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Jenny Falter Souto Love is our legacy
Love is our legacy
Jenny Falter Souto There’s no happiness in the tomorrowThere is only the present mome
There’s no happiness in the tomorrow There is only the present moment! You only have the now so own it! There’s no guarantee for a tomorrow, There’s no time to borrow, You are the one for today, He is yours today, you say! She is yours today, There’s no tomorrow, I know it’s so cliche’ You cannot know if two will be forever, There’s no forever, just a wholehearted whatsoever! When you think about another person being all you want them to be, Maybe change your thoughts to how you will show up for thee, The only thing that changes the relationship, Is the thoughts that come between our ears that bring either love or hardship! If you don’t love yourself, Then, how is there enough left for your partner to love thyself? Be present to your thoughts today, Don’t analyze so much that you lose the present gift of this day! #lifecoach #presense #loveyourself #fortoday #to postdivorce #love #mindset #chooseyourthoughts Смотреть полностью
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Jenny Falter Souto 💕 Feel my love💕I don’t pretend to be someone,Just to have y
💕 Feel my love💕 I don’t pretend to be someone, Just to have you be the one, I love you and I’ll never stop, I’m sure of this and what it’s not! Expand this heart of mine, Clearly you have opened the divine! Feel my love, Fly like a dove! #lovealways #purelove #openheart #atticus #practicingmypoems Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto First ride on a Surrey!Governor’s Island here we come!We found al
Governors Island
First ride on a Surrey! Governor’s Island here we come! We found all of the fun! We walked, explored and so much more, Pat gave me an adventure I couldn’t help but adore! We found a spooky kids playground, And we drove this surrey all around! Laughing all the way, God driving us around all day! Sometimes, we thought we had control, But only when we were on patrol! Art in the park, ice cream sandwiches, Pushing ourselves up the hills because we lost the electric switches! Ok, there weren’t any electric switches, Only manual leg twitches! What a memory for my birthday! I’d loved my special day to play! #firsttimesurrey #govenorsisland #laughandplay #loveher #grateful #thanksforbirthdaycelebration #livelife #lifecoach Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto Love is all you need in a lifetimeLove is the ultimate gift,Love ea
Love is all you need in a lifetime Love is the ultimate gift, Love each other as if you’re adrift! Give all of your heart! It’s the start! Love even when it hurts, Answer with love first! The more love you put in, The more love wins! Don’t be afraid, Love isn’t made! Love is being all of you who are, So go all in to be the star you are! #lovehard #lovewins #loveevenwhenithurts #love #loveturnstheworld #lifecoach #lover Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto Smirk 😏 Do you ever wonder what someone is thinking? 🤔 You see
Smirk 😏 Do you ever wonder what someone is thinking? 🤔 You see their face and and you wonder what they are imagining! They have a grin, You want in! What’s going on inside? Telepathy powers you wish to find. Would you want to know? Or would it be too dope? Do you feel my thoughts? Can you see inside my mind or are you distraught? My mind is my mystery, Quite possibly an inquiry. For now, let’s enjoy the pondering 🤔 For its fun to speak about the mind wandering. #sillythoughts #readmymind #labordaythoughts #smirk #lifecoach Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto E-bike ride fun!Explore the nature near you,It’s never limited to
E-bike ride fun! Explore the nature near you, It’s never limited to just a few! So many places to find, It will blow your mind, Be open, don’t be afraid, It’s all within walking distance away! It’s all for you to see, All the places for you to be! Nature is never too far away, To find a place to play! #firstebikeride #explorenature #loveriding #holidayride #loveexploring #somuchfun Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto BeautyFlowers 🌺 so teach us about life,They are an abbreviated s
Beauty Flowers 🌺 so teach us about life, They are an abbreviated slice, An analogy of their quick season, From bud to bloom, quick reason, Humans are blessed to have such a long season, To enjoy their life with great freedom, Beauty and intensity, To grace thee! Blessed are we, To be able to just “be” To live in simplicity, Embrace the authenticity! Behold the beauty, Lessons for us all to see! #loveflowers #beauty #wow #beautifulworld #beautyisallaroundus Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto Memories Life happens so fast,When you’re having a blast!Shoshon
Shoshone Falls State Park
Memories Life happens so fast, When you’re having a blast! Shoshone Falls is the most amazing, Sends us into a mental state a blazin’ Natural wonders of the world, Always so much more to explore! #lovenature #shoshonefalls #myhomestateofidaho #lovemakingmemories #iamblessed #familyalways Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto Memories! Ironman 70.3 It was such an amazing event,Swim, bike, run
Memories! Ironman 70.3 It was such an amazing event, Swim, bike, run represent! All theses miles, Creating finish line smiles! Made me proud to commit, No giving up even when I was spent! Signed up again in 2020, Mont Tremblant is where i spent the money! Let’s do it again, Pushing limits and being, Jen! #makingironman70 .3 #monttremblant70 .3 #committedironman #2020 #letsdothis #swimbikerun #lifecoach Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto Speak from the 💕Meeting someone for the first time,It’s easy t
Speak from the 💕 Meeting someone for the first time, It’s easy to feel the heart unwind, Trust your feeling inside, Do you trust this person to be kind? Energy is the deal, let the heart feel, Know that you can trust yourself for real! It’s in an instant that you can feel the connection, Show up in the world with conviction! Stay alive full of life and make it contagious, Make this day, this moment a pure intended infection! Let your heart open and be vulnerable, In spite of the possibility of being uncomfortable! Connect within your soul, Don’t hold back anymore! Be the light and shine, Allow all to be in the divine! Your heart is beating for you, Allow it to show all on cue! #lovefiercely #letlovein #receivelove #hearts #loveyourself #openyourheart #nofear #lifecoach #beyou Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto What’s light your inner fire?The hot flames burning inside,Bright
What’s light your inner fire? The hot flames burning inside, Bright inner flames intensify! Feel the heat as it begins to rise, No doubt you must see it through your eyes! The flames flickering so wrecklessly discerning, Open and feel free to desire the yearning, Keep the light inside lit, It will make your life so legit! #firesburn #letyourlightshine #soulfire #lifeonfire #lifecoach #innerfire #feeltheburn Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto Might wanna duck!In life you must find the delight,Laugh, smile and
Calverton, New York
Might wanna duck! In life you must find the delight, Laugh, smile and find the joy tonight! Ride a bike with your friend, Even if you must “duck” in the end! Find and serve your running friends, You’ll never forget this moment so don’t pretend Love on your friends because life is all there is, Keep living for the moment, not the biases! Love my life! Can’t believe this feels so right! #livenow #lovelife #imsoblessed #love #friendsmakemelaugh #bikewithpegs #cruiserbike #serverunningfriends #laugh #lifecoach #feelingthelove #fullheart #icandietoday #lovelivesinmyheart Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto Be your Own Super Hero! 🦸🏻‍♀️ Life is happening for you,D
Be your Own Super Hero! 🦸🏻‍♀️ Life is happening for you, Don’t forget that this is true! Forever your life is always within you, It’s easy to forget that you get to choose, All choices lead to consequences, And more circumstances! There’s never a wrong decision, Just a different direction with precision, Embrace your life, Or you’ll always have strife, Dream up your superhero, And be that type of pro and grow! Dare to be free, And be all you were meant to be! #beyourownsuperhero #dare #beyou #lifecoach #befree #daretodream Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto Fantastic!Bathing in the sea,Energizes me!Swimming in the salt wa
Fantastic! Bathing in the sea, Energizes me! Swimming in the salt water, Frees the spirit and it can’t get hotter🔥 Weightless movement to be, Feeling one with all I see! Entering the womb of the sea, Into the world of the creatures fancy-free! Come swim with me, Feel and be free! #weightless #freemovement #swiminsea #tritraining #lovefridays #cedarbeach #friends #lifecoach Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto Building your 💪 strength!It’s so easy,To make our bodies move
Building your 💪 strength! It’s so easy, To make our bodies move so freely, You’re right to fight, Our bodies love to move and be tight! Don’t forget to find a way to move it, Dance 💃, lift weights, just don’t sit! You won’t regret moving and grooving, Physically moving and and renewing! Everyday getting stronger, Living without regrets any longer! Go get it and you’ll never regret it Come on and get lit! 🔥 #buildingmindset #nobailing #workout #weights #gettingstronger #lifecoach Смотреть полностью
Jenny Falter Souto “What’s right is everything that’s left when everything is wrong
“What’s right is everything that’s left when everything is wrong” -Robin Williams
Jenny Falter Souto
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