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Single Mom of 2 awesome teens + 1 FIV ex feral kitty veggie15 yrs. Going vegan. I repost animals from every country. I dont rescue them. 🙏 #boston

krissy o #pawsitivepawsrescues -  It never ends!!! Come get the best gift of ev

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#pawsitivepawsrescues - It never ends!!! Come get the best gift of everlasting unconditional love and slobbery kisses. Seriously how can anyone say no to this face!?! Starfish #A622090 ***Plz note Starfish is located in Tucson Arizona and is NOT available for out of state nor country adoption however he does thank you for the love and support *** - #regrann

krissy o :#lnsta_dogs -  Shar Pei & Frozen Strawberry, battle till the bitter

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: #lnsta_dogs - Shar Pei & Frozen Strawberry, battle till the bitter but sweet end. 🍓❄️😍 (📹: #crinkle.cuts) #sharpei #strawberry - #regrann

krissy o #newyorkbullycrew -  Everyone meet Han Solo who we rescued when he was

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#newyorkbullycrew - Everyone meet Han Solo who we rescued when he was found living his life outside in the cold. He is safe with us at NYBC and has settled in nicely. He is just an absolute all around great dog. He is 10 years old, great on the leash and could definitely live with another dog. Although he was never properly socialized in his past, he shows signs that he could coexist with a balanced dog so proper intro and Pack walk a must if you have another dog. Please apply to adopt or foster this awesome senior boy today at If you are aware of a dog living in a similar situation like Han Solo was, please do something. We are their only voice🙏🐾 #upforadoption #HanSoloNybc #nybc #newyorkbullycrew #speakingfortheoneswhocant #bringtheminside #adoptdontshop #savepits - #regrann

krissy o #rescuedogsrocknyc -  Sickening to Watch these innocent lives being tr

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#rescuedogsrocknyc - Sickening to Watch these innocent lives being treated like this with such neglect and disregard The 2 babies cling to each other in this video for life in this Kill Shelter 😢 Where is the respect ??? Where is the humanity ? They came into this Texas Kill shelter in this condition , thrown onto the hard concrete disease infested floor in obviously very critical and weak condition The bigger dog and the 2 pups are not related except for their sad medical condition We are so disgusted everyday to be confronted with this harsh reality Once again we will be their protector and savior and get them the help they so desperately need We have named the larger pup Mulani And the 2 babies PO and Mishi The good NEWS they are out of this shelter NOW AND SAFE !!! We hope they SURVIVE WILL YOU HELP THEM ? They need donations for their medical care GO TO PAY PAL We appreciate the support !! #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc #betheirvoice #adoptisthenewshop #adopt #love #dogs #rescueismyfavoritebreed #voiceforthevoiceless #adopt #nyc  #whywerescue #weeklyfluff #dogsofinstagram #dogsofnyc #foster #newyorkcity #rescuedogs - #regrann

krissy o #erindogovich -  RESERVED😀😀HAZEL - #21010 - #Brooklyn - Rescue

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#erindogovich - RESERVED😀😀 HAZEL - #21010 - #Brooklyn - Rescue Only TO BE DESTROYED 02/22/18: ****MUST BE PULLED BY A NEW HO ** Being SCARED should NOT be a reason to KILL me !!! ** Little Maltipoo girl Hazel NEEDS YOU NOW . FOR a NEW Family to KNOW: Little Hazel is described as beautiful, mellow & independent. Her favorite things are lounging around, her family & she loves, loves loves taking a bath. Always well-behaved, she does well on & off leash & would always stay close to the owners side. This little lady is very nervous at the shelter. Given time to adjust, decompress, love & TLC she will be fine once she is out feeling safe & loved again. Just give her a chance, you'll see! ADULT-ONLY, loving new home to lay her weary head RIGHT NOW! PLEASE, APPLY to 3 RESCUES TO Save her Life . Hazel Small Mixed Breed Second Maltese Miniature Poodle Sex female Spayed yes Age 9 yrs (approx.) Weight 16 lbs My health has been checked. My vaccinations & My worming is up to date. I have been micro-chipped. DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 9 reported Microchip noted on Intake? no History: owner surrender (moving) Observed Behavior - Calm Evidence of Cruelty seen -n Evidence of Trauma seen -n Objective T = P =60 R =wnl BCS5/9 EENT: Eyes clear, flaky otitis, no nasal or ocular discharge noted Oral Exam: dental dz and gingivitis c/w age PLN: /G:spayed, records provided MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, healthy hair coat CNS: Assessment: otitis externa Prognosis: good Plan: mometamax au sid Basic Information:: Hazel has chronic ear infections. Owner had #Hazel since she was 1 years old . Previously lived with:: 2 Adults, 2 Children Around strangers, Hazel is shy for a few days. If someone approaches her or tries to pet her when she first meets them, she will bark, growl and may even snap. Owner had 2 children ages 6 and 13 in the home and stated that Hazel was usually respectful around both children. In a group of small male & female #dogs, Hazel mostly explores the yard. growls at cats. RESOURCE guarding:: Hazel will bark, growl and snap if someone tries to take away her food, treats or toys. Bite history:2 Y

krissy o #newyorkbullycrew -  LOOK AT HIM SMILE! ❤️❤️What love can do!

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#newyorkbullycrew - LOOK AT HIM SMILE! ❤️❤️What love can do! HE IS IN QUARANTINE- Keep in mind, Valentino must be kept quarantined until he is not contagious, but he is happy and healing!!! -Valentino is receiving his chemotherapy treatment for his sticker tumors, the antibiotics he is taking is helping his neck wound heal. He has a healthy appetite and is feeling more comfortable. We ask if you can contribute to his care, we need to get Valentino wet food so he is more comfortable eating. Please donate to his care at > Adopt > Dire Cases > VALENTINO 🐾Remember he must be segregated from the other animals because the sticker tumors are currently contagious while undergoing treatment. He is still unsure about his bed. Sometimes he lays in, sometimes he is lies on the floor. PLEASE HELP VALENTINO IN HONDURAS 💔 Thank you always for your prayers and support 🙏🏻 🐾We are speechless at the condition that this baby is in. How did a young pup get in this severe shape??? 🐾In honor of Bendito, we want to give the unwanted dignity and grace, so we have committed to Valentino. Valentino's neck was tied with a rope that had never been taken off since he was a puppy. Someone told our colleague in Honduras of him. He was found with a large, long broken rope still tied around his neck. Valentino was sleeping on the streets, with rotting flesh, severe sticker tumors everywhere, fleas, ticks, emaciated and just in terrible shape. His overall condition is heartbreaking. His rescuer had to walk home for miles at night carrying him in her arms as the taxis refused to allow her in the cars. She was able to find one that would drive her but had to pay double the fare.  Valentino had late night emergency care for flea and tick treatment and bloodwork.  Results are pending and he will be returning to the hospital ASAP of further treatment.  Please stay tuned for more details and info as we receive. #valentinonybc #nybchonduras #bigorsmall #savethemall - #regrann

krissy o #my_dexy_dex -  #dexterfoundation・・・EMERGENCY FOSTER NEEDED AS

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#my_dexy_dex - #dexterfoundation ・・・ EMERGENCY FOSTER NEEDED ASAP! Little Tuco's #mom died suddenly and he needs a place to go. Not only does her family not want Tuco, but they're keeping him in the yard. He spent last night outside in the freezing cold. As soon as we heard his story we immediately sent a volunteer to get him. We'll board him at our vet so at least he'll be warm. Imagine if your mom died and then you're turned out into the cold all alone. So sad! If you can #foster this sweet little #dog please email He's 7 yrs old, house trained and dog #friendly. Please repost, share or whatever it takes to help Tuco! #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #cutedogs #manhattanbeach #santamonica #weho #dailyfluff #Redondobeach #photooftheday #chihuahua #chihuahualife #chihuahuasofig #LOSANGELES #TOT #seniordogs #Palosverdes #dogsofinstagram #fosteringsaveslives #fosterneeded #savealifefosteradog - #regrann

krissy o More puppies and stairs Regrann from #cuter -  I feel bad for laughin

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More puppies and stairs Regrann from #cuter - I feel bad for laughing 😭😂 Follow ➡️ #cuter Credit: Unknown(DM me) - #regrann

krissy o #erindogovich -  PANDA - #20504 - #Manhattan - Publicly AdoptableTO B

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#erindogovich - PANDA - #20504 - #Manhattan - Publicly Adoptable TO BE DESTROYED 02/22/18 I am a desexed male white dog. The shelter thinks I am about 2 years 1 weeks old. I came into the shelter as a STRAY on 12-Feb-2018. Panda is AT RISK for medical reasons, having been diagnosed with Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex, which is contagious to other dogs. Panda also has some mild dental disease. BEHAVIORALLY, we suggest that Panda would be best suited to an ADULT ONLY HOME. . A volunteer writes: This pint-sized Panda has a big personality & a playful spirit. He's well-trained, #dog friendly, happy to share his toys...& just look at him pose! Panda's almost more adorable than his namesake, & whether you're looking for a sidekick to go outdoor adventuring or a snuggle #buddy to nuzzle on the couch, you've come to the right place. Active yet never hyper, he could happily play the whole day away & loves to fetch, get into tug-o-war or just leap about like a #kangaroo on his stubby little legs. Around other pups he's joyfully bouncy, but bring out the #camera (and some treats!) & Panda will come, sit & wait patiently on command. He's a well-trained walker, too, checking in frequently with his person at the other end of the leash. Panda is very affectionate & really loves to snuggle, #cuddling up to the legs of staff & wagging his tail as I pet him. HE shown some handling sensitivity around his paws, so would like to find a home where there are no wee folks down at his level who might accidentally touch them. #Charming, cheerful & cute as a button😍 MEDICAL NOTES Weight: 41 lbs 12/02/2018 DVM Intake Exam Estimated age: 2-5 years based on dentition and overall impression Microchip Scanned negative on intake - MC placed during exam HISTORY : Stray, no hx available Subjective: Alert, barking when left alone. Observed Behavior allowed all handling. BEHAVIOR: Green #Panda had a loose & wiggly body. Panda was wagging his tail & came to Counselor when he was called over. Panda was curious & walking around, sniffing the area. Panda allowed all handling & was receptive to petting. 🔅ADOPTION LINK......

krissy o #thedodo -  This very loyal rooster runs to meet his favorite girl at

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#thedodo - This very loyal rooster runs to meet his favorite girl at the bus stop every single day! 😭🐓 #rooster #farmlife #animalsofig (📹: #frogtherooster) - #regrann

krissy o #worldanimalnews -  The only way to see Orcas is in the wild! Bremer C

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#worldanimalnews - The only way to see Orcas is in the wild! Bremer Canyon killer whale breaching along side a boat 🙌🌊🐋- - Video: #billly_thom #fathomlesslife - 🌍👉#worldanimalnews #peace_4animals - #regrann

krissy o #worldanimalnews -  By: #international_animal_rescue -We are pleased

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#worldanimalnews - By: #international_animal_rescue - We are pleased to report that our team in Indonesia has successfully returned fifteen slow lorises to their home in the #rainforest.- - Each of these lorises were #victims of the illegal #pet trade and were rescued by our team just in time. They have been undergoing #treatment and rehabilitation at our centre – the only slow loris #rescue centre in Indonesia.- - The lorises have all completed a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation process. They have progressed through quarantine, a series of health checks, regular behavioural monitoring and feed enrichment until they were all finally pronounced healthy and ready for release back to the wild.- - The preparation for reintroducing the lorises into the wild is a lengthy and costly one and must be carried out in line with strict operational procedures.- - In addition, habitat assessments are carried out at the release sites and post-release monitoring is used to ensure the successful survival of the lorises once they are back in the forest.- - Post-release monitoring lasts for at least six months and is carried out using a ‘radio collar’ fitted around the neck of the loris.- - The radio transmits a signal to the receiver used by the monitoring team. This tool helps to locate the loris and monitor its progress in adapting to its new natural surroundings.- - We are proud to be able to give these lorises the life that should never have been taken away from them – thank you for helping to make this possible. 🙏💛🙌- - Via: #international_animal_rescue #dp4k.m - 🌍👉#worldanimalnews #peace_4animals - #regrann

krissy o #worldanimalnews -  Proving once again that they are not monkeying aro

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#worldanimalnews - Proving once again that they are not monkeying around when it comes to the rights of animals, outspoken animal advocates are responsible for the cancelation of a controversial rodeo that was scheduled to take place this summer in #Connecticut.- - Last weekend, upon learning that the #YardGoats, Hartford’s minor league baseball team, was promoting an appearance by the #CowboyMonkeyRodeo during one of its games, #OurCompanionsAnimalRescue began a successful campaign to stop the event before it was able to start. 👏🐒👏- - Read More 🌍👉 #worldanimalnews #peace_4animals #ourcompanions - #regrann

krissy o #pawsitivepawsrescues -  This sweet little boy! Lord let him continue

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#pawsitivepawsrescues - This sweet little boy! Lord let him continue to be this way,Regrann from #zeljko_zoricic - What's your first reaction? Comment below! 👇👇👇 Credits: unknown source. DM for credits/removal. Follow 👉 #zeljko_zoricic 👈 for more! 👣😁👍❤ 👉 Turn on post notifications! 👈 - #regrann - #regrann

krissy o #worldanimalnews -  An 18-year-old convicted of trying to smuggle a Be

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#worldanimalnews - An 18-year-old convicted of trying to smuggle a Bengal tiger cub into San Diego from Mexico late last year was sentenced in court on Tuesday.- - Luis Eudoro Valencia of Perris, California, received six months in prison and three years of supervised release for his attempt to smuggle the 6-pound tiger cub, that was thought to be between five and six weeks old at the time, into the country.- - Prosecutors found that Valencia’s cell phone data revealed that he was, in fact, running an animal smuggling business which included the sale of monkeys, lions, and tigers among other exotic and endangered animals for thousands of dollars.-💔🐅💔- - #ENDWILDLIFETRAFFICKING - - READ MORE: 🌍👉 #worldanimalnews #peace_4animals - - #regrann

krissy o Dogs and stairs Regrann from #lnsta_dogs -  Corgnelious & Stumphrey,

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Dogs and stairs Regrann from #lnsta_dogs - Corgnelious & Stumphrey, bouncing down the stairs. 😂🙈 (📹: #corgnelius) #corgi #bounce - #regrann

krissy o #squidthegriff -

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#squidthegriff - "99 bottles of 'wine' on the wall, 99 bottles of wine. Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of wine on the wall...." 🥂 #boozehound - #regrann

krissy o #shelter.tales -  #tanyasrocksforjustice UPDATE on the pup from 2 prec

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#shelter.tales - #tanyasrocksforjustice UPDATE on the pup from 2 precious posts! The rescue named him Achilles 💙 PLEASE MAKE YOUR DONATIONS DIRECTLY TO THE VET: call Crystal Creek Animal Hospital at 407-203-0741 and say that you are donating to (FBLR Account) you can also donate through PayPal by sending money to: #shelterpets #shelterdogs #fosteringsaveslives #justiceforanimals #speakupforthevoiceless #shelterpetsarenotdamaged #rescue #sweetbaby #fosteringsaveslives #shelterpetsrock #emergencyfunds #help #share #saveAchilles #teamAchilles 🙏🏼 - #regrann