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Nancy & Sarah #Repost @crazyaboutcatsmumbai @get_reposter I am on the verge of havi
#Repost @crazyaboutcatsmumbai @get_reposter I am on the verge of having a breakdown. Last couple of weeks has seen so many extra animals, whatever food i carry gets over and yet there are a few who are left hungry. There is a new mumma cat with 4 kittens. Don't know if she was abandoned or she came roaming from somewhere. First i saw her last week she was near the shoe shop. Now, she has moved about 2 blocks with her kittens and settled in a dilapidated building compound. Between 5 of them, they finish food that I feed 3 adult cats. One of the ginger cats who I looked after had not been coming for food last 3-4 months. Today he came, absolutely thin and frail. Two new kittens at the second restaurant where I feed a couple of cats(both fixed). Then these two dogs and another ginger have aslo started waiting for dinner. Another bunch of cats around the corner of my building, who also now wait for dinner. I can't continue to feed if I don't get more monthly pledges. Please donate if you can and please share. Funds are falling short to feed the 100+ cats and for TNR. Need just 15 people to chip in with $10 each every month and it will take care of the cat food. Link to fundraiser in bio. PayPal - https://www.paypal.me/crazyaboutcatsmumbai #crazyaboutcats #cats #cats_of_instagram #catsofworld #catstagram #catsofinstagram #catlover #catlovers #crazycatlady #catrescue #petsofinstagram #meow #ilovecats #igcats #catsofig #rescueisthebestbreed #thedodo #simonscat #catslife #rescuecatsofinstagram #rescuecats #coleandmarmalade #lilbub #meowmeow #theellenshow #purrfect #catsinmumbai #mumbaicat #rescuecat Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @caatfriends @get_reposter 🆘🆘🆘🆘 Three week olds ju
#Repost @caatfriends @get_reposter 🆘🆘🆘🆘 Three week olds just came in to Carson Shelter! We have ZERO BOTTLE FEEDERS!!! These guys might be able to be transitioned to solids soon. Any fosters? Please comment and/or email us at caatfriends@gmail.com. PLEASE SHARE!!! Donations for their care can be made to PayPal.me/caatfund . . . . . . . , #bottlebabies #carsonshelter #carsonshelter #kittens #southbay #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #tnr #catadoptions #trapneuterrelease #sheltercats #kittenseason Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @ladybug3140 @get_reposter 🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘
#Repost @ladybug3140 @get_reposter 🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘 EAST VALLEY SHELTER VAN NUYS CALIFORNIA‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️OMG!!! These little faces are breaking my heart!! Can anyone in California take these 2 precious seniors in???💔💔💔💔 __________________________________________ Credit to @warmheartsproject - These bonded SENIORS were surrendered together when their owners lost their house. 11 yr old/ 10 yr old . Seeing their sad faces broke my heart. What are the chances that these seniors will get adopted let alone together 💔??? They have SO much love to give and are super sweet. (Yes I gave them LOTS of treats!) ________________ ID #A1695230 Princessa ID #A1854102 Bobby East Valley Shelter 14409 Vanowen St. Van Nuys, CA 91405 (818) 756-9323 . . . . . . #startastoryadopt #laanimalservices #adoptashelterdog #shelterlife #adoptionsaveslives #dogsofla #adoptables #awesomedog #takemehome #adoptadog #adoptashelterpet #dogsarefamilytoo #dogslife #dogsofla #shelterdogs #adoptme #secondchances #lifeisbetterwithadog #friendforlife #seniordogs #seniordog #doglivesmatter #dogsareforlife #seniordogsarethebest #ladybug3140 Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @bellavitarescue @get_reposter DAVIS IS TAKING HIS CASE, CAN
#Repost @bellavitarescue @get_reposter DAVIS IS TAKING HIS CASE, CAN WE RAISE 1500.00 for presurgical medical expenses.... 💙 *Ozzy was pushed out of a car window* ☹ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONATE as we wait to get into the FRACTURE HOSPITAL AT DAVIS, CALIFORNIA. ANY AMOUNT HELPS OZZY! PLEASE DONATE FOR OZZY RESCUE #bellavitarescue #laylaslegacy #savethemall #dogstagram #instagood #charity #donate #bvrozzy PLEASE REPOST AND TAG YOUR FRIENDS HERE Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @catpurfect @get_reposter Their bags are packed; food, treats
#Repost @catpurfect @get_reposter Their bags are packed; food, treats, and their favorite toys. Tonight I’m spending extra time with them before they start their new journey. ❤️ #tigercat #tabby #tabbycat #cats #catsrule #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catskills #instacats #lovecats #instagramcats #ilovecats #meow #adoptDontShop #kittylove #caturday #catsofig #catsagram #lovecats #excellent_cats #catslife #igcats #myucats #catsoninstagram #rescuecat #tigercat #catlover #catlady #cat #animallovers #shelterhelpers Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @ @get_reposter N E W  Y O R K  Baby Hollis needs YOU!🖤
#Repost @ @get_reposter N E W Y O R K Baby Hollis needs YOU!🖤🐾🖤🐾🖤🐾🖤🐾🖤🐾🖤🐾🖤🐾🖤🐾🖤🐾________________________________________________________Repost from @amaanimalrescue using @RepostRegramApp - We were contacted about a lethargic kitten, who was laying in the bushes on top of a plastic plate with two pieces of bread arranged next to him. When we received the visuals from the finder, we knew that the little one was in dire need of help and by the looks of it, the kitten didn’t have much time left. We rushed to the scene and when we saw her, we were broken by the sight in front of us. The kitten was barely breathing. We rushed to the closest emergency hospital where the doctors dropped everything and went into action to stabilize the little angel. We named her Hollis. She was severely dehydrated with a temperature so low it barely registered. The doctors are still trying to assess her full condition, but they suspect there is more going on with her than just being a sick kitten. We are waiting to find out what exactly can be done to save her life. She was immediately put on IV and supportive care and we are waiting for further updates. Please contribute to Hollis’s medical bills now by clicking the link in our BIO, and remember EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS or PayPal at amaanimalrescue@gmail.com or Venmo@AMA -1. 💔REPOST💔 #amaanimalrescue #teamama #rescue #adoptdontshop #nyc #brooklyn #brooklynrescue #poor #baby #abandoned #sick #comingsoon #updatestofollow #pray #prayers #fighter #rescuecat #horrible #sad #cat #cats #kitten #kitty #kittens Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @rescuecatnetwork @get_reposter ‼️RILEY NEEDS URGENT CARE
#Repost @rescuecatnetwork @get_reposter ‼️RILEY NEEDS URGENT CARE‼️ This 10 year old senior was surrendered to NYCACC after his owner became homeless 😢 He was pulled just 30 minutes away from euthanasia by the wonderful @alleykattzrescue , but this old Ginja Ninja isn’t doing great - he has a severe URI & a feeding tube was placed because he wasn’t eating. Alley Kattz takes on a lot of cases that other rescues won’t - cases just like this - but caring for these kitties comes at an extraordinary cost. Please, the rescue can’t keep afloat without help - would you consider donating a few dollars towards Riley’s care? He’ll also be available for adoption once he’s recovered. Donations are fully tax-deductible. 🔷PayPal: www.paypal.me/alleykattz - or - alleykattzrescue@aol.com 🔷Venmo: www.venmo.com/Sonnia-Cepeda 🔷Please note for “RILEY” 😻 Thank you 🙏🏻 #rescuecatnetwork #bethesolution #rescuecat #spayandneuter #stopanimalabuse #sheltercat #gingercatsrock #savealife #pleasehelp #nyc #newyorkcity #catsofnewyork #seniorcat #deathrowcatofnycacc Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @otisfoundation @get_reposter 🐾HERCULES UPDATE🐾 PART 2
#Repost @otisfoundation @get_reposter 🐾HERCULES UPDATE🐾 PART 2 Whoever had Herc before let him down. We will not allow that happen again. We are very proud of the progress he has made & blessed his foster has worked so diligently with him. 💲BREAKDOWN OF COST💲 Total received: $1,160 (about $950 spent). •$215 - 5 days worth of panacur for Giardia treatment •$100 - transportation •635 - veterinary services We have about $200 left which will be used to start his training. Obedience training , especially long term, is not cheap. We are in need of more funding to help Hercules. If you are interested in donating you can donate •via our FB page (donate button) •via the donate button on his latest FB post •checks / money can be mailed to us (DM for address) or dropped off at WCVS in Rockville, IN. We want to extend a HUGE thank you to his foster, our vets at WCVS and most importantly, our generous donators. Follow Herc’s journey via his FB page, The Incredible Herc. Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah {descr}
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @poesrescuefund @get_reposter ❤️UPDATE: GLUE TRAP KITTENS.
#Repost @poesrescuefund @get_reposter ❤️UPDATE: GLUE TRAP KITTENS. So as I say in my last video, these two babies were found trapped on a glue trap - it’s just what you think it is. I don’t know if that was purposeful, but dumping them on the street like garbage DEFINITELY WAS. So my bet is on that is was on purpose. Someone saw them and took them to a local vet. My friend, Erin, who works there called me and here we are. She said seeing them stuck facedown, screaming for their lives, is nothing she’s seen before. Just imagining it is too much for me. 😭😭😭 They are currently on eye ointment, pain medication, and oral antibiotics for bad URI’s. They are still a little sticky, but Dr. Halpern at Paradise Animal Hospital and her staff literally saved their lives. They have been wormed and Dawn killed most fleas, haven’t seen any. More baths in our near future. THANK YOU for any donation you can spare and to those who already generously gave! Every dime goes to the care of the animals we have. NAMES COMING SOON! #rescuedkittens #kittenseason2019 #kittenlove #kittenrescue #rescuedcatsofinstagram #catlife #kittenlife #savekittens #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @jessheller23 @get_reposter This beautiful PVAC baby and 49 o
#Repost @jessheller23 @get_reposter This beautiful PVAC baby and 49 other cats and kittens are going to make the treck to Toronto on Wednesday. I’ve been ordering crates and supplies and have run out of money. If anyone can donate to ensure these babies get to safety so we can save more? #adoptdontshop #kittens #kittensofinstagram #pvac PayPal- cedarcreeklakecats@yahoo.com Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @ @get_reposter #Repost @shelterhelpersof_nh with @make_repos
#Repost @ @get_reposter #Repost @shelterhelpersof_nh with @make_repost ・・・ #Repost @standupforpitsfoundation @get_reposter Look at these two precious velvet Pibbles. They are not being seen by the public because they are back in medical. Lets change that. Please share these little guys. Thank you #Repost @rita_earl_blackwell CHEECH #A1856150 & CHONG #A1856151 Two little surf boys - 3yrs old about 60lbs each. Entered the shelter as ‘stray’, both tick infested with some hair loss on their necks. Both entered with puncture wounds, one carrying a front leg. They’re back in the medical department receiving extra care, but are unseen by the public. available for adoption NOW at the @eastvalleyshelter in Van Nuys, California. Shelter Phone (818)756-9323 Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @poesrescuefund @get_reposter ❤️😻 I love this girl. But
#Repost @poesrescuefund @get_reposter ❤️😻 I love this girl. But she spends way too much time alone in my house because she REALLY hates other cats. 😆 She might tolerate a calm, sweet dog that leaves her be. Her eye is completely healed, but she may need occasional prednisone (cheap and highly tolerated in cats!) if she has flare ups of her tongue/paw pad sores. To be determined. 🙏 So the person who adopts her just needs to be aware of any changes in her behavior. ❤️❤️❤️ She is a dream and worth it all. Will pay you back by sitting in your lap for hours if you like. ARE YOU WINI’s special human?? Please share my sweet girl and message me if you think YOU are the one. ❤️ #specialneedscats #cat #catlife #cats #catsofinstagram #torbie #torbiecat #rescuedcat #rescuedcatsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #perfectlyimperfect Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @frankiesfelinefund @get_reposter Let me begin by saying how
#Repost @frankiesfelinefund @get_reposter Let me begin by saying how incredible of a person Bunny is. She single handily runs Frankie’s Feline Fund. She browses the city shelters daily, sees the faces of senior cats that she knows will likely be euthanized if she doesn’t step up and rescue them. She gets more emails than you can imagine from people looking to surrender their senior cat despite the fact that that person is the only home the cat has ever known. The difference between Bunny and most people out there is that she doesn’t look the other way. She DOES step up and takes in these unwanted cats. And I can understand why more people choose not to help in the same way Bunny does. It’s both an emotional and financial burden that the majority of us can’t comprehend and are unwilling to take on. But you can still help bunny help these senior cats who have done nothing to deserve being abandoned at a chaotic shelter in a cold metal cage. Please click on the link in the bio & donate to the fundraiser that Bunnys vet has put on. He’s done amazing work for Bunnys senior cats. You can also donate via PayPal (frankiesfelinefund@gmail.com ) or Venmo (@bunny -hofberg). Now is your time to step up to the plate, just like Bunny does every moment of every day ♥️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#nyc #newyork #newjersey #pleasehelp #adopt #adoptdontshop #sheltercat #seniorcat #handsome #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #catlover #animallover #catstagram #feline #savealife #queens #harlem #brooklyn #Manhattan #feline #fosteringsaveslive #rescueasheltercat #fosteracat #fosterasheltercat #adoptaseniorcat Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @angelo_miracle_cat @get_reposter The face that has melted he
#Repost @angelo_miracle_cat @get_reposter The face that has melted hearts ❤️ Just a few short months ago nobody knew if Angelo would even survive but look at him now! He’s an amazing wee fighter who has exceeded all expectations to be here today and has stolen many hearts in the process. Love you baby 😍😍 - Angelo would not be here today if it wasn’t for the amazing people at @paws_kuwait. They helped our boy Angelo but now they’re the ones that need help! - To everyone that has donated or shared a post or story using the hashtag #save_paws_kuwait I thank you! ❤️ They do so much amazing work and I would hate for their 900 rescue animals to end up back on the streets of Kuwait. If they end up closing the rescue these animals are, once again, at serious risk of being hurt or poisoned 💔 - Please continue to help and spread the message!! #justice_for_angelo #prayforangelo #save_paws_kuwait Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @kyriah124 @get_reposter 💔💔7  PRECIOUS LIVES ON KILL LIS
#Repost @kyriah124 @get_reposter 💔💔7 PRECIOUS LIVES ON KILL LIST THURSDAY 05/16_______________________________________________________ ✅NO NEED TO GO TO THE SHELTER IN PERSON #tiggs_angels 🚘FAST FREE TRANSPORT (VT TO DC) 🆓WAIVED ADOPTION FEE W/ YOUR APPROVED APP AC’s At Risk Website: https://newhope.shelterbuddy.com/Animal/List ACC’s At Risk Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ACC.OfficialAtRiskAnimals/ . ________________________________________________________Thank you for wanting to rescue one of these DEATH ROW kitties ⏰TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE – THE CLOCK IS LITERALLY TICKING FOR THEIR LIVES TO END AT ANY TIME at the NYC Animal Care Center ________________________________________________________➡️WHAT TO DO:⬅️ 👉🏻SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY 👉🏻Promptly CONTACT THE MUST LOVE CATS FB PAGE or EMAIL: mustlovecatsnyc@gmail.com FOR IMMEDIATE GUIDANCE & ASSISTANCE 👉🏻 You must 21 yrs or older. Have a verifiable vet reference (or 2 personal references). You will be sent an application to complete with a Registered 501(c) 3 Rescue (a NEW HOPE RESCUE PARTNER) that can pull from the NYC ACC Shelter. 👉🏻Be available for a brief phone call ◾️Adoption fees are waived ◾️All cats are fully vaccinated, spay/neutered (if not waived from medical) and microchipped ◾️FREE TRANSPORT is provided by MAYOR'S ALLIANCE, WHEELS OF HOPE (registered 501c3), within a 4 hr radius outside NYC (from VT to DC area and further if you are willing to drive to meet the transport at a mutual location, date and time at the 4 hr point). 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈******************************************************Disclaimer: Please note that MUST LOVE CATS is a volunteer run page that can QUICKLY help to facilitate the rescue of a cat on death row, we are not a rescue nor are we affiliated with the NYC ACC. #Repost @mustlovecatsnyc #kitten #cat #cats #catsofinsta #instagram #cats_of_instagram #pets #petstagram #petsofinstagram #instacat #cats of instagram #purrfectfelines #catsagram #catlover #instagramcats #instacat #newyork #nyc #brooklyn #instacat Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @teamfridafries @get_reposter ORLANDO CENTRAL FLORIDA!!!🚨
#Repost @teamfridafries @get_reposter ORLANDO CENTRAL FLORIDA!!!🚨🚨🚨 Repost @savingockitties with @make_repost ・・・ Little time remains!!! ‼️URGENT‼️ Imagine if the person you trusted just walked you into some scary place, signed you away, and walked out without a second thought. That’s what happened to Lana at the age of 3. Lana is so scared and acting out in the shelter she is in the feral room. Until today she hasn’t even been online. Lana has very little time left and can be euthanized without further notice. Lana needs a hero to step up and show her what real humanity is. I don’t know about you but I am sick to death of people giving up their animals. Lana’s owner went on with their lives as if nothing while Lana sits afraid and alone waiting to die. Who can be Lana’s hero??? She needs a committed foster or adopter NOW!! #A428926 (Commentary from UCCF page) Located at Orange County Animal Services💙 Pledges needed for rescue interest, or foster offer needed in the Orlando area.  2769 Conroy Rd, Orlando, Fl  32839🐾🐾(407) 836- 3111 ( for general info call the shelter; pledges will go directly to a rescue if they are saved and freedom/pledge info will be posted)💙 #rescueneeded #catsofig #🐱 #🐾 #AdoptDontShop #tabbylove #tabbyofinstagram   #FosteringSavesLives #cats #SaveALife #meow #fosterneeded #adopt #foster #rescue   #tabbycatsofig #catsofinstagram #network #cats   #ocas #orlando #florida   #tabbycats #whiskers   #tabbycatsofinstagram #rescueme #catagram #teamfrida Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah #Repost @bronxtailscatrescue @get_reposter Donations needed for commu
#Repost @bronxtailscatrescue @get_reposter Donations needed for community cat ROADIE, who was hit by a car. Please SHARE. 👉 PayPal.me/bronxtailscatrescue 👈 His total bill for X-rays and surgery is $550 so far. ** WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES. ** Someone reached out about ROADIE on Friday. He had been hit by a car and was seeking shelter on someone’s porch and yard. One of our few volunteers was able to grab him. So far he has been to the vet twice. He has a broken jaw which has been wired so it can heal. Right now vision in one eye seems completely gone though he seems to have some vision in the other. Now we are helping manage his pain and keeping him as comfortable as possible so he can get a chance to heal. We will continue to work with the vet to determine what he needs. We are a small, all-volunteer, largely self-funded group. Please consider supporting us so we can help ROADIE and cats like him. You can donate at 👉 PayPal.me/bronxtailscatrescue 👈 Thank you! 🙏 . . . #helpushelpthem #rescueismyfavoritebreed #donateforagoodcause #saveme #rescueme #straycats #nyccats #coicommunity #donate #communitycats Смотреть полностью
Nancy & Sarah
A mother daughter duo helping animals.We raise funds in many ways; Ebay,handmade crafts,tag sales,raffles.We donate to rescues in need. We foster too!