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Pakistan #10YearChallenge Nawaz Sharif.Via @official.hasley.pakistan#igpk #
#10YearChallenge Nawaz Sharif. Via @official.hasley.pakistan #igpk #pakistan
Pakistan #10YearChallenge Imran Khan.Via @official.hasley.pakistan#igpk #pa
#10YearChallenge Imran Khan. Via @official.hasley.pakistan #igpk #pakistan
Pakistan #10YearChallenge Pakistan's official car.Lamha e Fikriya#igpk #pak
#10YearChallenge Pakistan's official car. Lamha e Fikriya #igpk #pakistan
Pakistan #10YearChallenge via WWF Pakiatan.#igpk #pakiatan
#10YearChallenge via WWF Pakiatan. #igpk #pakiatan
Pakistan Repost from @donbowie -  High winds + avalanche + K2 = badass view. #k
Repost from @donbowie - High winds + avalanche + K2 = badass view. #k2 - - - #8000m #K2 #mountaineering #igpk #karakoram #pakistan Смотреть полностью
Pakistan Repost from @the_ateeq -  FOLLOW ME! Ghuwari Garden, Khaplu.. It gets
Repost from @the_ateeq - FOLLOW ME! Ghuwari Garden, Khaplu.. It gets carpeted with the colourful leaves as soon as Autumn arrives in the area. A must place to visit during the fall season in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. #khaplu #igpk #pakistan Смотреть полностью
Pakistan Skardu Baltistan Location: Katpana Cold DesertVia @saqib_arsal#ka
Skardu Baltistan Location: Katpana Cold Desert Via @saqib_arsal #katpana #skarsu #igpk #pakistan
Pakistan Repost from @germanbackpacker - 🇵🇰PAKISTAN: Time to share finall
Repost from @germanbackpacker - 🇵🇰PAKISTAN: Time to share finally some pictures from my trip to Pakistan! I was visiting and traveling this country in August and it’s been hands down one of my favorite experiences ever. Pakistan not only has an incredible landscape and nature to offer, but also a beautiful culture and the most hospitable people in the world. Unfortunately, the country is often portrayed only for the bad things in the media but I felt completely safe during my trip and welcome wherever I went. If you get the chance, I highly recommend you to visit!🙌🏻 #pakistan #igpk #attabadlake Смотреть полностью
Pakistan Picture 1 @nm__saeed -  #Chai, a blend of tea leaves, milk and water,
Picture 1 @nm__saeed - #Chai , a blend of tea leaves, milk and water, perhaps some cardamom and ginger too; that’s not the point. Chai is, an occasion to meet and greet old pals and new acquaintances and have a therapeutic session with the like-minded ones. Chai’s aroma isn’t the one with the cure for the soul rather the Chai hour it comes along with is a potential source of pouring out our hearts out to each other. Picture 2: Tandoori chai by @muhammadaqibj #igpk #pakistan Смотреть полностью
Pakistan The snow will thaw soon!@umairmaaalik -  Wilderness Mushkpuri meado
The snow will thaw soon! @umairmaaalik - Wilderness Mushkpuri meadows, nathiagali, Abbottabad ♥ . . . . #Mushkpuri #Nathiagali #Abbottabad #pakiatan #igpk Смотреть полностью
Pakistan Skardu@_the.lost.soul - ..تیری قربت کے لمحے پھول
Skardu @_the.lost.soul - . . تیری قربت کے لمحے پھول جیسے مگر پھولوں کی عمریں مختصر ہیں . . #pakistan #igpk #skardu Смотреть полностью
Pakistan Repost @lostwithpurpose -  The Neela Wahn waterfalls are stunning. Pra
Repost @lostwithpurpose - The Neela Wahn waterfalls are stunning. Practically hidden deep in a valley between rocky hills coated with greenery, they're easy to miss if you don't know what you're looking for. It takes some time to hike down the mountain, but once you reach the bottom and catch a first glimpse of the crystalline blue waters, you know it's worth the trek. Or is it? The waterfalls are stunning at first glance, but as you approach, you'll notice piles of trash and waste scattered around the water's edge. Walking around the falls means dodging discarded chai cups, crumpled chips bags, soggy paper pulp, other unspeakables of human origin. The waterfalls begin to look more like a wet landfill than a place of natural beauty. Swimming was irresistible, but my time in the water included prying trash from reeds and catching wrappers swirling in the currents. I saw the potential, I was still wowed by the beauty, but try as I might I couldn't look beyond the waterfalls of waste. What to do? Changing people's mindsets towards trash is not easy, and will take many years. But that doesn't mean we have to wait until then to see places like this cleaned. There are still things we can do as individuals. When you go to places like Neela Wahn, either bring a bag for trash, or simply pick one off the ground (there's always at least one). Don't just clean up your own trash; try to fill up your bag with other trash you see, and take it with you when you leave. Doing so only takes a few minutes, and you can always wash your hands in the water after. If even a third of the visitors take away a bag of trash at the end of their trip, these places will be significantly nicer and cleaner in just a few weeks. It's a lot of results for little effort! What other things can we do to keep places like this clean? #igpk #pakistan #neelawahn Смотреть полностью
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