏾 what’s your ultimate favorite breakfast?! Gluten Free Vegan Waffles with v. chocolate, fresh berries and coconut based lego Ice cream is giving my fav go to “green goddess” concoction smoothies and avo chili toast a run for their money haha! Coulda taken a nap after this breaky but went for a fun surf & paddle! I don’t think my maple syrup smiley face is going to be as cool to my boys any more so thanks for that @surfhousedubai @singlefindubai 😉😘 experiencing all the many plant based and vegan options here has been nothing short of entertaining and today it was fun to make one of our favorites for this cafe today! We definitely will be bringing home some recipes to make and of course share! @mydubai

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 ‘A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to i

Platinum Heritage Dubai

  • 29.06.2018 20:52
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‘A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions’.-✌🏾🐫🧞‍♂️love that! We found a bigger beach than home! Except this one is a vast sea of endless sand dunes, camels, oryk and scorpions running around! Today we got to experience the land and culture of the Arabian Desert! We ate a traditional dinner cooked on stone and fire of lentil soup, flat bread, curry and rice under tents while people danced, told stories and sang! It’s an experience we’ll never forget! PS can you see the sunset blasting behind us! This side of the world is magic and my only wish is to get to know it more! 🙏🏽👣🦂🐫 @mydubai @platinumheritage 🐫 #dubai #middleast #desertsafari #arabiandesert

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 Amping on da grinds!!🌴👌🏾👅Entered a felafel, hummus, olive,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • 28.06.2018 06:04
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Amping on da grinds!!🌴👌🏾👅Entered a felafel, hummus, olive, roasted to perfection saffron potato, jumbo exotic fruit, date utopia since landing! @mydubai is an foodie heaven!! If ya want a good hummus recipe, I have one on my blog! And if you can’t eat chickpeas an amazing substitute you can use us mungbeans! One of the funnest ways to start transitioning your diet is to go out and explore options! Anyone who thinks going plant based will be giving up flavor and options may be beautifully mistaken ;) #mydubai #lunchtime #noms #vegan #travel

Plant Based Hawaii 🌴 ALOHa DUBAI!! 🤙🏾🧞‍♂️🌎 If this is a dream... please l

Madinat Jumeirah

  • 26.06.2018 20:01
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ALOHa DUBAI!! 🤙🏾🧞‍♂️🌎 If this is a dream... please let it last just a lil longer! 😭🙏🏽🎉Not in a million years did I imagine us bustling around the UAE like this! It feels like we’ve entered a different dimension~ a planet where anything and everything is possible! ☁️🧞‍♂️👽 We’re so so excited to be here for the next week with @mydubai to share some family adventures! Have you ever been?! Any suggestions would be amazing! It’s impossible to pick! And if anything you’re interesting in seeing or knowing let me know in the comments! 🤙🏾 I’ll be sharing more on IG stories if you’re interesting! @jumeirahalqasr, you are magic💫⭐️👣! xox #redisovermadinat #mydubai #dubai #dubai #travel