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ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 I’m so dumb OCD about typos & locking doors & cars behind me. Delete

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  • 15.12.2017 06:20
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I’m so dumb OCD about typos & locking doors & cars behind me. Deleted this twice to fix shit. #ImDoneWithMyself ☮︎☯︎ Original Caption: The one sentence that will be left in my brain after my Spirit stops deep frying my heart & mind... regurgitating lessons I thought I healed & integrated... #IntoTheFireIGo #NeedsToBeMyNewMotto #ThisIsHowIHeal #MemeTherapy #TalkTherapy #ExceptImMyOwnPsychologist #AndThatsKindaFucked

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 Actually, I’ll leave you guys with this for a little comic relief af

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  • 15.12.2017 03:22
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Actually, I’ll leave you guys with this for a little comic relief after my sad ass/deep philosophical thinking reflection points for today. *it’s a blessing & a curse, but I love it* I also made this meme last night. 🤣 so why not just post it, I ain’t holdin’ back no mo! Old 2011 Marilyn before things went to shit & my brother died is low key creeping back into my veins... 🤣 Sorry I’m so intense guys! This is ME. If you let me gas you till you on Full/💯 —I totally fucking will! Just say the words! I’m a GREAT fucking friend to have around when I’m 100% myself. My own personal meter is reading like a 60/70% right now... some of you don’t want to see me at 100% ☮︎☯︎ THIS MEME IS ME. little cat chariot with the wind blowing in your face is the feeling of bliss. Lolll 🤣

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 Let me put it to you this way... *trigger warning* these are theories

Long Beach, California

  • 15.12.2017 02:44
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Let me put it to you this way... *trigger warning* these are theories & a little personal sharing. *Funny edited afterthought: Lady Gaga’s Love Game just popped into my head* ☮︎☯︎ Preface: When we are working our way into light & trying to manifest love... I find that it’s harder to stay focused purely on the positive emotion... self-doubt & ego work their way in... & we end up settling for an expired request we had put out there last week/month/year when our vibes were shifting. However when we are in a self-loathing & self-deprecating state... energy is very consistent. There’s not a whole lot of love & light that will adhere like a band-aid to your darkness. Notice how easy it is to attract someone to treat you like shit & vice-versa when manifesting in this state. Does that makes sense? ☮︎☯︎ Main Points: If you were “good” or “mostly at peace” when you met & they’re your “twin flame” then your life should be like on “cloud-9” after working through healing together. ☮︎☯︎ If your life was in shambles when you met & they’re your “twin flame” then your life should be improving after working through healing together. ☮︎☯︎ It’s my theory that if you were “good & at peace” & your “twin flame” comes along & the relationship drags you down into shit... where you need to look under a microscope to see the positives in the relationship (they’re there, in microscopic form 🤣) then it’s probably a “false twin flame” or a karmic soulmate. ☮︎☯︎ If your life is in shambles when you meet your “twin flame” & your life is somehow IMPROVING, either by magick 🤣, through the dark night of the soul, or because you are able to cognitively derive the learning lessons from the experience of healing together & knowing one another either in proximity or in the 5D... then where is the lie? “Twin Flame” or “soulmate” who gives a fuck? We are ALL gonna die anyway, one day. ☮︎☯︎ —cont’d in comments—

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 My soul sis @sparkedintuition tagged me in this because WE ARE the GOA

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  • 15.12.2017 00:49
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My soul sis @sparkedintuition tagged me in this because WE ARE the GOAT “Greatest Of All Time” 🤣🤣🤣 Little did she know that I have a Capricorn Stellium in the 9th house (all 3 planets in retrograde?! Wtf does that mean? Am I gonna die in January?) 🤣 So between that, my Taurus Rising, my Virgo Moon —I’d say I’m a hella earthy Gemini Sun/Jupiter with a tendency to get myself worked up in Spirituality which gets me kinda floaty/aloof & sometimes wanting to float up into heaven. On the shadow/earth aspect of myself I’ll be like “Nope, God doesn’t exist or he wouldn’t do this shit to me.” Now throw in my Venus/Mars/Chiron in Cancer & you have a recipe for a spiritual/physical/emotional disaster. 🤣 Hey astrology friends, does Chiron being in Cancer make this a Cancer stellium since my Venus & Mars are also in Cancer? I know Chiron isn’t a planet but it’s rather influential. Anyway, this astrology shit is dumb complicated. Props to those of you out here killing it! 🙏🏻🙌🏼 ☮︎☯︎ #messyasschart #ibelike #showallyourdarkness #inthefirst10minutes #andseeifpeoplestillfuckwithyou #balanceiskey #yinyang RP via @dream3is3destiny3

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 ▴◬▴ 2012-2013 ▴◬▴[[ swipe left for poetry & personal post

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  • 15.12.2017 00:05
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▴◬▴ 2012-2013 ▴◬▴ [[ swipe left for poetry & personal posts ↞↞ ]] There’s not a lot more poetry left where this came from... but it’s no wonder I found all of these when my phone crashed the other day... ☮︎☯︎ Jan. 3, 2012 was the first day of winter session leading into my final semester at school. I needed this class to graduate in the spring. On this night, at 12:11am (or so); my eldest brother passed away. I had a choice to either visit his place of death while they were bagging his body up... or stay home, pretend to sleep, & show up for my first day of winter session so I wouldn’t get dropped & would graduate in May. As much as I fucking didn’t want to... obvi. I stayed home & chose to make an appearance the next day to stay enrolled. I had already nearly dropped out of college once ruining my self-esteem, intellectually, & I couldn’t give up now & not graduate. Guess what class I had to sit through for the next 3 weeks? Psychology of Happiness. 😫😭 ☮︎☯︎ I made it through winter session & spring session —I sat in my graduation chair in a form of existential crisis to be followed by my journey into conspiracy theories & fear based thinking. I was feeling like I had only gone to college “to please my parents.” I made it through 2012 just barely with my sanity. ☮︎☯︎ April 2013 - I met “the love of my life” shortly after my 2nd mentor building me up to Phoenix level after losing my brother the year prior. To be honest the whole thing is asinine in retrospect. This person was JUST a friend. We never even touched hands. But somehow I was love bitten. We were “best friends” but only IRL & on superficial terms. There was little to no background interactions except for a few subliminal likes & personalized posts on Instagram serving his purpose of leading me on & keeping me on the backburner... I was spiraling out. I was sure he was “the one” -he was spiritual, attractive, “put together,” what-have-you. But the truth is he never SAW me, he never even gave me the chance... ☮︎☯︎ -2013 continued in the comments-

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 🤣🤣🤣Been wanting to make this meme for a while! Finally made

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  • 14.12.2017 21:20
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🤣🤣🤣 Been wanting to make this meme for a while! Finally made it last night before passing out... ☮︎☯︎ Consider making a list of all the people you’re gonna be rollin’ with in 2018 & also one of all the people you’re gonna drop in 2017 that are no longer for your highest good! A “good” friend comes armed with two things: water & gas. Water for when you get thirsty or you’re too hot! & Gas for when you’re doing great & can use the extra encouragement! A “bad” friend gasses you up when you should be cooled down, & cools you down when you’re on that good-fire! ☮︎☯︎ Go on & make your lists & check them twice. Find out who’s naughty & who’s nice. 💧😜🔥🎅🏽 ☮︎☯︎ #Listen #gasmeup #orcoolmedown #orTakemetochurch #noalternative #lordhavemercy #naughtyornice #friendshipgoals #Relatablememes

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 MOOD AF!*happy because I got my new font back*Guess what? No matter

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  • 14.12.2017 10:23
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MOOD AF! *happy because I got my new font back* Guess what? No matter if we slip into the darkness for a few hours a day... or even the entire day, the entire week, the entire month, the entire year, a few years, a decade, or your entire life up until now... There will ALWAYS be opportunities to “wake up.” There will ALWAYS be opportunities for growth & evolution. Most of us are coming back to earth a few more times anyway 😅 So be messy, make mistakes, crumble & fall... We all get up eventually! Let it happen, flow through it, don’t resist, learn from it... You got this! 🙏🏻💕✨🌈🦄 ☮︎☯︎ #PersonalGrowth #Reincarnation #DarkIsTheNewLight #LoveLightAndDarkness #sagedownloads #sageloveslove

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 Did some basic muggling today, like fed myself, went to Marshalls & go

Long Beach, California

  • 14.12.2017 08:32
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Did some basic muggling today, like fed myself, went to Marshalls & got shit for my bathroom to make it cute. My room needs work. A desk, a bed frame, decor, it’s gonna take a while, but a gif oracle/screenshot thingy said I’d be manifesting “new furniture” in 2018 —spot on! 🤣🙏🏻 ☮︎☯︎ Y’all have been on fire today with the signs & validation! That’s what the fuck I like to see! 🤣 I can hardly keep up! But I love it! 💕🙏🏻🔥 ☮︎☯︎ #TooLitToQuit #CantStopWontStop #YallAreTooFunny #CollectiveFun

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 Honestly... this is the perfect image to describe the two sides of me

  • 14.12.2017 04:22
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Honestly... this is the perfect image to describe the two sides of me (there’s more, but these two dominate). It took me a while to accept that this is who I am. But now that I know, there’s no unknowing it... once you go yin/yang there’s no other way. Owning both light & dark, joy & pain, healing & androgyny is the name of the game. Sidenote: I even want rainbow/unicorn hair! 🌈✨🦄💁🏻 But it’s hella loud & not sure I’d be comfortable standing out like that —not like I get out much anyway. 😅😂 ☮︎☯︎ #ExtrovertedIntrovert #IntrovertedExtrovert #androgynous #homebody #darkisthenewlight #lovelightanddarkness #yinyang #spiritualAF #oneness RP via @mysticalmandrakeroot

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 *how distracted do I have to be to overlook a typo 😫 aaah fuckkk*H

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  • 14.12.2017 01:00
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*how distracted do I have to be to overlook a typo 😫 aaah fuckkk* Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder to all of my intuitive friends who are very passionate about sharing their personal views on: How to heal. How to express love. How to express emotion. How to express sexuality. How to express spirituality. How to be healthy. Etc. ☮︎☯︎ Remember that how you express yourself is paramount. How the collective expresses themselves is paramount. As healers & mystics we cannot impose ourselves on others in any which way shape or form. Our “guidance” is fucking bullshit in the eyes & ears of the wrong person. ☮︎☯︎ EVERY H U M A N is MEANT to S H I N E uniquely & BRAVELY in their O W N skin. ☮︎☯︎ Work on shining your own authentic light so your tribe can find you. Instead of giving suggestions, BE the C H A N G E. THAT is how your soul family finds you. When you are so unapologetically yourself & you allow others to be equally unapologetically themselves. That is when your beacon of light shines brightest & the RIGHT people flow into your life. We do not need to micromanage this process. Your tribe will find you. Others will find their tribe elsewhere. What each of us needs can be found inward. Find that, start expressing that, & watch the world around you change. ☮︎☯︎ Just putting this out there in case anyone needed to hear it 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, I just want to add... the hashtag is in no way personal against anyone. I wrote it as an “If the shoe fits” kind of post! I’ll be the first to roast myself when I find myself imposing my reality on someone else’s. 🤗🤣 ☮︎☯︎ #sageloveslove #LoveLightAndDarkness #DarkIsTheNewLight #sagedownloads

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 ▴◬▴ Collective Message ▴◬▴[[ & Bonus Abundance Meme, swip

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  • 13.12.2017 23:59
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▴◬▴ Collective Message ▴◬▴ [[ & Bonus Abundance Meme, swipe left! ↞↞ ]] Today some things will come full circle for you, though it may not be through traveling the light but rather the darkness & the pain that you will experience it. Worry less about letting go of this part of your process so instantly & focus on feeling into it. This situation can only be purged by honoring it, feeling into it, perhaps crying about it —until it feels like there’s nothing left to cry about! Both literally & figuratively. Hang in there loves! I’m feeling this. Like is this a personal spread or a collective spread? I feel like I stay reading MY life to you guys in the cards. 🤣 ☮︎☯︎ #sagedivination #dailytarot #tarotoftheday #everydaywitchtarot #tarotreadersofinstagram

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 [[ swipe left ↞↞ to read the poem! ]] I’ve posted this picture o

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  • 13.12.2017 23:06
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[[ swipe left ↞↞ to read the poem! ]] I’ve posted this picture once on my old insta, & this is the second time here. If you scroll back you’ll see the “mini-version” of the REAL poem I wrote but never released! I forgot about this poem... I found it in my notes during my phone crash. But honestly it’s hella relevant to the feels I’m feeling right now. There’s a typo/repeated sentence that disrupts the flow of the poem. But editing would disrupt the time stamp. And I like time stamps. I’m weird like that. ☯︎☮︎ Also, I must have written this in my past for YOU GUYS (see last slide). Because I never posted the damn thing. Had I posted it on my old insta for my old crew they wouldn’t have been able to appreciate it! 🤣 love you fam! Hope you’re holding up better than I am, existentially speaking. ✨💕🦄🙏🏻🙌🏼 ☯︎☮︎ #LoveLightAndDarkness #DarkIsTheNewLight #Namaste #IsThisRealLife #LifeIsWeird #OrAmITheOneExperieningItWeirdly #HowManyTimesDoIHaveToDieTho #poetry #instapoetry #wannabepoet #notapoet #justmelodramatic #sagedownloads

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 Tha fuck u mean this isn’t my abundance? How u just gonna pass me in

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  • 13.12.2017 21:25
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Tha fuck u mean this isn’t my abundance? How u just gonna pass me in the streets like that?! 🤣 ☯︎☮︎ Current M🌝🌚d AF: I was already writing this when some inspiration hit my feed 🤣 had to rephrase my thinking patterns there for a second with this new info. I see things are supposed to look up *soon* & I’m totally appreciative of all the thoughtful feedback —it’s fucking lit!⚡️ I just wish I felt that way already! ☯︎☮︎ I’m broke, don’t have shit to offer anyone, my life is a mess, I don’t want to do anything except throw a pity party for the rest of 2017. But I’m an adult & I need to get back on my shit... somehow. Even though I’m possibly devoid of all human emotion when it comes to working in the muggle world. I thought my past would fight me for these cats, but had nowhere to keep them. I was gonna move in with my mom & I was supposed to not have to worry about money so I could ease back into/commit solely to my new lifestyle of exploring my spiritual business. That’s what I was thinking when I quit my muggle job & went on this inner-sabbatical... but my mom wanted the cats in the garage & I wasn’t having that! I traumatized one kitty by doing that even for a short period of time & it will forever weigh on my soul! Now I’m stuck paying rent & no income yet. Worst case scenario: Cash advance it is! Lease deferral it is! My heart is full, my mind is expanded, I feel aligned with Spirit in a way I never have before in my entire life but I ain’t got SHIT to show for it. Is my mind, heart, & soul enough to survive in this world? Why couldn’t I just be happy living in the matrix —muggling for life (obvi I don’t really want that). It’s just looking like I’m gonna have to muggle again, but there’s no way I’m going back to serving tables, I’d rather take the pay cut. The only ass I want to kiss is my own! This shit ain’t funny anymore Spirit! I’ve been going off of intuition & going crazy... my Spirit guides haven’t been fucking with me for a while... they done ditched me again like bye Felicia 👋🏼 I’m so used to this already... like why am I even surprised? 😅🤣 #ItSoundsWorseThanItIs #MelodramaticAF #ButStillHurting #AndLaughingAboutIt #sageinstajournal 😹

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 *sound on, watch till the end*Shakira mooove! 😹✨ Ima need me my

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  • 13.12.2017 12:44
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*sound on, watch till the end* Shakira mooove! 😹✨ Ima need me my very own floor hoe to help me clean this mess up! #hermitvibes #ifeelit #HealingTime #2k17

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 [ swipe left ↞↞ for the full spread of old never posted/ reject me

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  • 13.12.2017 03:56
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[ swipe left ↞↞ for the full spread of old never posted/ reject memes! Captions below! ] 1. Me waking up feeling both ballsy & chickenshit & regretting it... 🤣 *just laugh it off, it’s definitely not that serious* 2. The only place I’m getting ratchet is alone in this damn room. *who the fuck am I kidding* (the dichotomy that is being a Gemini sun, with a shit ton of earth/water in my chart. 🤣 #SplitPersonalities) 3. #WhiteLightShieldGoals 4. Yeah... I love being love & light... but I also laugh when karma comes back around. Does that make me a terrible person? 🤣 5. When I booked my road-trip home during Mercury Rx. 😅 6. That’s me... but like excessively protective over being hurt/crossed. 7. Me everyday: sorry, don’t really feel like bullshitting & wasting time... I’d rather be home flipping tarot cards & hanging out with my cats. *another form of passing time 🤣* 8. An old Christmas Card photo of me & my soul fam posing before incarnating. 🤣

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 My Mercury Retrograde, graphed in color-coded pie chart for the world

Long Beach, California

  • 13.12.2017 02:20
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My Mercury Retrograde, graphed in color-coded pie chart for the world’s convenience. 🤣🤗↡↡ ☯︎ ☮︎ 💛 Where the fuck is my vape? For the 20th time. 🖐🏾 Sorry, don’t feel like talking to you. 💚 My phone actually died. 💞 Omg, yay! They texted me! 💙 Cool just had to factory reset my entire phone. Lost some photos, a lot of miscellaneous videos, majority of my gifs but saved all of my memes & cat pictures. 💔 Can you please stop talking to me? I just want to be alone. *hermitAF* 🖤 I just texted someone baring my entire soul, cool! 🌻 You know what, I’m doing okay... I’m gonna make it through this. ☮︎☯︎ #mercuryretrograde #mercurygatorade #allyoucandoislaughaboutit RP via @spiritual_af

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 ☯︎☮︎Collective Message☮︎☯︎ Hey loves! I was feeling a

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  • 13.12.2017 01:46
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☯︎☮︎Collective Message☮︎☯︎ Hey loves! I was feeling a collective tarot read is in order today! I’m trying to ease back into “normal” @sagethemystic content now that I’m back on solid ground & more or less “done” with the move. ☯︎☮︎ Whatever is going on in your life today... it’s not that serious. I mean look at the playfulness exhibited by both the “Page of Cups & Six of Cups.” Honestly it’s a fucking relief to not see something dark & cryptic in the daily cards for once. *phew* Spirit wants you to know that you’ve been working hard & doing a great fucking job! ☯︎☮︎ Setting boundaries, purging past pain, confronting trauma, & moving/ changing/ transforming through phases both literally & figuratively —like no one’s business! Who are you, even? Anymore? You don’t even recognize yourself! There’s a lightness about you... & it’s telling you to flow & ease through today! Take it easy, approach things creatively & with a child-like innocence! Reconnect with your own individual creativity or maybe reach out to a dear friend! You deserve this reprieve... even if you’ve been in reprieve all week! 🤣 *guiltyAF* ☯︎☮︎ Love you guyyys! 😘☺️🤗💕💫 #sagedivination #dailytarot #everydaywitchtarot

ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓛⓨⓝ #LoveLightAndDarkness🖤 Collective Message:Yooo... Mercury Rx has me trying to tie up loose e

Long Beach, California

  • 13.12.2017 00:37
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Collective Message: Yooo... Mercury Rx has me trying to tie up loose ends like no other! Maybe it’s just because 2017 was wrought with confusion & miscommunications left & right. I personally am one to strive for clarity in all aspects of my life so I found myself reaching out to people, even if perhaps in a confused state at the time. But the Gemini mind is capable of adapting & stretching itself to fit & mold to any situation! . Maybe some of you have been on the receiving end of these clarification requests... maybe it’s just the other person trying to take the mature route at resolving something with you. If the request feels genuine to you, the receiver, & the person vibes with you, maybe think about it? But if the request feels out of alignment with where you are in your life right now... that’s okay too! . I’m really starting to think that Mercury Rx is just a giant time of trial & error & a friendly-fire shit-show where people are trying to see which approach to a conflicting situation provides resolution. . I’m personally ecstatic with the gifts that this retrograde period has brought me. So I’m happy with whatever “The Universe” decides to bring my way! . Affirmation for the end of 2017/Mercury Rx: “I am open to receiving any & all opportunities for closure before the New Year of 2018 that are for my highest good.” . . . #noexpectations #mercuryretrograde #cosmicshitshow #blessingsindisguise #astrologymemes