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FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 Motivational Member Monday!-@tanyaamitchell isn't afraid to put hers

World Gym Ipswich

  • 20.08.2018 02:31
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Motivational Member Monday! - @tanyaamitchell isn't afraid to put herself into uncomfortable situations or try something new. - GO CHECK her epic progress and be inspired to try something new. - @tanyaamitchell you're killing it! - #calisthenics #WGIFITFAM @worldgym.ipswich

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 AXLE DEADLIFT in a DRESS.-@barbellsbeforeboys -These 3 x sets raise

  • 18.08.2018 03:01
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AXLE DEADLIFT in a DRESS. - @barbellsbeforeboys - These 3 x sets raised $73 which in turn provides education to 3 x young girls in Africa! - Go check these weapons @darcy.dadbod.edwards @miss.dee.hilton @nikkiibond @onegirlorg @barbellsbeforeboys - Tag the next person who should have a crack at this and raise awareness!

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 🔥TAG YOUR SWOLEMATE NOW 🔥-Finding your swolemate has been SCIE

World Gym Ipswich

  • 16.08.2018 09:56
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🔥TAG YOUR SWOLEMATE NOW 🔥 - Finding your swolemate has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven to improved performance, motivation and chances of success by 1000%. - @jacquie_wood & Dan already know this and that's why they come through day in day out SMASHING #couplegoals! - If you're out there and looking for that perfect person FORGET TINDER! Find your swolemate here @worldgym.ipswich. - LIVE - LOVE - LIFT - #wgihiitfam #WGIFITFAM

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 #Repost @_____mizzy_____• • •Preppin for a PB @worldgym.ipswic

World Gym Ipswich

  • 15.08.2018 13:26
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#Repost @_____mizzy_____ • • • Preppin for a PB @worldgym.ipswich represent! I can’t express how much I love this gym - my second home! . Happy Hump Day brought to you by our awesome fit chick @_____mizzy_____ 🍑🍑🍑 . Another amazing FitFam who proves consistency is the key to success & isn't afraid to push herself outside of her comfort zone💪🏽 . #WGIFITFAM#humpday

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 HAPPY HUMP DAY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE 🐪.For anyone searching for booty

World Gym Ipswich

  • 15.08.2018 03:08
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HAPPY HUMP DAY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE 🐪 . For anyone searching for booty gain motivation @bretcontreras1 is for you! The pioneer of the very popular hip thrust is constantly sharing variations and useful movemements specific for growing a ba-donk-a-donk 🍑 . At @worldgym.ipswich we have what you need to grow that peach with everything from custom hip thrust, reverse hyper, GHD, GHD nordic combo and belt squat . Not to mention we have @dauntlessperformance Barbells & Bubble Butts group session Tuesdays & Thursdays . #WGIFITFAM #humpday

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 This is what putting in 110% looks like 🤪.If you struggle to find

World Gym Ipswich

  • 14.08.2018 08:01
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This is what putting in 110% looks like 🤪 . If you struggle to find motivation then join us for a group fitness session💪🏽 They are fun, full of variety and will help you burn those calories fast! . Join @trine_mataruarua for BodyStep or Grit Strength next week and expect a group photo at the end like this haha😂💪🏽 . #nopainnogain #allornothing #groupfitnessipswich #WGIFITFAM #lesmillstribe

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 Who else gets stuck for variety on those meal prep Sundays?-@macr0mi

World Gym Ipswich

  • 12.08.2018 09:54
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Who else gets stuck for variety on those meal prep Sundays? - @macr0mike & @worldgym.ipswich have got you covered! - Tag someone now who thinks chicken and broccoli is the only way to see that six pack! - #WGIFITFAM

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 #Repost @lduce_strengthandconditioning• • • • •Success is

World Gym Ipswich

  • 10.08.2018 12:18
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#Repost @lduce_strengthandconditioning • • • • • Success isn't an accident! When WILL and DETERMINATION falls in line with the right knowledge and guidance, success is INEVITABLE ! • • • • • 12 WEEKS POST MCL TEAR. @august_tolovaa Back into now with Strength Con after knee injury, getting rugby league off-season started a little early. We've fixed some little imbalances and built on muscle mass now we are increasing load and working under fatigue. ABSOLUTELY SMASHING IT 👌🤙🙌 . . . #exercisescience #wgifitfam #worldgym #rehab #kneerehab #rugbyleague #footy #strengthandconditioning #strength

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 #wgifitfam are BETTER TOGETHER!-There's something special about trai

  • 10.08.2018 03:44
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#wgifitfam are BETTER TOGETHER! - There's something special about training as a team and being pushed beyond what you thought was your limit! - Our group fitness options are so diverse and such an awesome way to come together and feel amazing while surrounded by people who want nothing but your success! - With expert guidance, higher than high energy and SOO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS OF TRAINING! - Check our lesmills folder above in the "highlights folder" LESMILLS - or come along to a free to members and nonmembers HIITFAM SATURDAY 730am every week!


World Gym Ipswich

  • 06.08.2018 11:46
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It all starts with an idea. FREE HIIT SESSIONS FOR ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BE APART OF SOMETHING EPIC! - Small steps can lead to something unpredictable! - MAKE THE START TODAY! WHO KNOWS WHERE IT WILL LEAD! - - #wgifitfam #hiitfam @worldgym.ipswich

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 Out with the old and in with the new.- If you are still training at

World Gym Ipswich

  • 05.08.2018 10:24
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Out with the old and in with the new. - If you are still training at another gym let's see what @worldgym.ipswich can do for you... - TAG A MATE that needs an upgrade and let the membership team do all they can to get future FITFAM using the hashtag #wgifitfam asap!

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 When the @worldgym.ipswich team hit @worldgymburpengary for a Sunday s

World Gym Burpengary

  • 05.08.2018 07:16
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When the @worldgym.ipswich team hit @worldgymburpengary for a Sunday sesh 🤟 . Did you know for a few more bucks you can upgrade your membership to a Passport Membership? ✈ Allowing you 24/7 access to any World Gym in Australia...25 and counting🌐 . #WGIFITFAM


World Gym Ipswich

  • 03.08.2018 09:22
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THIS WILL PUT A SMILE ON YOUR DIAL! - 🔥🔥GYM SWAP IS HERE🔥🔥 - We are ready to do everything we can to make your summer fitness goals possible! - TAG A MATE STUCK AT THEIR CURRENT GYM AND WE CAN CHAT ABOUT THE OPTIONS WE HAVE! - The grass is greener on the other side and we want to you experience what the HYPE is about! - #wgifitfam

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 If you are surrounded by EPIC PEOPLE doing EPIC SHIT you soon realise

World Gym Ipswich

  • 01.08.2018 13:23
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If you are surrounded by EPIC PEOPLE doing EPIC SHIT you soon realise there is no limit to your potential. - @pep_inmystep standing tall and busting out 15 clean reps at 120kg. - Go and check his fitness journey and you will see the importance of building YOUR COMMUNITY! - Come down and let us know what EPIC SHIT you set out to achieve and we will make sure it happens! - #wgifitfam

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 Amazing times last night with the weapons from @ipswichcityfc.The BUL

World Gym Ipswich

  • 01.08.2018 01:32
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Amazing times last night with the weapons from @ipswichcityfc. The BULLS charged head first into a very different training session to their norm and smashed it! - Can't wait to have you guys back again asap! - #wgifitfam

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 Monday is almost here FITFAM!-Take a page out of Ellas book and neve

World Gym Ipswich

  • 29.07.2018 13:33
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Monday is almost here FITFAM! - Take a page out of Ellas book and never be afraid to try something new or show the people what you got! - The only way to know what you are capable of is TRYING! - @georginadobbo should be very proud of this @miniwarriorsfitness for stepping up with the team @onelovelegacy_ at our open day! - @worldgym.ipswich is always here and ready to help smash YOUR GOALS!! - 📸 @photography_ejh

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 Training is always better with a swolemate. #ytg-Someone to wake up

World Gym Ipswich

  • 26.07.2018 22:11
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Training is always better with a swolemate. #ytg - Someone to wake up for! Someone to share your energy! Someone to keep you accountable! Someone to force you to do 1 more rep! Someone to keep up with, or stay ahead of! Someone to high five when you've survived! Someone to chat with while you warm down! Someone to share a coffee or treat with! Someone to say "see you next week"! - If you're used to training solo, bring someone along to your next session. Ask us here and we might be able to hook your swolemate up with a freebie. - @lilproteinaddict & @merindaellen knows what's up.

FAMILY OWNED GYM 24/7 🔥LOCAL BUSINESSES WANTED🔥 -Help us build a better community and

  • 24.07.2018 08:56
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🔥LOCAL BUSINESSES WANTED🔥 - Help us build a better community and get involved! We are looking for a number of local businesses to jump on board in what ever way they like to show support for our up and coming fundraiser @sharethedignityaustralia. - As well as some potential collaboration to come in the near future. - TRYING TO FILL A PRIZE PACK WHICH IN TURN WILL BRING HOPE TO THOSE THAT MAY FEEL HOPELESS! - Send us a DM or contact @dauntlessperformance ASAP ♥️♥️